Ask Away Wednesday: What’s A Good Way To Lean Out? Green Coffee For Weight loss And More!

Good morning (and Happy Halloween… more on that later today)! I hope everyone is staying warm. If you are without power, are looking at snow outside the window or dealing with other issues brought upon by Sandy please know you’re in my thoughts!

I heard something quite upsetting this morning. The radio announced that fake pictures are floating around of Sandy in an effort for people to try and make something go viral. Shame on them.

This is just one fake one, you can see tons more at

This is not the time to be selfish but self-less, let’s focus on what’s important! Shall we?

And for today that means Ask Away Wednesday… if nothing else perhaps it can serve as something fun to keep our eyes away from the news and on to something a bit more light hearted!

So let’s dive right on in.

Q: What about this green coffee craze, does it really help with weight loss?

green coffee extract


A: Green coffee is simply raw coffee, prior to it being roasted. It has been shown in studies to help burn more fat than without the supplement. In one study, women who took the extract for 22 weeks were monitored and lost an average of 17 pounds… without changing their diets, exercise, etc.

There could be some truth to the green coffee craze but when it all comes down to long term results, it is still more beneficial to diet and exercise the old fashion way. And of course by making long term lifestyle changes.

I recently wrote an article on green coffee which you can read here as far as what it is and should you get it!

Q: If I am thirsty, does that mean I am already dehydrated?


A: Yes! Just like hunger, if you wait until your mouth is parched then you’ve waited too long. Avoid the feeling of thirst by keeping a water bottle beside you all day, be a sipper. Just like it’s better to eat several small meals, it’s better drink smaller amounts throughout the day. Don’t try to chug down a gallon of water right before bed, the body will just flush out what it can’t handle and you’ll end up running to the bathroom during the night.

Here are signs that you need to start drinking more asap: 

  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Dry skin
  • Decreased blood pressure
  • Constipation

And guess what? It only takes a 2% loss of hydration to start feeling the affects. Drink up! And if you think you’re hungry grab a bottle of water first, it might just be a sign you need some good old h2o.

Q: I am someone that adds muscle pretty easily, so I don’t want to add more on I just want to tone up. What do you recommend?

how to lean out 

A: FIrst of all, unfortunately there is no exact definitely of “tone” in reality it’s just the feminine way of saying add muscle. The only way to get more defined is to add muscle or burn off body fat that currently keeps the muscles warm.

It sounds like since you’ve already got a feminine muscular build that you want to lean out so that you can see the muscles that you have better. For that, the best way to go about it is with a fat burning workout and cardio plan.

First and foremost look at your diet. To build muscle takes calories so if you want to cut back on muscle and cut body fat, then clean up your diet. I hate saying this so much but abs are made in the kitchen.

  • Weight training should include high reps, as much as 50 (broken up into let’s say 3 sets of 16 reps). This number means that the weight you use might be lighter than what you’re used to be you’ll be focused more on melting fat, getting the heart rate up and leaning out instead of building muscle/strength.
  • For cardio, add it in 3-4 days/week after strength training and have it focused on interval workouts.

That way you can keep the workouts short but more effective than if you just went out on the roads and ran for an hour. Intervals only take around 20-25 minutes to deliver the same fat burning punch that the hour long run did!

Q: Taylor, with it getting a bit more cool outside, I have been forced to take my runs inside to the treadmill. Do you have any suggestions to make them not so boring? 

A: You betcha! Instead of just running like crazy like a hamster go with a more challenging interval workout (like above). Intervals are fun and over in no time! Plus they will build stamina, burn calories, and melt away the inches!

When I was getting ready for my wedding, intervals was the only form of cardio I did. And they worked. I do intervals 1-2 times per week now with my own training and they are the highlight of the week. They are hard but at the end I always feel awesome.

Here’s a killer hill & speed interval: 

And with that, another Ask Away Wednesday is over. Sad times. But seriously, if you have questions, I would love to answer them! Just ask below, shoot me an email ( or leave it at the Facebook Page.

  • What’s your favorite form of winter time cardio? 


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