Ask Away Wednesday: What’s So Great About A Vitamix {Review}

Happy Wednesday! I hope your day is going well. Mine has been better… maybe you have some suggestions?

Zoe is my 9 year old silky terrior (mine because I had her before Dan was in my life and he’s not a fan). To say she is set in her ways is an under statement, she’s old so of course she is set. She is stubborn and though she is incredibly sweet and I love her, right now we just don’t know what to do. For the past few mornings she has been peeing on our living room rug.

I get home, scrub the rug while Dan complains (rightfully so) only to get a text the next morning from Dan gripping that she did it again. And the cycle repeats itself.

This is now the second carpet she has completely ruined! Any tips? 

I know she doesn’t need to go out, I take her out first thing each morning, about an hour before Dan is up and discovers what she has left for him.

Okay, enough pee talk let’s move on to Ask Away Wednesday!

Ever since I announced that my in-laws got us a Vitamix for Christmas, I have received a lot of questions asking about it. Is it really worth it’s price? What’s so great about it?

So that’s today’s topic… my Vitamix Review!

What’s So Great About A Vitamix? 

Let’s rewind back 6 months… we went to a friend’s house for dinner and she started going off on the awesomeness of her Vitamix. To prove it, she made us a shake and instantly, Dan was in awe of it’s powers.

So we decided that would be our anniversary present. Except that I am cheap and when we went to Costco (who carries them), I had a mini-panic attack at the pricetag and convinced Dan that the Ninja would do.

The Ninja was great, but NOT the vitamix. Whenever we would make shakes and there would small particles floating around, and bites of whatever I tossed in. And not to mention Dan would always drink he shakes and follow it up with:

“This is NOT the Vitamix…. we should have spent the extra money.”

Being a foodie, I agreed with him. If I want to make the best recipes, it’s clear I need the best stuff.

So Christmas time came and Dan mentioned to his parents that “I” wanted the Vitamix (though it was his idea to ask for it). So Ta Da…

I expected the traditional version, however Dan’s mom understands my passion for good kitchen gadgets and shares my love for cooking, so she surprised us with the Professional 750 Series Vitamix.

It came a really impressive hardback cookbook (not a small paperback book like most). Both my mother-in-law and I started folding down recipes to experiment with.

So far I have made: 

  • Soup (Hummus soup and it was awesome)
  • Veggie pancakes (for dinner appetizers)
  • Vegan cashew cheese dip
  • Asian Pesto (for stir fry)
  • And of course shakes (my new breakfast)

What Makes The Vitamix Better Than Other Blenders? 

For one, I can toss in a TON of fruits and veggies to make a shake, set it on the “shake” setting and after about 30 seconds, it goes from this:

To this:

There are no chunks, not even reminents of kale leaves… nothing. Just smooth, smoothie perfection.

Two, it cooks soup! Remember last week when I wasn’t feeling 100%? Well, I decided to try out the soup setting on the Vitamix. I tossed in everything I needed for a hot bowl of soup, turned it on and walked away.

When the setting was done, I took off the lid and the soup was BOILING!

The right side is manual power, the left side are pre-set options. Turn it on and walk away. It shuts itself off. From top to bottom: Shakes; Ice cream; Soups; Puree; Self-clean.

The motor is so strong that it heats up liquid. I was AMAZED! Of course I called Dan in to show him then followed that up with a call to my mother-in-law who I knew would be just as amazed.

Third, nut butters. All healthy foodies make nut butters, right? In my food processor, turning nuts into a smooth spread took about 10-15 minutes. In the Vitamix… 90 seconds!

I would show a picture, but we ate it all… oops. But I made it was a cashew butter that we spread on veggie burgers, stir into pasta sauces, and eat with pita wedges.

And last… it cleans itself. Okay, kinda. Like an oven, it has a self cleaning setting. Just add water and it boils it to disinfect the inside. I love this because it can be hard to get under the blades with a sponge.

What I don’t like? 

What’s there not to like? Just kidding, I can think of a few things.

Getting the last bit of the finished product out from under the blades can be difficult. I feel like I end up tossing out a few spoonfuls because I can’t get under the blades well enough. Those things are sharp!

It’s loud… really loud. I make my green breakfast shakes at night before because I don’t want to wake up Dan or our neighbor (we live in a condo). But that’s expected with a blender I suppose.

We are nervous about broken parts. Even though it has a 7 year warranty, what if something breaks? Or what if we crack the bowl, how expensive will it be to replace? Fingers crossed we will never have to find out!

But the pros outweigh the cons BIG time. We are in love with this thing and it has become my #1 used kitchen appliance already.

What’s The Cost? 

Okay, so I’ve made it clear that it’s expensive but if you’re new to this Vitamix thing you might be wondering… “just how expensive?

Keep in mind that we have the Pro edition, but it costs right at $600. The standard edition (that is available at Costco) is around $500.

Is it worth it… yes! Especially after having a “good” blender and then using this. To see the difference is astounding.

What’s your favorite kitchen appliance? 

What goes into your favorite smoothie? We are in need for some good ideas!


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