Athletic Greens: Green “Supplements” A Waste Of Money?


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TGIF… Thank Goodness It’s FOOD!

Yup, it’s the second part of the Lifting Revolution’s Fitness & Nutrition Show. If you missed the Fitness portion from Monday, check out the killer butt workout and give it ago this weekend!

But (no pun intended), today we’re focusing on nutrition. Because you can’t be strong and healthy if you feed your body crap.

A few weeks ago Dan stumbled upon Athletic Greens. He was intrigued, mentioned it to me and we decided to give them a try.

athletic greens

Why the heck would we need them? After all, we’re already healthy eaters!

Because variety is the spice of life. And while we love putting spinach in our shakes, if we could pack even more of a nutritional punch to them we would be even happier.

We’ve been testing the Athletic Greens now for 2 weeks and here’s what I have to say:

Athletic Greens: Are They Worth It? 

I am loving them.

I don’t take a multi-vitamin because I try very hard to get my nutrients from a balanced diet. What I love about these is that they are “raw” and I know that I am getting a huge mix of nutrient dense foods.

75 fresh ingredients to be exact.

I also love how easy they seem to be for the body to digest. One reason that I hate big vitamins is because I know the body isn’t able to break down and actually absorb a lot of the pills. So I save my money and aim for things I know will work.

Update: Podcast Episode With Chris “The Kiwi” – Creator of Athletic Greens…

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Curious What’s in Athletic Greens? 

whats in athletic greens

While I like to think I know a lot about nutrition, I had never heard of “pre-biotics” so when I saw this word popping up a lot I did some research. Basically, pre-biotics are foods that we can’t digest but the bacteria in our gut can.

It’s like fish food for our intestines. Feeding the pro-biotics with pre-biotics keeps them happy and keeps your digestion healthy. Makes sense. If you’re really curious… pre-biotics are insoluble fiber.

Here’s The Nutrition Label:

athletic green ingredients

I know that I eat A LOT of veggies, but we tend to stick to the same ones each week. What ever is in season and the ones that are easy to prepare.

By sticking to the same old same old, it limits the nutrients we could be getting by changing things up regularly.

That’s why we are such big fans of brands like Athletic Greens and Juice Plus. Because we know we are really giving our body a wide variety of foods and that equates to a wide variety of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.

A Few Other Interesting Tid-Bits: 

  • 1 serving of greens contains the antioxidant equivalent of 10-12 servings of fruit and vegetables!
  • The ingredients are first freeze dried and then cold pressed to make sure that the nutrients and enzymes are kept undamaged and able to be used by the body.
  • Because of the pro-biotics, the greens need to be kept in the fridge.
  • They taste great! I hate shakes that taste like I ate the clipping from a mowed yard. So I was pleasantly surprised (as seen in the video) to find that these actually taste great.

And finally, here’s what the people at Active Greens say you can expect for your body to get from a dose:

benefits of athletic greens

Do I Feel Different Since Taking Greens? 

No. Because I’m such a healthy eater already I didn’t expect to “feel” any different. However, I do feel great knowing that I am getting a ton of absorbable nutrients (placebo effect right?).

As a vegan, this is something I worry about from time to time. So it’s peace of mind.

*I was not compensated to write this post. I truly believe in the product (at least for now) and wanted to share it with you. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Since testing it and doing more research, I am an advocate for Athletic Greens and now stand behind the company as an affiliate. If you would like to check out their site, you can do so by clicking here: Athletic Greens (my affiliate link).

Just so you know I do really think this is a great product, here’s the normal link you can use.

If you decide to try it out, make sure you come back and let me know what you think. I would love to hear if you feel or see any difference in about a month after using this product.

What are your thoughts on “GREENS”? 

Fad or great addition to your daily routine? Have you tried any green supplement before?


  • This reminds me of the “amazing grass” trend of a couple years ago. While I like the concept, sometimes it seems like a little bit of overkill. I know I’ve always read that supplements are never absorbed the way the real thing is through food. I wonder if its the same for this powder form? If it is absorbed well- I could get behind it!! Glad you have enjoyed giving it a go!!

    • I agree it does. Apparently it’s suppose to be absorbed, but that’s because of the ratio of minerals to vitamins and such. With whole food nutrients, it’s basically broccoli ground up. I can just hope it’s getting absorbed! lol

    • Emerald oz lady

      WATCH OUT!!!! I tried it and it gave me diarrhea. I called on day 20 to cancel autoship and the rep assured me I wouldn’t be charged. Two days later I was automatically charged. I was told I was too late to cancel although it was a 21 day trial from the date of order. Not delivery. Chris I’m disappointed.

      • Well it seems you have no idea about how the body has to DETOXIFY which includes diarrhea (I.E. Your body is removing ALL the toxins mostly via expelling your waste. People be wary of making serious health decisions like choosing athletic greens without knowing your facts about the full effects of super healthy eating (Powder form or not.) I haven’t ordered from them yet I plan to find a store to buy from because sites, all sites, like that with “trials” and “auto-ships” are too risky, especially at $97 a month. It’ll eventually come out in a store and I’m sure it already has which is what I’m going to do, look for a store and if I can’t find one, do the smart thing and get a pre-loaded credit card and load it with enough for the shipping instead of giving away my REAL credit card number. People should ALWAYS find it either in a store or use a preloaded credit card before trying any interne/tv “Trials” so they don’t have to keep canceling their cards only to make the same mistake with something else. Seen/Done it one too many times but no more. For me at least. I will post again when I have tried it (probably ,onths away Idk yet) Good day andgood health and wealth to you all!

        • Audrey

          I thought the same way you do, and I tried a preloaded credit card. They won’t take them. Bummer, let me know if you find it in a store, I am looking also.

        • Kjelstad

          My wife is paying 97 a month for this? I have no idea how to stop it as there is phone number on the invoices.

          • I just looked at their website and the number is: 1 (888) 826-9938

  • Interesting. I am like you, not a supplement taker b/c I try to get my nutrition through food. But this one does sound like it could be worthwhile. I may have to check it out!

    • Definitely check it out, the videos on the site are pretty good at explaining it.

  • to be honest we never heard of Athletic Greens. we like taking spirulina for our ‘green’ supplement 🙂

  • Andrew

    I agree, Athletic Greens is a great product and I have used it as well. However, after searching around a lot more, I learned that it was incredibly over priced and that there are two great alternatives that are even better (one especially) and much more affordable. They also don’t make you subscribe to their product in order to pay less than $90 for one month’s supply (or half a month for real “athletes”). Also, Athletic Greens has apple powder, lecithin, and pea protein as three of their top ingredients. These, while not bad, are clearly not nutrient dense in a product that is supposed to serve pure nutrient density.

    I would check out Vitamineral Greens and Green Vibrance. I have spent tons of time looking at the different green products and Vitamineral Greens is now what I recommend all of my clients take and anyone close to me. The company is incredibly transparent and has other great products as well. I have no connection to them, but have become an affiliate. However, I am not going to post my affiliate link 🙂

    • bruce

      I know this is an old post… but I have to say that vitamineral greens & green vibrance are disgusting compared to athletic greens. Although, athletic greens is so ridiculously overpriced that I don’t buy that either.

  • Griffin

    I just checked out both Vitamineral Greens and Green Vibrance. Both are good, but both tend to be a bit wanting, albeit in different areas. Vitamineral Greens is a good product, if you’re allergic to mushrooms. Green Vibrance is also not bad, but it does skimp a little on some ingredients. However, it does include some ingredients not found in Athletic Greens (something to bring up with “the Kiwi” as to why that is).

    Adding supplements to one’s diet is like adding tools to one’s mechanic chest. No one tool (not even a power one) will get every single job done. Based on what I’ve seen and experienced, one of the best combinations that has worked for me is two scoops of Athletic Greens before breakfast, and one scoop of Green Variance before dinner. Awesome combination. If you have dairy or mushroom allergies, then Vitamineral will work alone, but you may need to double up on it depending on weight, build and activity.


    • Dan

      Hey Griffen and Andrew… (I’m Taylor’s husband) I have heard of both of those. I have not had Vitamineral Greens but I have heard good things about those. They are not much less expensive than Athletic Greens from what I can tell on Amazon… but Athletic Greens definitely blows away all others in terms of ingredient punch. It’s got a ton.

      I have had Green Vibrance. It was pretty good… definitely a bitter green taste, but I liked it.

      I can’t remember the name, which doesn’t help here, but it packed a punch like Athletic Greens did. It didn’t taste good, but it was pretty potent.

      Griffen… that combination sounds freakin awesome! You must feel crazy good. I would love to hear more about that.

      Athletic Greens is my fav, but it is so much so it’s not always the best choice. People laugh at me, but I take Juice Plus and it makes me feel really good. I know it’s not nearly as potent as they others but I can’t complain with how I feel taking it.

      Taylor and I will definitely be testing more. We’ll actually retest and post some more reviews… but your views are always helpful so let us know!

      Thanks so much.

      • Stephanie Walsh

        I was so glad to hear someone say Juice Plus.. It is truly the only whole food nutritional supplement that is only food. It has no added chemicals and my family has seen amazing things come from taking it everyday! It is the most researched whole food nutritional supplement out there! There shouldn’t be ingredients we can not pronounce…love Juice Plus and their Complete Protein recovery shake…also plant based.

  • Bruce

    I used to buy athletic greens a couple of years ago and up until last year. I stopped because I would place an order and not get it for 60 days because they had trouble ‘clearing’ the Canadian border. In any case, I think that their website is gimmicky… everything from not showing the prices without entering your email address to pretending like you’re getting discount shipping on the checkout page (‘You’ve qualified for discounted shipping!’).

    I used to pay around $70 / bottle and now the price has gone up to around $130 / bottle. Ouch! For somebody my size, they recommend 2 servings per day ($260 / month + $20 shipping). I get that somebody in their hierarchy wants to make money but at what point does is just become greedy? Are you trying to help people stay healthy or make money… and if that’s their position (to make money) then can I trust them to not cut corners in the future? Just my feeling…

    Also, I could tell this blog entry was an affiliate marketing tactic because it follows the same strategy to hook people on the search engines as many other sleazy products do. Not to say that this post was sleazy, at least you were honest about being an affiliate.. .most others won’t mention it.

    Anyhow, on a positive note… I must vouch for the product itself. It tastes amazing compared to others and you’ll definitely notice a boost if you’re not normally getting your veg.

    • Bruce, thanks for sharing your history with AGs. Yes, I am an affiliate but I was a user of the product before. It was only when I started taking it and really loved it that I decided to tell others about it. And yes, I will always be honest about my relationships with companies. We’ve looked for other green supplements and simply can’t find anything else that compares. The price definitely isn’t cheap, but again I can’t find a comparable product on the market (if you know one please share).

      That’s crazy that the price is $130, and I will say that this price increase has just recently gone up. I’ve never paid that, and just went back to the site to verify… you’re right. That is hefty.

      I will say that in terms of servings, I believe that as long as you’re eating clean outside of the supplement that 1/day would be plenty. Personally I am with you, I can not afford that pay for 2 bottles so that my husband can take an extra dose each day.

      Thanks for bringing this up!

  • Thanx for this infos!

  • Elaine piercy

    I just heard of this product today. I would like to try it because I really need some energy right now and I eat very little vegs. I will not go through the website. I will try to obtain it some other way. I am not going to pay shipping charges for a free sample to find out I have “agreed” to pay the full price plus shipping for
    the next 12 months or forever. I may not like it or find I like something better.

    • It’s a great product, we really love it. I will be honest, I would love to find it not online too but I don’t think they sell it anywhere other than their site. But if you find some place please let me know! We’re also looking at other options to see what else is available. Always researching to find the best products that are priced reasonably.

      Good luck!

    • Tracy Brusher

      Try Royal Jelly for energy. You only take 1/4 t/day. If it’s the real thing, it will have a lightly bitter, astringent taste.

  • Patrick Hunter

    I was also intrigued by the hype of Athletic Greens and when they offered a 21 day “Risk Free” trial – for “only the cost of shipping” – $9.00, I bit, By noon they had charged my account $109.00, even though the site had rejected my application. They now contend that the money will be returned to my account – they also contend that hidden in the “terms and conditions” they disclose this practice – we shall see, but I will not be trying the product and anyone who uses such deceptive marketing techniques should be SHUNNED. I encourage all persons to use other products.

    • That’s interesting Patrick. I haven’t had any issues but hate that you have! I hope it all gets cleared up!

  • nelson94550

    Hi – they advertise this as helping reduce squishy belly fat. I am starting to excersize (I just got a hip replacement last year so I am ready to finally go go go!) But after two kids (I’m 51) and no excersize I have major tummy issues. Going to the gym doing water zumba first to get stronger before I move forward. Also doing some squats and crunchies to help other areas. I understand there is no miracle cure for squishy tummies besides excersize but wanted opinions to their advertising reducing belly fat. Thanks!!

    • Good luck with your goals! To be honest, like you said there is no miracle cure. I would not take AGs as a means to lose weight but as a way to fill the body with healthy nutrients. It might help you lose weight because as you put more healthy stuff into the body, you crave more healthy foods instead of processed foods however as for it being a “fat burner” I am not so sure about.

  • Bob

    Once the website tried to access my contacts, done. That is not what a reputable company does. I will have no part of a company that uses tactics like this. I would stay away!!!

    • Wow Bob, I haven’t had that issue with them. I am sorry you had a bad experience! That’s terrible.

  • Teddy

    I’m curious, with a body half in shape, actively seeking a nutrition supplement because my health will soon be in jeopardy. I do not eat veggies and I’m allergic to many products . I saw Athletic Greens somewhere and I got caught by it, like intrigued. After doing some research I found this site and started to read people experience and recommendation. The only thing that freezes me it’s the price.
    So my question is, is Canada the only place that manufactures this product or it can be found in the US?
    Oh! Is there any other product as efficient and affordable in the market or this is it?

    • Hi Teddy! It is a great product but like you, I agree it is pricy! It’s found in the US, I live in South Carolina and have no problem ordering. We have recently tried Basic Greens, a new greens product and like it very much, The price point and the product. Look it up! Good luck!

  • terry

    Can you list alternative products to AG? I like the impact, I am more alert and more energy during the day…but my 1 month trail supply is about to run out.
    I canceled my renewal. I refuse to pay the high cost for this product but I’m willing to try a different brand but would like:
    1. same taste — I can drink this without gagging so I’d like something similar
    2. would like to get the same positive results regarding energy / alertness
    Also, as an aside…I really like drinking V8, am I over killing on the nutrient intake with drinking AG and V8?



    • We just started using a brand called Basic Greens and so far love it. It’s minty in taste instead of pineapple but taste really great in shakes. It’s much cheaper. I plan on doing a review soon! Like AG it also has probiotics which I love and TONS of veggies and fruits.
      No I don’t think the v8 is going to over load you.

  • Larry

    I saw an online ad for AGs and did a google search and came to your site. I have been using Amazing Grass Green superfood products and like them, they have a lot of the same ingredients. If you do a search at on amazing greens you will see all the alternatives that come up.

  • kaktrina

    I ordered this and they said it shipped when it really didnt and then they said they shipped me a new one and it took over a week to get here. I am very dis satisfied and when i placed the order i specifically said do not put me on the monthly order this is a tester and i want to see if i like it before i subscribe to it monthly. So they did and confirmed that i was taken off well i go to check my bank account and guess what they took the 100 dollars out of my account for that little package of grass that does nothing! i am livid. i will NEVER order from them or this company again.

    • I’m sorry for your experience. We have recently started taking another product that is a bit cheaper for other options. So far we’re happy but giving it a bit longer before discussing it.

  • Ronda

    You know I love you guys and trust your professional opinions and reccs 100%. But the Athletic Greens site is a huge red flag to me. Just the site design screams “cheesy scam!” and then having to put in your email before getting a price is wrong – but even worse is the email “harassment” I received for weeks after I didn’t place an order (because I stupidly put in my email because I really wanted to confirm the price! Lol). I’ve had too many bad experiences with companies like these (Beachbody, BodyFX) to ever get involved in something similiar again. It’s too bad too because it’s probably a really great product! (I still love Shakeology by BB but just won’t order from the company ever again)

    I look forward to new reccs and reviews from y’all though! I am a faithful Taylor and Dan fan!!! ❤️

    • Thanks Ronda. You’re right I am not a fan AT ALL that they do that. But I do like the product. I might not agree with the business side of things but their greens are mighty tasty! And extremely expensive. We’re really digging the Basic Greens right now! Xoxo. I’ll keep looking for other options!

  • Shawna

    I too googled reviews on AG and found your page with this info. I literally just paid the $8.95 for shipping only to get the free trial maybe 30 minutes ago. Within minutes of my account being charged for that, i was also charged $105.90 . Not very happy with this. I called the phone number they provided to cancel orders and the rep told me that my account wasn’t actually charged that amount , that’s just their way of making sure the amount is in your account once the trial is over and they’re placing it on hold. He also said it should be released back to me with 24-48 hours. We shall see, otherwise I will most definitely dispute the charge .

    I’m really wanted to try the product and still do, but they need to make people aware of how they work. That’s why I am writing it here , for people like myself who like to read reviews. I just hope this is all worth it.

    P.S. Thank you Taylor for the review

    • Hi Shawn, Sorry for your experience. I am not 100% positive about the way the do it but I know that when we run trials like that where you have to put your CC info, it’s the same. The charge shows up as “processing” but never goes through. That’s just their way to hold the account info for after the trial should you decide to continue on. Just make sure that if you don’t go through with AG to let them know otherwise it will be charged. Can’t wait to hear what you think! We love the product (clearly)

  • Jen

    Hey guys! I’m looking for an athletic greens product but I am DEATHLY allergic to mushrooms! Any tips or ideas for me?!


    • Oh no! I would check out something like Juice+ then which doesn’t have pre-biotics (mushrooms) in the mix. Might be a good fit!

  • Melissa Troutt

    Athletic Greens is a subpar product compared to others I’ve tried. The taste was only ok, the price was high. They tell you that the product costs $97 but within three weeks time the company charged my credit three times: once for just $9, a second time for $97, and a third time for $105. Apparently, the ‘free trial’ they send you is not at all free. Don’t be fooled, like I was. Oh, and their customer service, to be blunt: was terrible! As an alternate, my recommendation is Shakeology. I’ve been using their Greenberry flavor and I think it’s excellent! The taste, the nutrients, the way I feel after adding it to my smoothie….It’s all great! Shakeology costs $130 but you get much more quantity and a far better taste, not to mention better customer service. I don’t consume all of my Shakeology mix in 30 days but, if I could tolerate the taste better I’d definitely use all of the Athletic Greens in a 30 day period…

  • SydneyRae

    So I wanted to try Athletic Greens, but because of the price I wanted to make sure it was right for me an what I want to get out of it. I want to find a supplement that will help me burn the extra fat from my torso. I workout 5 days a week 4 days with my track team (I throw discus and shot put) and 1 day with the Navy. I don’t eat fast food, and I don’t drink soda. I’m not a vegetarian, and I’m not a vegan, I enjoy meat to much lol. But i stay away from anything greasy. I plan to increase how much I run this week. I just need something for that extra boost. I used to be 260 about 4 years ago. I now fluctuate between 160-170 and and have 38% body fat. My goal is to get down to 145 by August. Would Athletic Greens assist me in my goals, or do you have any other advice I’m open to almost anything.

    • Hey Sydney, first I will say that AG’s is not a fat burner. It’s a great nutritional supplement to help your body get the best and most out of food. Having a balanced diet can help curb cravings, but burn specifically fat? Not really. I think it’s great to try, however again if you’re only looking for a fat burner, this is not it. And because I am not a fan of fat burners I don’t have any specific recommendations.

  • SydneyRae

    Thank you taylor, would you say athletic greens gives you more energy and does it help witn curbing cravings. That is else I have heard of that AG does. I don’t blame you most fat burners are unnatural. Which is not the route I want to go by loosing weight. I want to onky put natural substances in my body not chemicals. Ya know? Diet pills disgust me.

  • Frank

    Hi. Saw your site when I was researching Athletic Greens. I agree that it is a good product but just got offered to try Vital Green. It is also from a “kiwi” and seems to have a better price. The taste and consistency is the same as AG. Didn’t know if you have heard of this product or not. My friend says he gets it off Ebay and gets the 100g size which is 100 servings (3 months). Roughly $60 a month with shipping and all. I will compare it to the Basic Greens you have mentioned. WOuld like to know what was the outcome of your trial.

    • I’ll have to check it out! Thanks Frank. I really like the Basic Greens, we’ve decided to stick with it and we are on our 3rd month now. Taste wise, it’s minty so if you put it in shakes you have to like mint. My husband prefers the fruity flavor of AGs better though.

  • Jason D

    Saw an ad online last month about trying Athletic Greens at no risk, just pay for shipping and handling and lose your stomach fat, so I thought I’d try it. Didn’t like the taste, so didn’t use it after the first time. Got my credit card bill tonight, and found a charge for $97.00. Called the 800 number and was told I had to call and cancel before 21 days, or they charge for that ‘free’ sample, plus another 97.00 every month. I will be calling the state attorney general tomorrow for help. Guess I learned how deceptive companies can be. Disappointing.

    • Yea, their marketing is kinda screwed up.

  • laura

    AG’s is a great product as long as you stick with it. you don’t get the results from it overnight. also please try to read the terms and conditions. they do tell you all of the information on the billing and whats going to happen. and sometimes mistakes do happen, however if so please call the customer service number and don’t scream at them just ask what is going on with the account and they will definitely do their best to help solve the issue on hand. thanks

  • Suzanne

    OK I have read and watched and listened to all here….I have a MAJOR Question. I am a survivor of a major accident I cant do to much exercising, I eat healthy but just as not active as I was before the accident. will this help with weight more like Fat weight if I cant do the fat burn in my own exercising program ? My rt side of my body is weak I do upper weight, abs and some leg routines where I am the weakest I have GREAT muscle tone just that darn layer of fat on top where I can move fast enough to BURN it!…Just a Question? Or any ideas?
    P.S. I know there is no great fast pill or powder just harder to get that layer off. 🙂

    • Hi Suzanne, I am sorry about your accident. I wish I could say this would deliver the results you are looking for but like you said there is no pill or powder that is magical. This isn’t a “fat burner” it’s simply a nutritional add-in to ensure you are getting vitamins and minerals from whole foods. Is it great? yes. Is it going to change your body? Unfortunately, I can’t answer that one. It can help you by promoting better habits in the kitchen but without a way to increase muscle tone with exercise, it makes things a bit tough.

  • Cristine

    I have been using Athletic Greens for almost a year now. Prior to Athletic Greens, I was using other green products and I eat usually whole foods so I didn’t really find a big difference from energy and I was always active and I workout at least 5 times a week. My body fats decreased from 22% to 17% within a year but I don’t know if I can account that from the Athletic Greens or just from eating natural/whole foods and regular exercise. I have had no issues with customer service.

  • How did u become an affiliate for athletic greens?

    • After a few months of using the product and enjoying it, we signed up to be an affiliate through the website. 🙂

  • I use Spirulina,and cumin oil,and various healthy beneficial products.I can’t wait to incorporate this into my diet.As one of the responding people replied a good poop is always expected,after a stomach is full of good nutrients.As for the person who continuously let them extract your money from your card-and not reporting it lost-good for you!You have more money than I to give away,when I make a mistake and don’t like a product I protect my money first!!!Back to the greens, I’m into it for the carrots,wish they had a dry-beet mix.

  • Charlotte

    Just wondered if you had any concern about the presence of stevia in Athletic Greens?

    • No, I am a big fan of stevia actually. It’s an herb, not a sugar.

  • I get really tired of companies that don’t give a price on their products. To get a price I have to give all information like name, email, address, etc. It turns me away from companies that don’t come right out and let you know the cost.

  • Bugbear

    I have an issue with the fact the creator was charged with Real Estate fraud. I used to take Athletic Greens until I discovered that fact. In my opinion you can’t be honest in one area and dishonest in another.

    • Mercy palm

      I totally agree……was just about to try Athletic Greens based on this review but think I will wait to find out more about accusation against company ‘creator (CEO?)

  • Billy Ethridge

    Alternative (Vegan & Kosher) recommendation: “The Ultimate Meal” from “The Ultimate Life” (​​, truly a “whole meal”, available on its home page and on ​many other nutritional sites. “…raw, properly sprouted, fresh-freeze-dried, cold-milled and preferably organic plant foods that have their enzymes and nutrients intact as nature intended, as well as natural, potent anti-oxidants in optimum, not trace amounts….totally free of yeast-based vitamins and minerals, soy, MSG, salt, wheat, corn, yeast, eggs, dairy products, sugar, honey, fructose, caffeine, ginseng, etc. artificial preservatives, flavors, coloring, fillers, animal products, or anything from China…” NOTE: I am a long-time martial artist and instructor, and have NO financial relationship, direct or indirect, with the The Ultimate Life. I HAVE used the product for many years with great satisfaction.

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