Do you know the best way to meet Oprah in person?

Answer: Get invited on her show.

Here’s what I mean. When it comes to burning fat through an exercise and fitness path, you can’t just go straight to the top of the mountain. You have to start at base camp and work your way up… paying the price as you go.

For example, one of the best exercises for burning fat is (in my opinion) the kettlebell snatch. It’s super dynamic and gets your heart rate jacked… and you need your heart rate flying to really burn fat.

However… if you can’t even do 10 good pushups or if you’ve never held a kettlebell don’t start there. Start at base camp… let’s work your way through exercises that shred fat, protect your body, and make you a heck of a lot stronger.

1. Sprinting

Like I said above, you have to get your heart rate up. You probably know the feeling… breathing so hard you’re gasping for breath… your chest burns a little…

Sprinting is taylor made for massive weight loss. It destroys body fat.

Here’s the easiest way to use sprinting in your workout now. I suggest using a sprint workout on your off day or rest day from your “normal” workout.

Do a small warmup for some jogging and a little harder running. I suggest doing some stretching to get blood to your muscles. Even if you “lose power”… it’s not going to be enough to matter.

Next, go to your local park and walk off 40 big paces. Then sprint as hard as you can that distance… resting after every length. Try to go until you really feel you can’t get up to speed anymore. 20 minutes should about do it.

Keep this up for a couple months and you’ll drop pounds like crazy.

2. Squatting/Lunging

Remember, we need to get your heart rate up so we’re not going to do just any normal squats of lunges. We are going to make this a little more dynamic.

Before you do anything, make sure you perfect your squat form and lunge form. Keep injuries from happening and you’ll benefit from your workouts.

Now here are the variations of these exercise I want you to concentrate on and some links to help you get form:

  • Normal squat
  • Squat jump
  • Deep squat
  • Horizontal Squat Jump
  • Reverse Lunge
  • Lunge Jump Typewriters
  • Split Squat
  • Lunge Walk

That’s more than enough to get your started. You can find a library of squat exercises and lunge exercises on Lifting Revolution.

Here’s how you can use this today. If you’re typically a runner, run for 5 minutes then stop and do 10 squats, 10 reverse lunges each leg, and 30 lunge jump typewriters.

That’s going to skyrocket your heart rate more than running… and then you go right back into running for another 5 minutes. Then repeat that little circuit.

Do this and watch the mirror because you’ll see the inches begin falling off.

3. Pushups

It’s not only the exercise that makes you feel like a badass, it’s a great exercise for torching fat. Granted pushups are not going to be as dynamic as the squats we looked at, but strength is an important key to weight loss.

The more strength you have, the more weight women tend to lose. It’s a close correlation.

Here are the pushups I think you should focus on and of course check out our pushups library as well.

  • Normal pushups
  • Wall pushups
  • Wall plyo-pushups
  • Walking pushups
  • Pushup up-downs

These are all pretty killer and they can get your heart rate up too… perfect for losing weight.

So how do you use them?

Just like with the squats above. If you’re a runner, run for 5 minutes… stop and do 20 wall pushups and 20 pushup up-downs. Then go run for 5 minutes… and repeat.

You’ll really target your upper body, a section of the body most women need serious help with. At the same time you’ll keep your heart pumping and that all translates into successful weight loss.

4. Sleeping

Okay you got me. This really isn’t an exercise, but it is an exercise in proper weight loss. You have to sleep.

Most people don’t get nearly enough sleep and that’s going to screw with your hormones which will screw with your appetite which will in turn screw with your weight.

There is no “easy” way to get sleep if you keep yourself really busy. You’re just going to have to force yourself to go to bed an hour earlier and slowly build up your sleep habits until you regularly get at least 7 to 8 hours a night.

If you already sleep enough, you can try to improve the quality of your sleep.

  • Use an eye mask to keep things dark.
  • Use white noise so small noises at night don’t disrupt you.
  • Make sure you have a good pillow that let’s you lay comfortably.
  • Stretch before you go to bed.
  • Workout consistently as that helps you sleep better.

If you’re not a good sleeper, and you work hard to become one… you’ll begin noticing the pounds falling off along with a much happier mood!

5. Carrying

Last and definitely not least, carrying. This isn’t an exercise per say… it’s more of a type of exercise. Carrying heavy things.

I’m talking about:

  • Carrying heavy dumbbells… just carry them, don’t do anything else.
  • If your gym as a sled or something, drag a heavy sled behind you keeping the pace up. Like sprinting, this will destroy fat.
  • Carry a heavy kettlebell in your arms for a good 40 yard distance then spring back and forth… then carry again.
  • Carrying sandbags… concrete balls… you name it… carry strange things as long as they are heavy.

When you carry something heavy, you’re doing a few things.

First, you’re using your entire body’s movement chain to balance and keep yourself solid. You’ll discover it’s tough to stay breathing, stay focused, and stay moving for a good distance. Carrying heavy loads actually gets your heart rate up pretty darn good.

Plus it’s great for your balance… great for strength… great for losing weight and melting fat.

The best part is you just carry stuff. Form matters but it’s not crazy important. Feel your body and do what you can to carry these weights. I like to do this outside so if I drop anything it lands on grass. Watch your feet too.

Are You Going To Use The Best Exercises for Weight Loss Today?

Everything on this list, except for the last one you can begin doing today… at your workout. Or you can make a workout out of them.

So are you going to do it?

You’ll feel the difference immediately. If you want more structure of help with these exercises and getting actual workouts, join Fit Women’s Weekly or start my 30 Day Fat Blasting Blitz program.

It’s a jump start program that will get you ramped up quickly so you can burn fat, increase strength, and start down your road to permanent weight loss.

Not to mention… the exercises in my workouts are insane. You’ll never feel anything like them again.

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