A Calorie Is A Calorie, Right?

Of course you know that to lose weight you have to burn more calories than you’re taking in… but did you know that all calories are not created equal?

Take for example 200 calories of cake and 200 calories of chicken… sure they both have 200 calories but you’re body doesn’t look at it this way. Since cake is loaded with sugar and simple carbs (yuck!) it has your blood sugar sky rocket through the roof, you get a kick burst of energy, your insulin goes up and then the bad stuff happens:

Insulin promotes fat storage and that energy kick doesn’t last long. Up up up and then it plummets so you’re tired and craving more sugary foods.

BUT with the chicken... lean protein has a completely opposite affect on your body. Protein takes the most energy of all nutrients to break down so it has you feeling fuller longer. Also, there’s no affect on insulin and it actually helps you to lose weight. If you have been working out the protein is going to help your muscles repair and build (can’t say that the cake is going to help anything).

Now that’s just one example… showing off protein. But the other nutrients like fats and carbs are important too, as long as they’re the right kind of of fats and the right kind of carbs.

Basically I am just talking about eating clean… eating the best foods that give the best results for your body and helps you lose body fat, tighten and tone and feel energized throughout the day.

The Scoop On Eating Clean

Before I go on to give you the foods that are going to help you blast and lose body fat I think you should have an explanation of where these foods are coming from. They aren’t foods that you’ll find in the “100 Calorie Packs” that are everywhere…

Eating clean foods are all natural, unprocessed, and without chemicals and nasty preservatives. They work with your body to boost metabolism, boost energy and… boost body fat burning potential! Especially when paired with a great women’s workout program.

Think of it as eating the way we were meant to, you know before McDonalds and Burger Kings popped up on every big intersection.

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The 10 Best Foods To Lose Body Fat

  1. Lean boneless, skinless chicken breast… protein is good!
  2. All natural peanut butter or almond butter… I don’t care how old you get everyone loves a great peanut butter sandwich. Plus peanut butter is a great source of omega 3s, protein and some complex carbs!
  3. Whole wheat bread (Rye and pumpernickel are great too) but make sure it says “Whole Wheat”
  4. Turkey burger… a great substitute for hamburger meat. Extra lean 93% beef is also a great choice though.
  5. Spinach… high in vitamins, a great source of protein and fiber.
  6. Garlic… it’s a super food, a great way to naturally add flavor to foods and filled with immune boosting power.
  7. Apples… high in fiber and when used with peanut butter makes a perfect pre workout snack.
  8. Oatmeal… the clean eater’s survival breakfast! Starts the day with a great source of complex carbohydrates for energy, contains protein and you can add anything to it to make it your own. I like cinnamon, nutmeg and a scoop of vanilla whey protein in mine!
  9. Eggs… eggs get a bad wrap for cholesterol but research shows they are a great way to start the morning. People that eat eggs are fuller longer and less likely to get mid
    Yum Yum Quinoa!

    Yum Yum Quinoa!

    morning cravings for sweets.

  10. Quinoa… a power grain from Africa this complex carb also contains all the essential amino acids (the only of the grains to do that). Plus it taste amazing! Put some garlic in with a chopped bell pepper and a bit of olive oil and you’ve got a great side.

Those are my staples that you will always find in my own fridge and freezer to help me stay on top of my game to help me keep the fat away!

Tips For Burning Body Fat

  • Eat every 2-3 hours to keep your metabolism on high
  • Eat breakfast… this is vital. You’re body wakes up in a starved state because it used all the sugar in your blood during the night. This is why it’s so important for brain health and energy to start the day with a good source of healthy, complex carbs and proteins (a bit of fat too!). Plus people that start the day off with breakfast are shown to lose weight easier and faster than people that don’t.
  • Eat within 2 hours before a workout and 30 minutes after a workout to get the best results.
  • Drink lots of water to help flush out toxins and help your body carry out its processes… burning fat and building muscle included.
  • Carry a grocery list with you. For help with this I have designed clean eating grocery list at my women’s strength training site.

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