The Best Summertime Wines & Pregnancy Workout Tips

Don’t worry, this is not a post about drinking wine while being pregnant! That would be ridiculous.

This is simply a video appealing to everyone: those of us that get to enjoy a chilled glass of wine during the summer and those of you who are thinking about expanding your family but have doubts/questions about working out during pregnancy.

Why wine talk? 

Because I love wine! And right now is my favorite time to sit out on the porch with Dan and relax with a chilled glass. It’s what we do, and I’m pretty sure I am not alone.

Which is why I wanted to share our favorite summertime wines with you! And in return, I would love your suggestions as well.

Why the pregnancy talk? 

Because everyone I know seems to be either getting pregnant or thinking about getting pregnant. And I’ve been getting showered with questions when it comes to exercising during the nine months of pregnancy.

So there you have it!

Now, for the good stuff watch the Lifting Revolution Fitness & Nutrition Show:

The Best Summertime White Wines

summertime wines

These are our favorites and the ones mentioned in the video:

Cupcake’s Sauvignon Blanc:

Some wine connoisseurs may shake their heads at this. But Cupcake wines are delicious! Full of flavor and very friendly on the debit card. Their sauvignon blanc taste as if they squeezed a fresh grapefruit into each bottle.

Ku De Ta Sauvignon Blanc:

This is a Chilean wine and is very good. Price wise it’s around $15 but it’s very citrus driven which is our rule when picking out a white wine.

Gazela’s Vinho Verde: 

It’s slightly effervescent and loaded with citrus. The only thing it that it goes down very easily, so the bottle is gone before you know it.

If you’re not a big wine drinker but want to experiment with them, this is a great “getting started” wine.

Working Out When Pregnant… Yay or Nay?



The really old believe was that pregnant women should sit back with their feet propped up for 9 months. Avoid exercise and try to move as little as possible.

I’m sorry, but that sounds horrible. I would probably grow impatient after two days and head to the gym against doctors orders.

Good thing this old way of thinking is behind us.

Then there was the heart rate rule.

If you’re pregnant, you shouldn’t let your heart rate go beyond 140 beats. The only problem with this is there was no real reason. It was as if doctors just sat down at a obstetrician conference and said “140 will be the standard”. But it worked, and even today, I have so many women tell me their doctors have placed this rule on their pregnancy exercise.

Only, the doctors are out of date.

Assuming that you’re having a healthy pregnancy and you were active before, the new rules say that it’s okay to go beyond 140 beats.

In fact, in 2002 the Association of Obstetricians and Gynecologists gave the recommendation that pregnant women can forget about counting their heart beat during workouts and instead go by the RPE method, or Rate of Perceived Exertion…

Listen to your body!

If it feels too strenuous then it likely is. If you feel you can workout harder, then do. Your body knows best and will guide you during this period.

Workouts out should not be avoided!

But also realize that what used to be easy before your pregnancy will tire you out much faster. That’s okay, your body is working harder and your workouts will naturally decrease in intensity.

Benefits Of Exercise While Pregnant: 

  • Better Sleep
  • Increased Energy
  • Easier (Possible Faster) Delivery
  • Faster Recovery
  • Decreased Stress
  • More Confidence 
  • Healthier Pregnancy Weight-Gain

But the REAL rule of pregnant workouts: 

Do what you feel comfortable doing.

Talk with your doctor but also talk with a certified trainer who can give you tips/modifications/exercises designed for your growing belly.

*Note: No, I have not had children. However working with women, I have trained several pregnant moms to be and learned so much from them. If you want to see a train that not only talks but is an amazing example, check out Blonde Ponytail. At 39 weeks, she is still working out! Then there is Virginia, my running friend is Charleston. At 7 months pregnant, she is still running 5K races.

-What’s your favorite summertime cocktail? 

-If you’ve had a child, did you workout during your pregnancy?


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