Best Tricep Exercises For Women

When I first became a trainer (almost a decade ago!)…

I thought the number one spot women would ask to tone would be their butt and/or thighs.

I wasn’t even close.

Turns out women want to learn how to tone up their arms! And since you’re here, I’m guessing that includes you too?

Nearly every one of my new clients is very visual about it. They hold up their arm up, shake the underside of it with their other hand and say “how can I get rid of this?”

You know, the “bat wings”… when “your arms wave goodbye even after your hand stops”… I HATE that slang.

So how about we do something about it?

Here Are Some Highly Effective
Tricep Exercises For Women

First, realize that spot reduction is not how to burn fat.

You need total body workouts to melt fat all over. That’s how you shape up your arms.

But, tricep exercises can really help give definition to your arms as you lose that body fat.

Here’s how you’re going to do this...

I don’t know about you but when I think of sexy arms I think of that nice “V” in the backside of the arm… the indication of a nice toned, tricep and overall great pair of arms to show off.

Before you know it, with the right workouts and proper eating you may just wake up one day with arms like Cameron Diaz or Jessica Biel.

Add in just 1 or 2 of these exercises to the end of your normal workout, 2-3 times a week…

This is to be apart of a workout not an actual workout in and of itself. A workout that targets the entire body and big muscles is the one that is going to help burn off the fat so your triceps an other muscles look toned and awesome.

1. Hanging Dips

Not only a great tricep exercise but also a great shoulder, core and balance move.

Many gyms have dip bars available, but if yours doesn’t just do dips off a bench.


Hanging Dips

For hanging: Hold yourself up on the two dip handles and slowly bend your arms, lowering yourself towards the ground… lower until arms are at 90 degrees.

Very similar is bench dips:

Standard Bench Dips

If on a bench: dip down till 90 degrees, making sure not to go lower as this can put pressure on your shoulders.

A great tip… slow the move down so it takes 4-6 seconds to lower to 90 degrees then press up and repeat the slow negative (lowering).

Modified bench dips to get started:

Modified Bench Dips

Weighted bench dips for more advanced:

Weighted Bench Dips

2. Kettlebell Tricep Overhead Press

Weighted Tricep Pullover

You can do this with a kettlebell or a dumbbells.

Hold the weight over your head and keeping your upper arms stable, only hinge at your elbow lowering the weight behind your head.

Then press back up pulling from your triceps. Keep your core tight and legs slightly bent. You can do this in a seated position as well. Standing utilizes more of your body and balance which we want to go for.

3. Skull Crushers

Skull Crushers for Women

These sounds scary but they are actually very effective. Using dumbbells like I am or a small barbell, lay on a bench. Then extend the weight over your chest and bend only from your elbows. Pull from your triceps back to starting position.

Make sure you don’t go too heavy and always keep rep pace in mind when doing all these exercises.

4. Tricep Extension

Tricep Extension

This is the classic tricep exercise. Leaning over a bench, you’ll attach your upper arm to your side. Hinge at the elbow and always pull from your tricep.

It helps to keep your back straight too. Go slow and feel that contraction. Focus on your triceps.

5. Tricep Pulldown (2 Versions)

Cable Pulldown Rope Pulldown

Here you can do the tricep pulldown using a handle (shown_ or bar (not shown) or use the rope. I like them both and have no preference. In fact use them both and just go back and forth.

Make sure you’re always getting the full contraction on every rep.

6. Tricep Rope Forward Press

Tricep Forward Press

This exercise feels cool because it looks dynamic. But it’s just another variation on the pulldown.

However, because your body is providing some support, you can typically go heavier so don’t be nervous to bump up your intensity.

7. Triangle Pushups

Triangle Pushups

These are pretty tough but they really target your triceps, shoulders, chest, and core. They are a more total body tricep exercise. I love them!

You can always do these from your knees or off a wall to make them a little easier. Make sure you use good form. (They are a classic and used quite a bit over at Fit Women’s Weekly!)

8. Side Pushups

Side Pushups

They look so simple don’t they?

But they are tough!

You don’t really have to keep your hips off the ground, so don’t worry about that. Just concentrate to make sure the push is coming from your arms and triceps. You’ll feel them!

9. Modified One Arm Pushup

Modified One Arm Pushups

This is really tough so it’s definitely more advanced. Starting in a wide grip pushup form, hover your body close to one arm and keep the other very wide and only use for support and balance.

The main arm is doing the majority of the work and it’s really tough. Good luck!

10. Close Grip Bench Press

Close Grip Pushup

Flipping the pushup upside down, the close grip bench press is will hit your arms a lot.

It’s more total arm and chest, but again a great exercise to superset with a more isolated tricep exercise.

11. Football Throws

Football Throws

These are fun and let you be a little more liberal with form. Using a lighter weight, you are going to mimic throwing a football. Go slow but don’t be afraid to let your body twist a little to get that full extension.

Did You Find These Exercises Helpful…
Do You Want To Learn How To Use Them In A Total Body Workout?

These are all great exercises and perfect to use in a total body workout. When used alone they won’t really give you much fat burning power, but don’t worry…

If you enjoyed this post and would like to workout with me, make sure to check out my 64 workouts that are a part of my Body Burn Challenges Program!

Train with me as if I were right beside you, making sure you give your all to each workout, there to answer questions and provide quick tips to help progress.

I hope you enjoyed this and please let me know if you have any questions.
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What’s Your Current Favorite Exercise?
(And it doesn’t have to be tricep related)

Currently, I’m working on muscle ups, so that’s my favorite! But I’m sure I’ll get sick of them soon!


  • anony

    workout has the letter r in it, the opening banner has workout spelled wrong, thought you should know

    • Wow… how I missed that… I don’t know. That’s pretty funny!

      Thanks anony… I appreciate you pointing that out and stopping Taylor and I looking like idiots.

  • omg ur soo good… I really like these exercises!

  • linda berger

    I am curious as to why you use close fists in the Close Grip push-ups?

    Also, how heavy of weights should I as a beginner use? ( I am 59 years old)



  • linda berger


    I guess I should further describe myself for the heaviness of the weights – I am 5’3″ and weigh 127 lb. Have small bones and tiny wrists. I am 59 years old and new to free weight training. Walk 2 miles every day and am in good condition – just have week flabby arms. ( have done yoga, aerobics, dance over the years – like to exercise.)

  • Hey Linda… for the close grip push-ups I don’t use close fists. But the grip is close and with your elbows by your side the entire time you use your triceps much more than with the standard push-up which uses more of the chest and shoulders. With the close grip it is very heavy on the triceps and chest.

    For a beginner, I would start with a light weight that you find pretty easy to handle for the first few workouts just to make sure you have form down. After that go with a weight that pushes you where you can finish your sets but can’t go past them. So if you doing these use weight where you can get 8-10 reps in but not 11.

    I am sorry I can’t give a specific weight amount as everyone is different. But for the first few times really go light just to make sure you have the exercise down to a T, hope this helps!

  • Dawn

    I would like to work out my triceps however my bicep is torn at the rotator any suggestions?

    • First off…. have you gotten a go ahead from the doctor to start strength training? Make sure it’s ok, as even with isolated moves alot of times you will still be working the other muscles even if minimally.
      If it’s good to go, I would start with some of the machines. No, I am not usually a big supporter of machines but since they are isolated they may help you work your triceps in a rehab fashion (once they are easy get away from them, I hate machines) without hurting anything else. The tricep press-down machine. Other moves that may not hurt so much would be skull crushers with a barbell. Foot ball throws are a good idea, and db kick backs… again though this is a hard one you should really be healed first. Hope this helps.

      • Brendon

        I am sorry Taylor, but I have to strongly disagree with the football throws and skull crushers.

        The skull crushers require the person’s elbows to come in front of the body, which forces the shoulder to move. This puts strain on the shoulder even if it’s not directly on the injury. In general, it’s best to stay away from shoulder movement with this type of injury.

        As for the football throw… This is just a horrible exercise even for people who are not injured. There is essentially no way to ensure proper form during this exercise unless you have a sports trainer standing there guiding you. Even then, you’d better be athletic and have good coordination or experience in a sport where you throw a ball. This movement should also not include free weight because the direction of resistance is not appropriate. Free weights pull down (gravity). A light resistance band attached to something at shoulder height behind the person would be ideal.

        With all of that said, the football throw requires A LOT of shoulder movement, which is not ideal for a biceps tendon tear at the rotator cuff. If you still insist on performing this exercise, remember that proper technique is key with any move, but more so with this one since there is no good way to ensure proper form.

        For exercises that would suit this injury, I would suggest any triceps workout that does not move the shoulder such as triceps cable pulldowns and dumbbell kickbacks.

        For reference, I am a massage therapist and personal fitness trainer of 2 years. Not much, but I love it and I’ve been body training and learning for the last 10 years.

  • Yvette

    this would be a more helpful if you had pictures showing how the exercises work. Because without that its hard to follow along and understand exactly what you are trying to say. (so it’s not really helpful)

  • cindy

    Hi, I would like to work on my flabby upper arms. I have a little arthritis in my left shoulder and any excercise I do irritates my shoulder. Can you suggest an excercise for me? I’ve seen the ad on tv where you shake something that looks similar to a hand weight, but don’t know if that would really work. Thanks

    • Hey Cindy, for less tension on your shoulder moves like a tricep kick back might be better. With that you can start on all 4s with a weight in one hand. Have your arm bent by your side and 90 degrees, elbow in, and move the weight back so your arm is straight and pointed back behind you. Bend at the elbow to return. Other good toning moves that won’t hit the shoulder would be curls (there are several variations so you don’t get bored). For the shake weight I actually have written a post on it before… read it here: Shake Weight

  • lydia

    hey..i have strong biceps from playing sports but weaker and flatter triceps.will these exercises help strengthen them,aside from looking toned?..i have trouble doing the regular close grip push-ups but the push ups where ur knees are on the ground are very easy .is there somthing thats in between the two versions of pushups?

    • Hey lydia,,, yes they will help strengthen them as well! A variation you can do with the push-ups is to do them on a slight incline and see if that is a mix in the middle. Up on a bench is a great height. Put hands on, and just make sure to keep the close grip form with elbows in.

  • Okay, love your site , watched the video above, appreciate how caring you are to answer everyone so earnestly, thank you for all you write, read everyone’s questions but still would like to know how SPECIFICALLY you get rid of the “shriveled looking hanging droopy, crepe looking flab that starts right smack dab in your armpit and continues in the INTERIOR V of your arm almost all the way down to the elbow…the part of the inner arm that is DIRECTLY facing the side of your body adjacent to your breast OR the part of your arm that when you keep your arms close to the side of your body it is still hanging and shriveled next to your body? I am sorry for this very winded in plain english description and do apologize but what is considered a bicep and a tricep exercise seems to build muscle on the outer part of ones arm , the front and back of ones arm and not the one I am questioning above. In no way can one wear sleeveless anymore with that crepidy old flabby skin hanging and drooping. I never thought the day would come but low and behold, you wake up one day and even though your arms are skinny as could be..there it is!!! Perfect for grandkids to snuggle up to but OMG, so horrible to look at! Sooooo, aside from the right exercise for that specific area could you also please describe one step after the other, how and which arm exercies would u then incorporate as an EXCELLENT ENTIRE arms routine and in what order, how often, how manuy reps etc. THANK YOU!!!!! M

    • Wow, Margie that is quite a question! And I appreciate the detail to help me give you a detailed answer. The bottom line is this… the workouts I have here are great for toning the tricep of course but for the whole arm we have to work bicep, triceps, and shoulders… plus the pain issue with the “flabby” skin isn’t all toning but it’s also losing body fat which is done best with 20-25 minutes of interval training (running, slowing down, sprinting, slowing down, etc)… the best arm specific workout I would do myself if I were in your shoes would go something like this: 3 sets of 15 reps of the following: Push-ups, reverse curl to press, tricep exercise (one listed here). Because I am all about total body workouts instead of targeting on body part my own workout would probably go like this with extra arm emphasis:
      Lunge walks with curl
      Step up with press
      Reverse row or pull-ups (assisted if needed)
      reverse Curl to shoulder press
      Box Jumps
      Plank Walks

      Good luck.

  • Ana

    This video was very helpful. It’s hard to find exercises that target certain parts for women and for me my arms are it. It made sense and made it easy.

  • Chelsea

    Hello Taylor,

    I have a question or two?. I am 20 years old, I weigh 232 give or take. I weighed 275 before, but didnt really put much effort into excercises other then just eating less. I have now been working out alot more and I am determined to lose this fat once and for all. I am wondering how many days a week should I do toning exercises? I do cardio 3 times a day for an hour but, I am putting together a routine for myself of toning exercises, and would like to know how much is too much?. I do them usually until i cant keep the proper form is that okay?. I want to get the most out of it. How long until I see some change in how my arms and legs look?. as well as my waist?. I have lost close to 8 inches so far which is great but, I just want the most from my work out. AHHHH helppp 🙂 thanks 🙂 love the videos by the way 🙂

    • Awesome work Chelsea! You’re going great. Are you doing a total of 3hrs a day of cardio or it it three times all together is an hour? If it’s three hours that is way too much, girlie! For toning, make sure that the workout is designed around fat burning. So I recommend keeping reps high, and doing total body workouts three days a week, every other day. Never on back to back days. A good workout doesn’t need to last over 45 minutes, and most of mine that I design are closer to 30 minutes. It depends on your genetics, and the efficiency of the workout as to when you see results. But you will see good changes normally in around 2 weeks. I recommend taking pictures to see the changes best. Also, you should be able to complete the set in perfect form. But can’t go past it. Breaking form could increase your chances of injury. Trust me you don’t want to pull your back out. Hope this helps! Best of luck. If you want help designing your workout remember about

  • Connie Amatucci

    Just getting started on the triceps…. great video

  • hi taylor,

    i need some consultations, i’m 19 yrs. old, 5’4 height, weighting 145 lbs. . i’m a chubby type since i was a child, and i’m really tired having this type of body. i tried to workout on a gym while taking diet pills and i can say that i really burned a lot of fat, i lose 10 lbs for 2 weeks, many of my friends really notice that i lose weight, i noticed it also because my blouses and pants became big on me. but then i noticed that while my waist line is getting smaller, my arms (particularly upper arms) stays the same. it doesn’t look proportioned. i cant wear sleeveless, what can i do? is there particular foods that i should avoid so that my upper arms become small? im visiting the gym 5 days a week, is it okay? i’ll be waiting for your reply. i know you can help me. thanks in advance. .:)

    • Miaka, unfortunately there is no food that is targeted to one body part to help lose weight. I wish it were that easy. Are you doing weight training? If your arms are your major concern, I would do a total body workout but with extra emphasis on your arms to help tone and tighten them up. What is your current program? Also i def recommend staying away from diet pills. They aren’t for long term results and offer false hope. Plus many are bad for your body.

  • Chelsea H.

    hey I’m tryin to work on my triceps, and I have been doing exercises for over two years now consistently and nothings working. I maintain a steady weight but its not where I wanna be. I want to lose the flabby triceps but I don’t know what else to do. I use a yoga weight band in the morning and at night, and I do push-ups every morning and night. Any suggestions as to how I can lose the tricep flubbiness.

    • Chelsea, there are a few recommendations I have… first off, you can’t spot reduce. meaning you can’t lose weight in just one area of our body. If it’s flabby, that means excess skin and body fat. To lose it you need total body weight training workouts and cardio workouts. Intervals are amazing at dropping fat and so are circuit workouts. Next switch it up… make it harder on yourself by getting harder resistance bands or heavier weights. Also, push-ups are great exercises but regular push-ups work your chest the most. To hit your triceps more and see more definition try doing close grip push-ups. You might have to start out on your knees and work your way up to regular close-grips. And last, food is really important. what’s your current diet like? The quality food you eat accounts for 80% of what you look like so make sure to have a balanced, clean diet. Good luck!

  • Sanna B.

    I’m so happy to have found this site 🙂 I’m 5’3 135lbs, I used to be 120 but after I had my daughter I’ve stayed at this weight for the last 2 years. Id like to get back to my pre-baby weight and tone up. I have a treadmill, dumbells and a stepper thingy that has a space for spot for each foot and underneath looks like a slinky (its manual) at home. Is this enough to develop a routine and if so what would you recommend? Thanks so much!

  • It’s definitely enough for a routine. I would start with circuit workouts, choosing exercises to do back to back with little or no rest. There are great body weight exercises too that can give amazing results. Plus, circuits are awesome for fat burning, and can burn upwards of 400 calories in less than 30 minutes if really intense. I recommend checking out for specific workouts that can help. Also remember that what you eat counts for upwards of 80% for how we look. Its really important to eat clean if you want to lose the weight and keep it off.

  • Natalia

    Hi! I go to the gym 6 times a week and sometimes twice a day. I eat a balanced diet of grilled chicken, salad, fruit, almonds, and i have a major sweet tooth so i try and stick to 60 calorie sugar free jello. I am so upset because ever since i got out of high school 2 years ago, I cant get below 120. I fluctuate between 121-125. In high school I did basketball and softball so I know that had something to do with it. I am 21 years old and am doing everything im supposed to but I still have flabby triceps and stomach. What would you recommend eating and exercise wise? And what is a good weight for me to be at? Im 5’5! Thank you so much, I have so many questions but never get them answered 🙁 I know you will help thank you!!

    • 120 is a great weight for you at your height. I think you might actually be working out too much, in which your body doesn’t get to recover and you can’t see results. Make sure you’re changing up workouts regularly, if you’ve been doing the same routines you’re body doesn’t register it as exercise any more. Change it up, lift heavier and think about cutting back to three days of heavy full body weight training workouts (every other day) and maybe sprint intervals in the days between. Diet is extremely important, make sure you’re eating enough to keep your metabolism on high blast, cutting back too much only lowers metabolism and decreasing your ability to burn fat. Good luck!

  • May

    Hi taylor! I’m 21 years old, 5ft and currently weight 123lbs. Ive been doing jillian michaels thirty day shred every day for the past 2 weeks. I saw that you said not to do exercises every day. May I ask why? Is it harmful to my body if I do it everyday? Also Ive been eating under 1400 calories with a balance meal; my RDI is 1400. This is my first serious workout routine so any help will be really appreciated. So far Ive toned my biceps but Im having problems with losing my flabby skin on my under arm. Im thinking doing one of your tricep workouts everday, alternating between them and also doing my workout video. Thanks!

    • Thanks May for the questions! Congrats on the dedication you have. And the answer to your first question, yes it can be harmful on your body to work the same muscle groups every day when it comes to strength training. Your body gets results not during the workout but during the time it can recover and rebuild after workouts. Give yourself at least 48 hours between working the same muscle groups. With that, I wouldn’t do the tricep wkout every day but every other day is fine. If you don’t give the muscles time to rest you risk injury, overtraining and lack of results.

      Calorie wise, 1400-1500 of clean eating is a good range. But make sure it’s clean. no processed foods, etc. 300 calories of cookies is much different than 300 calories of chicken. Good luck!

  • Vivian Miller

    Hi, i stumbled on this site just looking for exercises to tone triceps and get rid of my flabby underarms. Thank you very much for the tips and i will start soon. I am 36 yrs old, 5’4″ and weight 138 lbs. I have recently started working out quite regularly 5 times a week min, doing 30-40 mins of cardio plus working on different areas of my body with little weights and about 3 sets of 25-30 reps. I am doing this on my own. My problem area is my belly, it has been considerably reduced in about 3 months. I want to target it and do whatever it takes to continue to reduce it but not quite sure about what exercises to do besides the regular sit up on the machine. I had lipo about 8 yrs ago and it worked wonders on my sides but i did not have the same result in the center of my stomach. Now i have this pouch that i am sure will go away with hard work and dedication. Please help!

  • May

    Hi taylor! I followed your advice and lost 10lbs in one month with the jillian michael exercise while also doing your tricep exercise for the last 2 weeks. I noticed though that while I lost weight, my triceps became way more flabbier. May I know what im doing wrong? Im doing the elliptical for 30min now and also doing tricep exercises with 30lbs, 60 times, both exercises 4x to 5x a day. Thanks so much taylor!

  • Dwan Hightower

    I am 62 and 5′ 1″ and 145 and need to lose at least 20 lbs. I love working out and am trying to get back into it 4-5 times a week. I have flappy triceps so will be doing these 4 trcepts exercises.
    I also have the belly fat I need to work on so any help would be appreciated.

  • Victoria

    Hi! I’m 23 yrs old and do an hour of cardio, six times a week, sometimes twice a day, yet seem to keep toned everywhere except for the back of my arms. I’m wanting to start these exercises with light weights so that I tone and don’t build up. However, for example, if I add the hanging dips, scull crusher and close grip push ups to my work outs, should I do three sets of ten for each? Or more? Thanks

    • Hi Victoria, make sure you’re not doing too much exercise. Overtraining is a big issue and can really hold you back from your results. You can read about it in another post I did: How Do You Know if You’re Working Out Too Much?

      As for these exercises, to tone up I suggest 3 sets of 10-12 reps. Good luck!

  • Hi Taylor,

    I am 22 years old who is almost 5’3 and i weght 145 pounds. i will say i have a very muscular built to me because ive been in gymantics when i was younger, and always enjoyed working out. Over the past year i did not go as much and i feel that i have very chubby arms with a lot of muscle under the fat. I am back at the gym and i have lost a few inches just not weight. I feel that my arms look the same even though i lost an inch off of them. I do lift pretty heavy weights because if i dont i do not feel anything. My problem is i do not want to get my arms bigger than they are but i just cant seem to get the back area of my triceps to slim dowm. Should i do more cardio? I do it 4 times a week i try and do 30 but i get very bored. Any ideas?

    • Hi Tanya, great job so far. YOu are clearly seeing results and it can be frustrating when they don’t come as quickly as you want. Even though you don’t notice the inch off, you’ve lost an inch! You should be proud and feel as if you’re going in the right direction.
      Your cardio schedule is fine, you don’t want to over do it, however have you thought about doing interval programs instead of steady state boring 30-minutes? Intervals are 5 times more effective at burning body fat than steady state but you have to push hard with them. Give it your all for a short time then bring the intensity down to rest, then back up all over again. Plus you only have to do about 25 minutes of them and they work!

  • Awesome article. I think that skull crushers are one of the most essential tricep exercies for anyone wanting to get bigger arms. The beauty of this exercise is that it doesn’t take a huge amount of weight to see results. It’s all about form. I’m keeping tuned into future posts you make. Thanks!

  • Major thankies for the blog article. Awesome.

  • Lennie Carlin


    • Guest

      Triceps is the word. Not Tricep.

  • Thanks so much for this, it’s exactly what I was looking for. Any advice on what weight of dumbell to use? I usually rock climb once a week, so would you recommend starting with a 5kg weight or a 10kg?

    • Everyone is different with strength. I used a 15 lb in the video. The trick is to find a weight that is heavy enough where you have a tough time finishing the set but not too heavy where you can’t keep proper form and can’t get to the end.
      Generally speaking, sticking between 8-15 lbs is a good range.

  • Looking to firm up.

  • amielou

    i watched the video and i think it will be a great help for me.
    my arms are fluffy and big and not proportion to my body size.i just want to know i if do this exercise how long before i see improvements.

    • I am glad you enjoyed the video! Just make sure that along with the exercises, you’re also following a good diet and overall total body workout plan.

  • mocha0218

    So glad to find this site.
    I have limited mobility and need to build up my core and upper arm strength to maintain health and independence.
    These exercises (I modified for my particular situation) are fabulous.
    I already feel a difference in my triceps after one session.
    Do you have any exercises for the glutes and thigh areas?

  • Terri


    Just wondering if I just do the dips on a bench (doing so many, for eg 3×20 or however many I can that I cant do any more) 4 days a week, is that enough to tone triceps alone? If i dont want to use dumb bells. Can I tone triceps just doing dips? realistically I dont think a person can manage all of those exercises, doing so many repetitions of each. Well I know I cant anyway, as by the time I do my cardio I am tired. Also I am one of these who cannot get on my knees to do pushs up so obviously not an option for me. I have tried using the wall, but just isnt comfortable either. How do you tone biceps? if you are 5ft 7, and a size 12 you are not going to see much definition there. Im not wanting to get down in size, just improve strength and tone.

    • Yes dips are a great way to tone your triceps but I don’t suggest JUST doing them, change it up so that you hit the muscle at different angles. Even without the push-ups you can do extensions with dumbbells, bands, etc. YOu can also do press downs at the gym with the cable machine. Limiting to just one move can slow results and make workouts boring. Using weights won’t bulk you up it will help. ALso make sure to hit the biceps to give a balanced arm training workout.

  • Terri

    To the person who said about bigger arms, no its not good for anyone. I dont want bigger arms, not after the manish look. Women can bulk up and I dont particularly want to thanks.Its not a good look, maybe for some ,if your goal is to be a bodybuilder then thats a different story. Rather still look feminine.

  • HAL

    I loved your video and tips. I am wondering what is the best way to lose total body fat (treadmill, elliptical, strength training… etc)… What is a good routine to follow on a daily basis? I am a dedicated person but I worry about not seeing results after all the hard work. I currently do 20 minutes treadmill, 20 elliptical, 10 stair master, and then some strength training, between side kicks, sit-ups, and arm toning exercises. I am 160 aiming for 140.

    Thank you!

    • Sounds like you have quite a plan, make sure to change up your excercises, don’t do the same ones over and over again. Same with the cardio, play around and change intensities, time on each machine and overall program. For more help feel free to give the Fat Blasting Boot camp or Torched in 20 programs a try over on the right side!

  • Jana

    Yes I loved the video
    I have lost 60 lbs
    Now I have the dreaded loose slkin
    By the way just turned 60 this year
    Ironic huh lost 60 and turned 60
    Hope to start getting emails soon
    Thank you

    • Congrats on the success you’ve had! Keep up with the workouts and healthy eating and you’ll keep seeing them. Unfortunately “lose” skin for weight loss is a problem for a lot of people and is a result of the inelasticity of the skin. While it might get tighter, unfortunately a lot of people require help from a plastic surgeon.

  • Gma

    Can these exercises be done with a kettleball?

  • vivian brooks

    I’m so happy i found your videos on triceps. I am 83 and still want my triceps to look good, THANKS

    • Awesome Vivian! Glad that you found them too! You’re very inspirational, thanks for stopping in!

  • amy

    Thanks for the great video. These exercises are simple but really target the triceps, which are a problem for me.

  • Thanks for the gifs! That has to be one of the most helpful exercise tutorials I’ve seen yet! Planning on using these in my new workout routine!

    • Glad you liked them! Let me know what you think!

  • miller

    i’ve been doing most of these for a few months now.

    I can see my biceps ( i do biceps curls too ), getting bigger, which good but my flabby arms are still there. My arms are getting bigger but it’s just like muscles on top of fat.

    • make sure that you’re doing a workout that incorporates fat burning. Total body workouts, cardio and especially clean eating will help show off the arms you want. Make sure that workouts aren’t just focused on the arms but total body to help caloric burn. good luck!

      • miller

        thanks for that. so more cardio burn.
        by cardio means running?
        sick of people saying my arms are fatter these days. ahha

        • No problem. Yes running is cardio.

  • madhuri

    I am 46. Female. I need to tone my flabby triceps and I have been hard since last one year. I am very disappointed to say that i have been doing exactly the same workouts that you have shown here but I so far do have failed to tone the triceps. Please tell me where I may be going wrong.

    • It’s likely that while the exercises tone up, that you might need to make some nutritional changes? Are you including cardio workouts and eating clean in order to help burn fat? While exercises can tone, to really see the tricep its important to burn the fat as well. Good luck! fitwomensweekly has some great workouts to help!

      • madhuri

        i do cardio about 30 min everyday with strength training. My body is well toned except the triceps.

  • madhuri

    Can you please suggest a circuit for tricep training. how frequent should I train ? My workout plan includes a 20 minute cardio and alternate day upper and lower body workout.

  • madhuri

    i do cardio about 30 min everyday with strength training. My body is well toned except the triceps.Can you please suggest a circuit for tricep training. how frequent should I train ? My workout plan includes a 20 minute cardio and alternate day upper and lower body workout.


    • Hi Madhuri, the workout here is a great one. Just add in 2 of these exercises every other day into your training and you should see some great results.

  • Monica

    Do you know of any GOOD exercises to help correct scapular winging? I had a capsulorrhaphy done last January (2012) and I’m still feeling a lot of pain when I play sports. I’ve played volleyball for 7 years and now I can hardly do any vigorous overhead movements. My doctor says the majority of my pain comes from the scapular winging and scapular dyskinesis but I haven’t found a whole lot of good exercises to correct those. I feel like my shoulder capsule is still very lose (since I have winging) and that my 4 sessions in physical therapy may have done more than harm than good. Any suggestions?

    • Hi Monica! I hate you’re in pain still. Have you used exercise bands for rotational work? Bands are great because of the growing resistance and instability that they cause helping the joint to get stronger. Simple moves like band presses, rotations with your arm bent at 90-degrees with your elbow remaining by your side as you pull the band in a way that resembles a door opening may help! Good luck!

  • Aella

    Hey, I noticed that a lot of these need a gym to work. Could you do a circuit with just weights for those of us at home?

    • Absolutely! As long as you have a set of dumbbells you can do these any where!

  • Nichole

    I just want to say that I love the use of animated gifs to show how to properly do the exercises. It’s genius and more sites should do it this way. Watching these gives me more motivation to do the exercises, rather than looking at still images and trying to figure out the proper way to do them, or going to youtube and looking it up. Great site!

    • Thanks so much! That’s exactly why I do it this way, it makes it so much easier!

  • Shawna

    This is awesome but I wish I could take it to the gym with me 🙁

    • Thanks! You can use it on a smart phone or tablet.

  • Thanks for sharing these exercises! I try to incorporate most of these into my training routine and my clients. I’m a big fan of triceps dips and using a stability ball. AWESOME for the core too!

    • Definitely great for the core!

  • Mary

    Hi Taylor! I was just watching the video about “How do you know if you’re working out too much,” and would love your in-put. I usually do two different kettle bell workouts, switching days. One is full body, the other is more for arms. I also do alternating ab exercises, there again switching days and workouts. Then I do about 30 minutes of cardio-a walking video (by Leslie Samsone), or 30 minutes or so on the stationary bike (occasionally, I am able to do a regular bike ride instead). I am 49, my weight is good (133-135), and am just really wanting to get and stay toned. I don’t like my Jello-like state of being. I want to thank you for having this website and sharing all the information that you and your husband do share.

    • Mary

      I forgot to mention–I do take at least one day off, two if my work schedule gets in the way. Thanks again for all of your help and advice! 🙂

      • Sounds like you’ve got a great program going! I think that with alternating your target zones and with your light cardio that this is perfect. If you were running hard every day and doing the kettlebell workouts on top of that then you might be going too far, but it sounds like a great balance

        • Mary

          Thank you for your insight! You are so awesome!! 🙂

  • So there I was, looking for tricep exercises and what do I find as the second link (right after ? None other than you!! No matter where I turn, you’re always there!!! Best trainer in America, clearly!!

    • Hahahaha! Thanks lady! Did you find some good moves?

  • Parallel bar dips are an excellent upper body exercise that targets your pectorals and your triceps. The narrower your grip on the bars and the more upright your body, the more work your triceps account for in the up-and-down movement.

    Mixed Martial Arts San Diego

  • Caroline Smith

    The word is triceps not tricep.

  • Lindsy Schumacher

    Love your use of gifs.If every site did this I would try to actually DO the work-outs. Great job, thank you!

    • Thanks Lindsy! I know when there are so many moves to remember, gifs helps to speed things up! That way you don’t have to watch a whole video just to remember what one move was! I do them with all of my workouts. If you like them check out my training site: I do real time videos and show all the moves with GIFs! They’re so fun! Have a great day.

    • Thanks Lindsy! I know when there are so many moves to remember, gifs helps to speed things up! That way you don’t have to watch a whole video just to remember what one move was! I do them with all of my workouts. If you like them check out my training site: I do real time videos and show all the moves with GIFs! They’re so fun! Have a great day.

  • Beth Moreland

    I’m with Nichole, very helpful. I do have a question though, what would be a good alternative if you don’t have a bench?

  • Ольга Соколова
  • cjinaz

    #4 tricep extension: If I have my left hand on the bench, I lunge my right leg forward just a bit. I take this stance so I can protect my back. Also, keep your arm close to your side. I pay attention to not put the stress on my shoulder since I have bursitis.

  • Katherine Vetrano

    I really enjoyed the post but sadly I can’t see any of the gifs? I’m thinking they might be broken 🙁

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