Best Tricep Exercises For Women

When I first became a trainer (almost a decade ago!)…

I thought the number one spot women would ask to tone would be their butt and/or thighs.

I wasn’t even close.

Turns out women want to learn how to tone up their arms! And since you’re here, I’m guessing that includes you too?

Nearly every one of my new clients is very visual about it. They hold up their arm up, shake the underside of it with their other hand and say “how can I get rid of this?”

You know, the “bat wings”… when “your arms wave goodbye even after your hand stops”… I HATE that slang.

So how about we do something about it?

Here Are Some Highly Effective
Tricep Exercises For Women

First, realize that spot reduction is not how to burn fat.

You need total body workouts to melt fat all over. That’s how you shape up your arms.

But, tricep exercises can really help give definition to your arms as you lose that body fat.

Here’s how you’re going to do this...

I don’t know about you but when I think of sexy arms I think of that nice “V” in the backside of the arm… the indication of a nice toned, tricep and overall great pair of arms to show off.

Before you know it, with the right workouts and proper eating you may just wake up one day with arms like Cameron Diaz or Jessica Biel.

Add in just 1 or 2 of these exercises to the end of your normal workout, 2-3 times a week…

This is to be apart of a workout not an actual workout in and of itself. A workout that targets the entire body and big muscles is the one that is going to help burn off the fat so your triceps an other muscles look toned and awesome.

1. Hanging Dips

Not only a great tricep exercise but also a great shoulder, core and balance move.

Many gyms have dip bars available, but if yours doesn’t just do dips off a bench.


Hanging Dips

For hanging: Hold yourself up on the two dip handles and slowly bend your arms, lowering yourself towards the ground… lower until arms are at 90 degrees.

Very similar is bench dips:

Standard Bench Dips

If on a bench: dip down till 90 degrees, making sure not to go lower as this can put pressure on your shoulders.

A great tip… slow the move down so it takes 4-6 seconds to lower to 90 degrees then press up and repeat the slow negative (lowering).

Modified bench dips to get started:

Modified Bench Dips

Weighted bench dips for more advanced:

Weighted Bench Dips

2. Kettlebell Tricep Overhead Press

Weighted Tricep Pullover

You can do this with a kettlebell or a dumbbells.

Hold the weight over your head and keeping your upper arms stable, only hinge at your elbow lowering the weight behind your head.

Then press back up pulling from your triceps. Keep your core tight and legs slightly bent. You can do this in a seated position as well. Standing utilizes more of your body and balance which we want to go for.

3. Skull Crushers

Skull Crushers for Women

These sounds scary but they are actually very effective. Using dumbbells like I am or a small barbell, lay on a bench. Then extend the weight over your chest and bend only from your elbows. Pull from your triceps back to starting position.

Make sure you don’t go too heavy and always keep rep pace in mind when doing all these exercises.

4. Tricep Extension

Tricep Extension

This is the classic tricep exercise. Leaning over a bench, you’ll attach your upper arm to your side. Hinge at the elbow and always pull from your tricep.

It helps to keep your back straight too. Go slow and feel that contraction. Focus on your triceps.

5. Tricep Pulldown (2 Versions)

Cable Pulldown Rope Pulldown

Here you can do the tricep pulldown using a handle (shown_ or bar (not shown) or use the rope. I like them both and have no preference. In fact use them both and just go back and forth.

Make sure you’re always getting the full contraction on every rep.

6. Tricep Rope Forward Press

Tricep Forward Press

This exercise feels cool because it looks dynamic. But it’s just another variation on the pulldown.

However, because your body is providing some support, you can typically go heavier so don’t be nervous to bump up your intensity.

7. Triangle Pushups

Triangle Pushups

These are pretty tough but they really target your triceps, shoulders, chest, and core. They are a more total body tricep exercise. I love them!

You can always do these from your knees or off a wall to make them a little easier. Make sure you use good form. (They are a classic and used quite a bit over at Fit Women’s Weekly!)

8. Side Pushups

Side Pushups

They look so simple don’t they?

But they are tough!

You don’t really have to keep your hips off the ground, so don’t worry about that. Just concentrate to make sure the push is coming from your arms and triceps. You’ll feel them!

9. Modified One Arm Pushup

Modified One Arm Pushups

This is really tough so it’s definitely more advanced. Starting in a wide grip pushup form, hover your body close to one arm and keep the other very wide and only use for support and balance.

The main arm is doing the majority of the work and it’s really tough. Good luck!

10. Close Grip Bench Press

Close Grip Pushup

Flipping the pushup upside down, the close grip bench press is will hit your arms a lot.

It’s more total arm and chest, but again a great exercise to superset with a more isolated tricep exercise.

11. Football Throws

Football Throws

These are fun and let you be a little more liberal with form. Using a lighter weight, you are going to mimic throwing a football. Go slow but don’t be afraid to let your body twist a little to get that full extension.

Did You Find These Exercises Helpful…
Do You Want To Learn How To Use Them In A Total Body Workout?

These are all great exercises and perfect to use in a total body workout. When used alone they won’t really give you much fat burning power, but don’t worry…

If you enjoyed this post and would like to workout with me, make sure to check out my 64 workouts that are a part of my Body Burn Challenges Program!

Train with me as if I were right beside you, making sure you give your all to each workout, there to answer questions and provide quick tips to help progress.

I hope you enjoyed this and please let me know if you have any questions.
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What’s Your Current Favorite Exercise?
(And it doesn’t have to be tricep related)

Currently, I’m working on muscle ups, so that’s my favorite! But I’m sure I’ll get sick of them soon!


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