Big News: I’m Becoming A NASM Weight Loss Specialist

Happy Friday! How was everyone’s Valentine’s Day?

Mine was great! Of course I made a love themed workout for my boot camps which made the workout so much fun!

Nothing like a “Cupids Lovely Couple’s Workout” to sweat out the chocolates.

I was totally feeling the love as soon as I woke up, so I was inspired to try making vegan red velvet pancakes. This was my picture from Instagram, I’ll be making a new batch this weekend so I can share the recipe!

vegan red velvet pancakes

The best I could do at 5:30 am- picture wise.

They turned out fabulously and it brought a smile to my face. Oh the power of food.

Speaking of food, when it comes to losing weight, of course food is the first thing we know we have to change, right? Sure,  it’s okay to splurge from time to time (in moderation) but overall to lose unwanted pounds: you have to eat less than you burn… makes sense?

Well, as easy as all that is… it can be a bit more complex. I see clients work their butts off with workouts and meal plans but see slow results. Why?

Because losing weight can be complicated. I know, sigh.

I’m Studying To Be A Weight Loss Specialist! 

So when NASM contacted me about a month ago and asked if I would like to do their Weight Loss Specialist Program, I jumped at the chance. I loved going through NASM to get my personal trainer certification so I was excited and honored that they would allow me to go through the WLS program.

nasm weight loss specialist

I mean seriously:

-Test out their new program?
-Learn a lot that I can use here and with my boot camps?

It was a no brainer!

I haven’t mentioned it yet because I wanted to get through some of the program and get a real feel for it.

As of yesterday, I am half way through and loving it! I am hoping that within the next 3 weeks I will have the new letters behind my name and look like: Kindal Boyle, C-PT WLS

Cool or what!

Let’s go over a bit of the course, at least what I can share as of right now.

What I Am Loving So Far

Study Choices.

I love that the program is designed for each person’s studying preference. There is the text of each chapter and the audio version as well. Personally, I do well reading the info and taking notes as I go. By the end of a chapter, I basically have it written out all over again in my own notebook, but that’s how I got through college and it works for me.

I know some people are audio learners so it’s nice to see it being offered.

How It Relates To Life.

NASM does a great job at bringing in real world examples, they use a lot of facts, figures, and studies to back up their information which is great because this is the kind of info that I love to share. Just the other night I looked up and asked Dan, “Hey, did you know…” It’s great to be able to spit out useful information that will actually help in real life training.

I have taken far too many courses that were interesting but at the end of it I knew I would never use any of the information given. This actually helps.

Go at your own pace.

Between LiftingRevolution, the boot camps, FitWomensWeekly, and life, there isn’t much time in my day to spend on other things. So it’s great that I can go at my own speed. Though, I am not one to linger and take my time on these types of things.

I am going a bit slower than I would personally prefer. It’s great for people/trainers that are on the go. No stress to meet a 1-3 month deadline! My course doesn’t expire for a whole year! Don’t worry, I won’t drag it out that long.

C-PT Review.

It’s been a while since I was certified as a personal trainer. Of course I have kept up with my continuing education credits to stay up to date on my certification, but it’s nice going through this material as it’s serving as a review for me on a lot of things I haven’t really thought about in over 5 years.

CEU’s: Let The Education Continue.


continuing education nasm

Continuing education units are necessary for a trainer to remain certified. Every 2 year we have to show NASM (or whatever you’re accredited through) that we’ve met their requirements. This certification (along with several others offered) delivers 1.9 units, which meets their requirements since the .1 is CPR. Sweet!

What I Am Not Loving

There isn’t much that I don’t like about the material and the course work. But if I had to choose a few things:

Textbook Reading.

I would say that the text can be pretty boring. There have been a few times when I’ve had to tell myself, keep reading, just finish. I want to just skip sections but then I am worried I might miss something. But then again, any time you’re reading a textbook, it’s not as if you’re bouncing with excitement, it’s just part of the journey to the end.

There are some gliches in the system.

There are a few typos and contradicting facts in the sections. I even took one of the end of the chapter practice test and was told I missed one, even though I am 100% certain it was the correct answer.

I have been taking notes of the errors I see and emailing them to NASM, I hope they don’t think I’m “that girl” just want to make sure it’s right for others and not confusing. That would stink to miss it on the big test because of an error in their teaching.


Overall, I am really excited to have been given this experience! I can’t wait to finish up the course and be a stronger trainer and writer because of it.

If you’re interested in becoming a Weight Loss Specialist, you can find out more about it here.

*NASM provided me the course, however all thoughts and opinions are my own.


  • Very cool! Congrats! I think thats an in demand specialty right now!!

    • I agree Erica, its great to have the workout part down but to have this as well will really help with my understanding on helping my clients achieve results.

  • Awesome for you!! I’m going to take the test to be NASM personal trainer certified after I graduate, but I am NOT looking forward to those textbooks. Or the textbook prices…Haha. Can’t wait to hear what you think of the whole experience!

    • Thanks girl! I know, one more textbook, just when you think you’re all done!

  • Cassie

    That is such great and exciting news. I bet the material is actually fun to read about… In my other life I would have love to be a nutritionist/weight loss specialist. I’m so proud of you and what an honor for them to choose you to try out their program!!

    • Thanks Cassie, it is a lot of fun. And I think you would have made a great nutritionist, but I have to admit it’s nice to have a lawyer in my life too… just in case!

  • Tracy

    How exciting and what a great opportunity for you! I recently got my CPT from NASM and WLS will be next on the list. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts and receive your feedback on the program.

    I enjoy reading your blog and like that you share the good, the bad and the ugly! Thank you for making it real.

    • Congrats Tracy, that’s awesome! I’ll definitely let you know how it all works out.

  • April

    Awesome and congrats!
    Since I’ve been with boot camp I have learned so much about healthy eating habits! I can’t wait to learn more from you!

    • Yay! I am thinking a grocery store tour might be on the list for the near future?

      • April

        Now that would be awesome! I would totally join for a grocery store tour.
        I went to Whole Foods yesterday and I had no clue what Lentils were… lol

  • That sounds really neat and although I’m not sure everyone knows what the letters behind your name will mean, it would definitely be a great thing to have right now with your current line of work, it would increase your presence in the field, I guess :). Also it’s good that the program works for a variety of study needs. I work in corporate training with my job and one thing I’ve learned is how many different ways people learn, so if you can develop training to satisfy the majority of learners, it will be more successful. Good luck with it!

    • Thanks Amy, I think people (myself included) like the personal achievement they feel after the letters are added, helps the “guru”ness in my field of work and makes me a stronger overall trainer.

  • Good luck with your new goal Taylor! That’s awesome! Can’t wait to hear about it 🙂

  • Thank you so much for the feedback on our course! We’re glad to see that you liked it and we look forward to your email with potential issues. We too want to make sure we’re providing the best courses for our trainers.

    Best of luck on the second half of the course!

    Yours in health,
    The NASM Team

    • Thanks Lynette! I have enjoyed it. Can’t wait to finish up.

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