The “Yes” Stance That Can Instantly Increase Confidence

Does your confidence ever get in the way of living life? I mean, even in small ways? Maybe ways you don’t even realize (or try to ignore). Think of all the things you would do or say if you had more confidence. For me, I know it does. I let my confidence keep me from… Fully […]

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Some Badass Workouts From The Week

I get asked a ton… “How do you design so many workouts each week?” The truth is, I love program design. I really do. I love picturing people doing my workouts and trying to determine how long they will take most ladies to complete. I also play the “guess the hardness factor”. You know, where […]

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Abs-olutely Delicious Meals: Complete Food Manual For 6 Pack Abs

We’re kicking off week 3 strong. If you’re just joining in, 3 weeks ago I set my goals towards achieving a 6 pack stomach. With a 10 week deadlines, time is flying by! Here’s how things are looking… (I still can’t believe I’m posting these weekly pictures). Since abs are made in the kitchen, let’s […]

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The Secret To Getting The Fitness Results Others Only Dream About

You know you’ve judged and wondered. You’ve looked at other women who were more successful, more fit, more whatever and thought… “What has she done differently to get the results she has?” “WHAT’S HER SECRET?” She has to have one, right? I mean what is she keeping locked away that holds the answers to our personal […]

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Tough Love Trainer: You Need A Pep Talk To Workout?

Happy Friday guys! After a few days of rest and light workouts, I finally feel almost back to my normal self. Which is great since Spartan training kicks into full force next week. I was even able to get in a pretty great workout with Alex yesterday! Why, yes, that is a Mean Girls tank. Jealous? […]

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