25 Minute Total Body Sculpt

December is here! December is here! That means 20 days until Dan and I leave for our Colorado Christmas. Yup, we’re jetting off for a much needed holiday vacation and life reset before 2017 kicks off. Everyone keeps asking if we’re doing a race or something since that’s generally the fuel for our travels. But […]

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Should You Skip Dinner To Lose Weight?

ScienceDaily is perhaps my all time favorite site. I can spend hours scrolling through recent studies and publications. I guess that’s just the old biologist in me (I was a bio major). A few weeks ago, I came across this article, entitled, “Eating dinner early, or skipping it, may be effective in fighting body fat.” […]

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How A Single Run Can Boost Power, Success & Confidence

I had a breakthrough (after a breakdown) this weekend. I mentioned not long ago that I’m going through a rough patch. We all go through them, it’s part of being human, I just refuse to stay stuck in it. So, I’ve been doing some soul searching… talking with Dan and leaning on friends. Don’t worry, […]

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Podcast: Why You Should Eat Everything You Want On Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving Eve! I’m currently at our studio, training a few classes for our traditional “Friendsgiving Fitness”! I love special themed training days! There’s “something” in the air… excitement, gratitude, or motivation? A little bit of everything while everyone works a bit harder before feasting for an entire day! Let’s talk about that for a second… […]

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Monthly Fitness Goals Are A Waste

To all of my American friends, Happy Thanksgiving week! Are you ready? Got your meals planned out? Travel bags packed? Holiday decor ready to come out? We’re staying in Charleston with my family! I’m stoked I get to set up for Christmas (I always decorate the weekend after Thanksgiving). It’s going to be weird though… since […]

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