Podcast: Rewarding Yourself With Food

Last week, I stood tall on my soapbox. I’m not sure if any of my clients listened, but I got passionate. I was driven and focused on making my point. What was it I was so passionate about? Almost to the point of being annoying? Treating ourselves like dogs…. Rewarding ourselves with food. We’ve all […]

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The Rise Of The Sufferfests

Saturday night, we watched a documentary that got me feeling extremely motivated and excited for the year… Rise Of The Sufferfests. After hearing about it on Wodcast Podcast, I was intrigued and knew it would be a film Dan would be too. It’s not on Netflix but at just $4.99, we had no problem supporting […]

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Weekly Workout Recap: January 9th

(This won major wife points… I stopped and bought the paper for Dan to frame for his office) TGIF! How was your week? Did you find yourself full of vigor and drive this week? I won’t lie… our house was moving a bit. After Clemson’s victory over Alabama on Monday, we’ve been trying to catch […]

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Podcast: Karl Meltzer Completes The Appalachian Trail In Record Time!

Around 2,200 miles. That’s roughly the length of the Appalachian Trail. It runs from Georgia all the way up to Maine and offers stunning views of the Eastern Mountains. Many people set off to hike the trail, but only 20% actually complete it! Which on average, takes 5-7 MONTHS. Except if you’re Karl “Speedgoat” Meltzer… […]

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