What It Takes To Get 6 Pack Abs Finale

10 weeks have come and gone. Fast. 10 weeks have come and gone fast. If you’re new to Lifting Revolution, 10 weeks ago, I decided I would dedicate my training and nutrition to achieving the oh so coveted 6 pack abs. The holy grail of fitness results. I shared pictures, nutrition plans, ab challenges, workouts, […]

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6 Lessons About Women & Fitness Learned From Ladies’ Field Day

Ever have those events that you plan in your head over and over again only to have it go completely different when the real day comes? Normally I do too. But this past Saturday wasn’t like that. It was even better than expected. Saturday, 45 ladies came together for fitness, friendship, support and competition for […]

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2016 Pennsylvania Spartan Super Recap: AKA Sandbag Hell

Hey guys! Sorry for the long silence… It feels like forever since we last connected. And in blogger years, it has been forever. Dan and I had a great time visiting his parents and we both focused on soaking up the limited time we had with my in-laws instead of spending time on our computers. But […]

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Home Sweet Home

We are home safe and sound after a week away. It was the best to be overloaded with puppy and kitty kisses. The unconditional love that an animal can give is amazing. As soon as our flight landed and we arrived home, I had to toss on my workout clothes and get to our gym […]

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