Podcast: Why You’re Burning Out At The Start (And More!)

I am so thrilled that you guys enjoyed last week’s podcast with Lindsay. I’ll definitely make sure to have her back on in the future and we can share more trainer confessions! On this week’s episode, I wanted to answer questions that I have received from you guys lately. I’ve had questions building up with […]

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Weekly Workout Recap

I am so glad you guys liked the podcast with Lindsay and our confessions! I’ll have to do more of those in the future. I also want to say thanks to those of you who sent me sweet messages in regards to my stresses right now. I’m sure it seems as if I am leaving […]

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Self Experimentation: The 10-12 Hour Eating Window

I am not new to the self experimentation bandwagon. I love testing new methods whether its exercise or nutrition. I love being able to talk with friends and clients about what works FOR ME and what doesn’t. And I don’t know those things unless I try them. Right? There are so many methods and theories floating […]

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Dark Chocolate Dusted Almonds + 25 Minute Partner Workout

I don’t know about you, but I love snacking. For years, I thought snacking was a sign of weakness and tried to avoid it at all cost. God forbid if I snacked… I might gain 10 lbs over night! Those were some sad years. Now, I know my body and I know that healthy people […]

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