Ep 104: Its Okay To Not Accept Your Body

I know, I know… that sounds terrible. It’s as if I’m going against every “Love your body” campaign out there. But that’s not the case. You can still love your body but also want to change it. I’ve been very open about stress lately, and because of it, over the past 2 months I’ve added […]

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The Sugar Struggle Bus

I am so excited for the weekend! First off, I am so glad y’all liked the podcast with Jessica. Isn’t she awesome? If you haven’t listened to it, you can check it out here. Tonight the studio is hosting our first “Sweatin’ For Sweets” event! It’s a belated Valentine’s Day celebration. We’ll kick things off […]

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Weekly Workout Recap: Onnit Kettlebell Workout Challenge

How were your workouts this week? I am definitely experiencing the old woman wobble walk. My butt is sore and loving it! Thankfully, today is a rest day. After a week that included close to 300 lunge jumps,  lots of kettlebell swings, deadlifts step-ups and sprints… let’s just say my legs and ass deserve a […]

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Ep 101: Top Ways To Love Yourself & Dealing With Puffy Stress

Happy Valentine’s Day! Did you celebrate? Do you normally? Dan is not a fan of this “Hallmark” holiday. Since he’s Mr. Anti-Valentine, I made Zoe my <3 and showed myself some love with enjoying a chocolate chip cookie and having an awesome speed workout. It was marvelous. And that very topic brings us into the podcast […]

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