It’s a pretty common routine when you go to see your doctor. They do lots of mini checkups, much of these vital signs like taking your blood pressure and cholesterol. They will help to identify serious problems that need to be remedied immediately.

The only problem is with doctors, their remedy is always a pill and not a lifestyle change. But I digress.

Next time you go see your doctor, there might be a new vital sign checkup, your physical activity.

According to new research and real world integration, Kaiser Permanente has been adding this to their patient records since 2009. They want to see how physical activity is working with the patients other medical issues.

How Important Is Physical Activity?

Being a personal trainer, I never understood why doctors and trainers and dietitians don’t team up. After all, most doctors are overweight to obese themselves, trainers don’t have the medical knowledge to help with serious cases, and dietitians know food but can’t design programs like a trainer.

Going to see a team like that would help any patient with a real well rounded solution.

It’s true after all that a nutritious diet with a great exercise program can lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, along with a host of other remedies for many of our worse aliments.

Physical Activity Is Coming To A Town Near You

While you should never be forced to do anything, I foresee exercise or the lack of exercise being treated very much like the cigarette and tobacco war. Kaiser Permanente is teaming up with media companies to create an “awareness” movie about our health and weight issues.

I think this means it will be more of propaganda to scare you into wanting to be healthy. Fear is not really the best way to achieve long term results.

But isn’t that what governments did with tobacco? Release scary movies showing the horrors of the habit?

While I think it’s great for there to be a new concentration on physical activity, especially in our medical system… I do think movies and what they call “education” won’t do what they hope.

You have to want to make the change in your physical activity over the long term.

What do you think about this?

How are you going to get more physical activity into your schedule?