Women’s body images run a very fine line. You can be incredibly excited about the way you feel one second and just one small thing can change that. Maybe it will be a comment somebody makes, or another woman that you think looks incredible, or just about anything.

Here is the first part of the body image discussion. In part one, we looked at three reasons why we are tricked by media into thinking our bodies have to meet the impossible.

The three things were:

  1. The Photoshop Skin Smoothing Technique
  2. The Get The Actress Body
  3. The Personal Chef

Let’s finish this list off with the last two. These are all backed up, some with very personal experience.

4. The Dangerous Pre Diet Technique

During the winter (not to far from when I wrote this article), the Victoria Secret Fashion Show is a major draw. The gorgeous lingerie, the crazy outfits, the music and of course every woman has a little dream of strutting her stuff wearing some angel wings.

On Twitter and Facebook this year, I heard more comments about how women look at their bodies in a negative light compared to the Victoria’s Secret models. But there’s something most women don’t know

First, don’t get me wrong, these models are gorgeous! Tall, lean, and legs for miles… who wouldn’t want that?

But the dirty secret is their crazy diet leading up to the show. I’m talking very little foods, dialectic pills, colon flushes, and even topical treatments to make their skin dehydrated so it shows of muscle lines better.

This is their most important night and they want to look amazing.

A few years ago I did a figure competition where I was in a itty bitty bikini. The last two weeks of my diet were horrible. I didn’t eat much. I was taking crazy things to lean me out and dehydrate my body. I became the biggest bitch you can imagine too.

I looked pretty good and it was worth it for what I needed…

But it was FAKE… just like these models. They don’t look that lean all year and I didn’t look like I looked in my show (not even close). Just when they absolutely have to.

5. The Surroundings Technique

Have you ever took close attention to a car commercial even if it was just a Hyundai?

They are usually driving in the country side or in the city, but they are conveniently the only car on the street. They take turns fast, they break hard and do cool looking skids.

All in all, the surroundings are perfect.

Then you get that car in real life and where are you?

Stuck in a traffic jam. Covered in smog, honking your horn, and nobody gives a single thought to you or your cool new car. It’s just not as fun as the commercial made it seem.

The same is with advertisements with these gorgeous women. Sure they look great and have amazing clothes, which are all custom fitted I might add, but it’s also the surroundings.

  • They are in beautiful homes.
  • They relax on gorgeous beaches.
  • They party in luxury apartments in the city.
  • They workout in the finest gyms.

All to make their product, whatever that might be look great too.

Where are we?

  • We’re in our normal home which we’re used to.
  • We’re in our crappy gym which is probably dark if it’s anything like mine.
  • Our parties are not in luxury apartments but our friends homes.
  • We maybe only get to visit a gorgeous beach once a year if that.

It just doesn’t feel or look the same and that can be a mental let down with our expectations not hit. That sexy dress feels great but it doesn’t have that air of awesome.

This is a more subtle technique but it makes a huge difference to how we portray the model and then ourselves when we try to live that fantasy. I just doesn’t live up to it.

Be Aware Of These Techniques So They Don’t Infect You

There are a few other techniques like the custom designed clothing and tailored clothing which models wear so they look perfect. Then when we buy it at the store, it doesn’t fit nearly as well… it’s not tailored.

Don’t let yourself look at your body in a negative light because of these media tricks. They are all an illusion. I would not be surprised if a Victoria’s Secret Model, in secret, watches their tapes on an off day, only to look at their body and wish they looked that good again.