There is no doubt in my mind that women have it the hardest when it comes to body image.

Just open any magazine, watch any TV commercial, even any movie, and what you’ll see what’s there… is not what’s really there. The media is this huge mass of gossip where the most salacious story and the prettiest fake people win.

Just look at politics, the biggest arena in our country. The media infiltrates and molds opinion not based on fact, but based on their agenda.

What’s their agenda?


When it comes to making money in the media, women lose. A perfect example of this, not related to body image, is the death of the nurse that took care of Kate Middleton. As I write this article, Kate is pregnant with her first child. The nurse that was taking care of her released information she should not have. However, the blowback on her was so high, she committed suicide.

Because of the media.

Here Are Five Sneaky Ways The Media Manipulates Your Ideal Body Image

There are so many more than five ways, but these are the ones you may not know about. They are also the ones that I see pop up with my clients over and over again.

1. The Photoshop Skin Smoothing Technique

Photoshopped Skin Tone and Shadows

When you see a gorgeous women in a magazine or ad, you may find the words or claim that they were not photoshopped. What this really means is, allegedly and according to the maker, they did not cut any inches from the models body to make her smaller.

But that doesn’t mean they didn’t photoshop her skin tone, complexion, and shadowing. All magazines will take the photo and smooth out the skin, perfect the shadowing, get rid of all moles and wrinkles, and bring out all the right colors. This makes the model look perfect.

This happens to every picture and it makes us feel inferior when it comes to beauty and our body.

2. Get The Actress Body

Whenever a blockbuster movie is released with a strong female lead, you can guarantee there will be a fitness snowstorm of articles sharing the “secrets” of how the actress got her body and how you can too.

Most of the time, it’s a farce because the actress hated having the body and what it did to them. Here’s the perfect example…

Anne Hathaway openly talked about how miserable the diet she had to do for Catwoman was. She hated it. Her role for Les Miserables was even worse and more torturous.

However, the media talks about it like it’s amazing. One of the most popular Google search terms for Anne Hathaway is the “Anne Hathaway Catwoman Diet.”

Messed up right?

3. The Personal Chef Is Missing

Another model/celebrity fact most media people completely ignore that makes us look at ourselves as inferior is the personal chef. Here’s what I mean…

Almost all movie stars and high end models have a personal chef that cooks for them. These are amazing meals that are nutritionally balanced and that probably took a lot of time to cook as well.

Most women I know don’t have and can’t afford a personal chef.

It makes losing weight and looking great a lot easier if you do have one. The media seems to never talk about their personal chefs. They may mention it but it’s more about what they are eating to look so good.

They the media outlets will relate it to your life. Most women don’t cook these days so why would they talk about how to make these tough meals?

Starting small is the key.

Media Tricks And Oversights Will Be Continued!

I will continue this in part 2 of this article. I didn’t want it to go super long.

Just remember this one thing…

Your body is awesome and it is what you think it is. If you love your body than who gives a honkey what anybody else things. If you can get to that level of thought, then you’re free.

Plus you’ll probably be so mentally free that creating your ultimate body will be considerably easier.