Boozing And Running With My Wave Riders

First off, thank you SO MUCH for the support many of you showed yesterday with my Special Olympics goal. I am really confident that we can achieve it. It means so much to me to have such awesome people (you!) in my life. Thanks again. If you didn’t get a chance to read about it, you can catch up here.

Maybe I should have called this, “No Boozing & Lots of Running”?

It’s been 11 days since I have had a glass of wine! Go me. I know that is nothing crazy but hey, gotta start some where, right? It also means that there are just 19 days left until I can sit down to dinner with a nice glass of pinot noir, take a sniffy sniffy (Gary Vaynerchuck anyone?), give a swirl, and take a sip. Of course to be followed by a good “ahhh” and exhale.

Oh yea, I am already picturing it. Quite vividly.

But first there are two really important events that stand in the way.

First, I have the half marathon next weekend. Followed up with a 17K trail run the next weekend.

Wile I have been consistent with my running, I think it’s safe to say that I haven’t been on my “A” game for my long runs as much as I was the first time around.

Lucky for me the weather is suppose to be in the mid to low 70s tomorrow so I’ll lace up my new shoes and aim for 12 glorious miles.

Wish me luck… I’ll need it!

Or maybe I won’t?

I got my new shoes in this week! It was like Christmas all over again.

Mizuno Wave Rider 15 (Image:

I wanted to test them out first before I talked about them.

Well, I have tested them and run about 5 miles total so far. How do they match up to my previous Mizuno Inspires?

The Wave Riders are AWESOME.

They feel great, they are a bit more narrow than other brands (so were the Inspires) which is why I am a Mizuno runner for life now and overall felt secure and supportive.

I was a bit nervous changing from the Inspires to the Wave Riders but after reading that they are both for mid support runners and checking out the reviews I decided to give them a go. There is just enough arch support which is important as I have really high arches, so I am not rolling in while I run. Normally when I first start to break a pair of shoes in, my pads start to hurt. I was actually surprised that I had no foot pain.

I found this awesome purple ones at City Sports. And got really lucky apparently… it was their last pair of 7’s in stock. Close call!

If you follow me on Instagram (@FitnessTaylor) you may have already seen this image but on my first run with them I set a personal record treadmill pace:miles record. 4.2 miles in 30 minutes. Not fast for some but I’ll take the 7.13/mile pace!

Do I love them as much as my Inspires? 

Inspires… Fresh and new!

I actually think I already love these more. It might have something to do with the color palette but I am in love with them already. I guess the real test will be tomorrow when I take them out for their first long run. Fingers crossed!

Now I am off to teach then attack my domestic duties since we have some new trainers coming over for dinner tonight. Of course the wine will be flowing for everyone but this chick. But at least I’ll wake up feeling fabulous on Saturday for the 12’er.

-What running/workout shoes do you like? 
-Are you brand loyal or do you try a bit of everything? 

I used to not be brand loyal at all. In fact, every time I needed a new pair of shoes, I would make a point to go with a different brand. It wasn’t until I got a bit more serious about my running and my times that I decided to find something I like and stick to it.

And finally… if you haven’t already checked out the Special Olympics Event, where I’ll be DESTROYING my wedding dress. Check it out. Please help spread the word! Thanks friends. Have a great Friday.


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