It’s extremely common and more so then ever these days… women getting bored with their workouts. We are almost set up for this type of response because we live in a time of over stimulation where we constantly need to go from one thing to the next.

However, there is a new simple truth and study that looked at boredom. According to the Perspectives on Psychological Science, if you’re bored with something, it’s because you’re boring.

Wow! That’s a slap in the face, but when you think about it, it’s so true.

If you’re bored with something, it’s probably because you’re not fully engaged in what you’re doing. But by that same token, when it comes to workouts, you do have to switch them around to keep results coming.

Now that I just opened up a can of worms, let’s straighten things out so you NEVER get bored of your workout routine again.

Boring Workout Remedy 1: Have A Foundation

You need a foundation for your training. A foundation is the the type of training that produces results and is fun. It’s the go to workout system that you will always use.

With my clients, it bodyweight circuit training and circuit weight training. As you progress in your fitness life, if you get more into it, you can start to do maximal strength training as well, but for most women you don’t need that.

This type of workout is fast, fun, exciting, tough, and keeps you moving. It produces results for the long term.

Your foundation is always part of your training life. The key is to have the right type of foundation in place that is changing constantly and that is fun. I suggest Fit Women’s Weekly.

Boring Workout Remedy 2: Have An Off Day Challenge

As you get more and more into exercising, you’ll soon enough love the way it makes you feel. Most of my clients want to do things on their off day, just to get fresh air and get their bodies moving again.

So a good off day challenge is key. You can’t do the same type of workout because that is what you’re resting from. I usually recommend 20 minutes of interval training or some speed and agility work. For example my husband and I love to do sprints or just play an intense game of frisbee.

These are great off day workouts as they are easy to recover from but they also accelerate your fat burn.

With the right off day workouts, you’ll get something completely different and have fun trying new things.

Boring Workout Remedy 3: Go Try Something Way Different

I love trying out new types of fitness. Maybe it’s the pole fitness or hot yoga or a barre class. These are great classes to try out occasionally just to have fun and get exposed to brand new things. They are also a great way to test your body out and your strength so you can see how you’re progressing.

Alone they are not he best long term solutions but occasionally they are perfect to do.

Experimentation… it’s fun!

Boring Workout Remedy 4: Get Yourself a Break

It’s very possible, you are just burned out a little and you need to take a break. If you’ve been working out consistently for 5 to 6 months then get yourself a full week of rest.

This will let your body fully rest and recover. It will let your brain recover and it will actually strengthen your commitment to living a healthy lifestyle. Plus a great benefit of taking a rest like this is when you return you’ll jolt a whole new series of results.

Grab a break… it might be exactly what you need.

Boring Workout Remedy 5: Be Engaged

Finally, be fully engaged in what you’re doing. This is actually a lot harder to do they it is to say. Most of the time we are actually half asleep doing what we do. We are so efficient at our daily activities that we just go through the motions.

But if you can can force your brain to stay fully engaged and committed to what you’re doing, you’ll not only enjoy it a lot more, but you’ll perform considerably better too.

During a workout, you might find yourself to be stronger, tapping into more energy, and enjoying the process more as well.

This is something that takes practice, but the more conscious you can be about your mental state, the more you can use it for your advantage.