Box Exercises Beyond Step-Ups and Box Jumps

Yup, if you’re looking for tips on how to do step-ups or box jumps, you won’t find them here. There are plenty of other fitness videos and blog posts showcasing those two moves. I want to go a step beyond those.

What you’ll find here, today, is something a bit more “fun”! And challenging!

This year one of my personal goals is to encourage you to think outside the box. To make fitness fun by trying new exercises, new forms of workouts, and overall, finding the courage to workout harder, smarter and in ways you never have before.

It’s not just my goal for you, but for me as well. That’s why I tried the yoga conditioning class yesterday. Experimentation is key to expanding and learning.

This week I am encouraging you to try two completely new to you exercises. And I’m helping that by sharing a slew of moves that you can do using just a box (or bench, or chair).

Watch the video, and perhaps find a move or two that makes you go “wow, that looks really cool, I want to try that!”.

And then guess what? TRY IT!

I guess I’m adding a second challenge on this week (here’s the first)… do any two moves from the video below in your next workout. Aim for 12-15 reps of each for 2-3 sets.

Thinking Outside Of The Box With Box Exercises

You may have noticed that the box I was using was pretty ridiculously high. You don’t have to use such a high box (in fact, we’re in the process of making some smaller ones).

The best height?

…12-18 inches is likely what you’ll have available. And this is likely a height that is challenging but not terribly intimidating. And if you don’t have a box, no biggie… use a chair, picnic table or weight lifting bench instead! In fact, you’ll see some bench moves above too.

The Exercises


These are just a few of my favorites! If you like them let me know below and I’ll be happy to share more. What I love the most about using boxes, is that it doesn’t matter what level you are when it comes to fitness… you can get some muscles burning!


– Lateral Box Steps/Hops: Start on the side of a box, facing forward. Plant one foot on the box, the other on the ground. Step up and over so that your return to the ground on the other side, and the opposite foot on top of the box.


– Incline Push-ups: Push-ups with hands on the box)


– Decline Push-Ups: Push-ups with hands on the ground, feet on the box)


– Decline Inch Worms: Place your feet on the box, hands on the ground. Walk out to a plank, do a decline push-up and walk your hands back towards the box as close as possible.


– Decline Up-Downs: Start in decline position, then one at a time place your elbows on the ground like a planks (feet stay on box) and then return back to the top of a push-up position. Make sure those hips don’t wobble!


– Box Thrusters (Plank Box Jumps): This burn everything! Start with hands on the ground, feet on the box (a decline position), jump the feet down to land in a low squat between the hands, and quickly jump back the feet back on top of the box.


– Box Jump Burpees: Do a burpee, but at the end do a box jump instead of vertical jump.


– Burpee Step-up: Same as above, but do a step-up at the end.

Side note: if you LOVE burpees like I do, here are 30 variations!


– Bench Jumps: Start beside the bench, facing it. Squat down and explode up and over it. Turn and repeat.


– Bench Straddle Jumps: Sit down on the bench like ridding a horse. Have feet on the ground, explode up quickly, landing with feet together and on top of the bench. Jump back down and squat down to start. Repeat. <— One of my Favorites!


–  Hopping The Fence: These remind me of jumping a fence. Stand with feet together on one side of a bench, place hands on the bench. Keep legs together and jump up and over the bench to the other side. Quickly repeat until all reps are done.

Thankful For Each Pounding Heart Beat & Gasp Of Air


Before I sign off, I have to get something personal off my chest. This blog serves not only as an informational fitness capsule but also my own private diary.

My grandmother is in the final stages of lung cancer and bone cancer. It’s hard watching someone you love suffer and deteriorate. Each breath is a challenge for her and each day is a day she isn’t sure will end with a cozy bed. I know that may be morbid, but it’s the reality of the moment.

This lady, my 82 year old grandmother, was walking/running 3-5 miles every single day just a year ago.

Actually a year ago this month.

She was taking a step class at her church. She would regularly call me to brag how she could out exercise the 60 and 70 year old ladies in her class! I loved it and she did too.

It was a common bond that we shared: the love of being fit. 

Now that bond has been broken, almost over night. Now her walks consist of using all of her energy to just get to the bathroom. Oh, and she is stuck to an oxygen tank that has a 20 foot tube attached. That 20 foot tube is her life line.

Bad things happen. I’m not sharing this for sympathy, though prayers for my family are welcomed, but simply to say appreciate each moment you have. Each time your lungs fill completely,  it is a gift.

Each time your heart feels as if it’s pounding out of it’s chest, stop a moment to appreciate that ability to move with freedom. Dedicate that heart thumbing to someone you love or to someone that wishes they could get out and just move.

Okay, that is all. Sorry to get all sappy. But we all deserve to be overly sappy from time to time, right?

Now the important question:

What exercises will you add this week?


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