I once heard a woman say she wants her butt to be like her boobs… lifted. There are few body parts which can make a woman feel more confident and sexy than the butt. Besides a fit booty’s appeal, your butt or gluteus maximus is part of a huge muscle complex in your body.

This means by exercising it, stimulating lean muscle growth, and using it, you can melt more calories and ultimately more body fat.

At the end of this article, I’ll have a workout you can use called the Rock Your Rump. But first I want to teach about the fundamental exercises and some specialized exercises that target your glutes and shape it up.

The Fundamental Exercises To Shape A Sexy Rear

1. The Squat

You are most likely very familiar with a squat motion. Here are few pictures to help show you correct form.

Great Squat

The squat is so powerful because it isolates your legs as the prime movers, but your entire body is required for stability.

A few squat secrets to help really engage your butt:

  • Push from your heels. Keep your body weight and center of gravity close to your heels when you squat. This will ensure that you are using the right muscles and bringing in your glutes more.
  • Go deep. Most magazines and other websites will tell you to stop at parallel during your squat. However, I say work on going further. The lower you can go, the more muscle activation you’ll see.
  • Start with the right progression. If you are just getting back into exercising, then start with bodyweight. Get really good at that and then you can begin to add some resistance.

The squat is a go to butt shaper.

2. The Lunge

The lunge is an amazing exercise. There are so many variations, it’s nearly impossible to go through them all. However, it isolates your butt and hamstrings a little more making it a great butt exercise.

Here are some pictures of a good lunge position.

Great Lunge

Here are some lunge secrets you can use to target your booty more:

  • Keep your upper body straight and perpendicular to the floor. Good form is vital to really ensure the right muscles are doing the work.
  • When you push up, push from the heel or the foot fully on the ground first then the toe or your back leg.
  • Lunge big. Go for a big stride lunge. I have always found the bigger my stride, the more my butt is targeted.
  • Learn the variations. There are so many great variations of the lunge… even if it’s just lunging up a hill or even down a hill… everything works to target your body a little differently.

The lunge is a butt sculpting must.

3. The Hip Extension

This is another exercise which targets your butt more, but also uses the core which is a great benefit. There are many variations to the hip extension as well, but we’ll just look at the common bodyweight one first.

Here are some hip extension tips to help you get the most booty burn and sculpting action going:

  • When you raise your hips, raise them high and keep your body straight. This really ensures you hit your butt and hamstrings.
  • Push from your heels to lift your hip complex. I think it really helps to lift up your toes which ensures you get that good hip push.
  • You can do this one leg at a time by holding a left up in the air. It works great to increase intensity.
  • To increase range of motion, you can put your upper body on a bend or ledge and that will let your hips travel further.

Variations use weight and more resistance to really blast your backside. It’s a great exercise to help with your butt sculpting.

The Pilates Style Butt Exercises

Finally, you have the pilates style exercises which are holds and small gyrations in your legs to fatigue your butt. These are great exercises and you should use them, but they are much different from the ones we talked about above.

The exercises above will directly build lean muscle mass in your glutes and hamstrings. This gives your butt shape and mass to help burn fat. Plus you can make the above exercises very cardiovascular for a more fat burning touch.

Pilates style exercises are what you call strength endurance because you will hold a position for a long time. These are great to and hit the muscle in a completely new way.

Remember that change is the key to inducing response. You just have to push yourself too.

Here is that butt workout – Rock Your Rump – to test out. Concentrate on form and you’ll find you get the booty burn just as you want.

Let me know if you have any questions.