Calories in Alcoholic Drinks: 4th Of July Special

Happy 4th Of July (A day early)… And to celebrate I wanted to hit on the calories in alcoholic drinks…

I hope you have great plans with friends and family. We all do here… Dan and I will be going to a pool side cookout with friends while Valerie is back in Boston visiting her family!

I don’t expect you to be “Ms Nutrition Prude” at your parties, it is ok to have a great time and sit back and relax. But there are ways to still have fun and not take in 5000 calories! Most alcoholic drinks are packed with calories, margaritas for example, while tasty don’t screen “I’ll help you get a six pack”… And while I could sit here and type all the drinks you should be having I thought I would list a few of the worst and best and list the calories in alcoholic drinks for ya!

Worst Drinks For Your Body…

  • Frozen Margarita: (2 ounces tequila, 4.5 ounces Jose Cuervo margarita mix, salt): 27 carb grams, 246 calories
  • Frozen Daiquiri:  (1.5 ounces rum, 5 ounces Mr & Mrs T daiquiri mix): 49 carb grams, 314 calories
  • Long Island iced tea (3/4 ounce each tequila, rum, gin and vodka; 1/2 ounce Triple Sec; splash of lemon juice; 2 teaspoons sugar; splash of cola): 4 carb grams, 275 calories.
  • Rum and Coke (2 ounces rum, 4 ounces cola): 13 carb grams, 182 calories.
  • Vodka and cranberry (1.5 ounces vodka,’4 ounces cranberry juice): 18 carb grams, 172 calories.
  • Champagne: 6.5-ounce flute has 6.5 carb grams and 163 calories
  • Beer: regular 12-ounce beer has 13 grams of carbohydrate and 150 calories
  • Whiskey sour:  (1.5 ounces whiskey, 3 ounces sour mix, splash of cherry juice and bitters, if desired): 17 carb grams, 175 calories

Lighter Alcoholic Choices…

  • Beer: 12-ounce light beer has 5 carb grams and 100 calories
  • White wine: 6-ounce glass of white wine has 1.4 carb grams and 120 calories
  • Vodka and Cranberry Crystal Light: (1.4 oz vodka, 4 ounces Crystal light): 100 calories; 1 carb
  • Choose drinks without sugar based mixers… no sweet and sour, no daquari mix, no soda mixers… etc. Great mixing options include: No sugar added cranberry; Crystal light, diet cokes (if you have to use soda).

So have fun but be safe this 4th of July too! I’ll be the DD in our house so I will be sipping my normal Crystal Light Lemonade and chilling out by the pool laughing at everyone else!


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