Meditation can seem pretty flippy (if you will) to many people. It’s half spiritual and half woo woo body mind connection stuff. Most people don’t really give it a serious consideration. Many people feel “stupid” doing it as their self consciousness goes through the roof.

However, you may want to consider adding a meditation practice to your healthy living habits. It’s probably time to change your view on this practice.

Not only can mediation help you slow down, but it can:

  • Diminish stress
  • Lower anxiety
  • Help you lose weight
  • Relieve inflammation
  • Help with recovery
  • Etc…

Evidence from studies is everywhere touting the benefits of mediation.

But What Is Mediation Really – I Still Don’t Understand!

I’ve had issues with fully understanding what meditation is. I am still fully discovering what, if anything, is supposed to happen when you meditate.

Essentially though

Meditation (or mindfulness meditation) is staying in the present with a clear mind and not worrying about the past, the future, or trying to change anything.

I’ve written about the power of being present and what that’s capable of doing for you. This can be a great way to practice that presence.

How Will Meditation Help Me Lose Weight?

I’m still learning more myself and trying to collect studies that look at everything but the biggest way I’ve been seeing is this…

No Stress!

By lowering your stress levels and coming out of mediation feeling really good about yourself, you’ll be set up for some key behavior differences.

1. You’ll Love Yourself

You truly will love yourself more. Just feeling really good about yourself is the ultimate way to make sure you don’t put bad foods in your body, don’t smoke, etc…

It’s like juicing up with feel good hormones and the result is you want more of feel good activities. Including productivity!

2. You’ll Cut Down On Cravings

Cravings are a result of stress. An overwhelming of your brain craves sweats and “bad for you” foods because it gives that instant dose of feel good hormones.

But if you can release those feel good hormones without eating terrible foods… that’s powerful right?

That’s calories saved. That’s no toxins in your body. That’s an increase in confidence.

3. You’ll Be More Productive

Stress hampers productivity. When you’re stressed out, you have mini panic attacks that cause you to go into thinking mode rather than action mode. The worst thing about this is the negative thinking just feeds on itself.

However with little to no stress, you’ll be a better action taker. Action leads to results and this is perfect for exercise, work, family life, everything you typically have to do each day.

How Do You Meditate?

That is the golden question really. There is one study that points to finding the best way for your to meditate. They say finding the best way that you’ll feel comfortable meditating and that will help you get into a meditative state… is the key to making it work.

I have used a few things in the past but most of them end up putting me to sleep.

I’m testing a new method now through a company called MindValley. They provide you with guided meditative audios that can put you into that state automatically. At least they claim automatically.

I’m going to test 14 days of 15 minute meditations only once a day. I’ll document how I feel before, after, and any long term affects of the test.

Then I’ll give a full review so you can see if you want to try it!