Science has shown that three 10 minute workouts done throughout the day are just as effective as one 30 minute long workout. At first blush this could be really good news. After all… how easy is it to get only a 10 minute workout in?

Pretty easy!

But it’s not that simple. There are factors which are not really mentioned that make getting 3 10 minute workouts in very tough.

Factor 1: You Have to Be Intense From the Onset

With only 10 minutes, you have about a minute of warmup before you have to be very intense. Making a 10 minute workout that is intense isn’t the program. Here’s a great example you can use today if you want.

It’s the drive to be intense for the whole ten minutes. This is tough because you want to break that sweat and push your body. 10 minutes comes and goes before you know it.

So it takes intense concentration to really make this effective.

Factor 2: You Have To Actually Find Three 20 Minute Slots

For a 10 minute workout, you have to have time to change for the workout and after the workout. You probably will want to at least rinse off so you are not all sweaty as well.

This just increased the time you need to 20 minutes each workout or 60 minutes for all three segments put together. A single 30 minute workout will only require about 45 to 50 minute total for changing and drive time too.

Always remember it takes time to drive, dress, and prepare.

Factor 3: It Creates More Scheduling Issues

Tough Workout

With three workouts you have to fit in per workout day, that means you have to break your schedule up even more. This is typically a big problem.

It’s much easier to schedule one block of time then having to make room for three blocks even if they are shorter.

And if you want to stick with a workout longterm, scheduling is key to your success.

As You Can Tell, I Favor The 30 Minute Workouts

For these reasons, it’s much easier to get in one workout every other day. It will be easier to schedule, you’ll have a lot more fun doing the workout, plus you’ll stick with the program.

One your off days, you can use small 10 minute workouts or even better some interval workouts as your pure cardio. This is the best idea to really push your results further. Fit Women’s Weekly is loaded with intervals and off day workouts as well.

What do you think?

Do you think you it would be better for your day to break up your workout or just get it all done at one time?