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Ready For Basic Training: Bulldog Challenge Recap

Okay, maybe not. I may have back-talked a few cadets for making me do what I saw was unnecessary push-ups. I wouldn’t survive a day in real basic training. But we did survive our 2nd Citadel Bulldog Challenge! This year our amazing team consisted of: Dan, Ashton, Jared, and Me… together we were the “Tough Pluff […]

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Wake Up Call With This Chocolate Frappuccino Protein Shake

We made it to Friday friends! Anything fun planned? We’ve got tons going on. Though I’m not excited to say good-bye to my friend Katie who is moving to Oklahoma next week. My speed demon running buddy is leaving me. At least we’ll get one last hoorah of a run in tomorrow morning. Other big […]

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Tips On Getting Up & Holding A Handstand

Handstands. One of those cool moves you see gorgeous yogis doing and wish that you could do it even half as good. Balancing on hands, being confident enough to actually pull your legs all the way and go for it, and then the art of holding it longer than a mili-second once you do actually […]

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How To Plan A Successful Long Run: The Time I Ran 20 Miles

Hello there! How’s life? So let’s just get straight to the point today… If you follow me on Instagram (if you’re not, why?) you may have seen that I ran 20 miles this past weekend. This was by far a new distance record for me. In fact, it beat my previous record by 5 miles. […]

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5 Things I Am Loving This Second

I’m a woman which means that my opinions are allowed to change on a daily, no an hourly, basis. It’s one of the perks we get. And my opinions do change, a lot. Something I love one week, might not seem so great the following week. And something that I’m not crazy about today, may […]

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