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Choosing Between 6 Pack Abs & Life

When exercise became “my thing”, I judged my progress on my stomach. Every year, I’d announce to Dan… this year I’m going to have a 6-pack by my birthday! (or some other date). Which after a few years of this, he just rolled his eyes. Fast forward 10 years and after a lot of focused […]

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How A Single Run Can Boost Power, Success & Confidence

I had a breakthrough (after a breakdown) this weekend. I mentioned not long ago that I’m going through a rough patch. We all go through them, it’s part of being human, I just refuse to stay stuck in it. So, I’ve been doing some soul searching… talking with Dan and leaning on friends. Don’t worry, […]

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5 Ways To Make Sure You Achieve Exercise Burn Out? … Huh??

Congratulations! (That’s me jumping for joy) You’ve pushed yourself to the limits and now you’re the owner of a burnt out body. What’s your prize? Stress fractures, thinning hair, fatigue (but yet you can’t sleep for shit), no period (yay for saving money on tampons), and a bad case of anemia. Okay, so none of […]

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One Thing You Need To Do To Improve Fitness Performance + Big News!

I have been so excited about today for a LONG time now. For months, I’ve wanted to add back the Lifting Revolution Podcast. I really enjoyed doing it and loved the connections it allowed me to make with other fitness lovers. But the classic excuse of time became too easy to turn to and before […]

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