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The 32 Minute Total Body Workout For Women

In case you missed it, I turned 32 on Wednesday. It was a fantastic day and I felt so loved thanks for family and friends. Thank you to everyone that took a minute of their time to wish me happy birthday via Facebook or Instagram. It truly meant the world to me. Especially when these […]

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9 Gluten Free Cookie Recipes That Will Blow Your Mind

Who doesn’t love a cookie from time to time? Or every day for that matter? Hi, my name is Taylor and I freaking LOVE cookies. Lucky for me I also love baking. And even luckier, I love baking healthy alternatives to my favorite not so healthy sweet treats. Cookies are on the top of that list. […]

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How To Do A Kettlebell Windmill: Step By Step Guide

Before jumping into today’s kettlebell tutorial, I probably should address the new look! As you can see Lifting Revolution has gotten a major facelift. This has been a very long process and we’re happy to see it’s finally coming to an end.There are still a few kinks being worked out with our web designer and […]

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An Actual Useful Guide To Making Successful New Year’s Resolutions

Resolutions… It means we have to resolve something, or change. I’m not a big fan of looking at it that way. It sounds negative, and our brain is smart. It hears negativity and pushes it away… one reason that resolutions may work for such a few people. To me, the New Year isn’t about changing […]

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