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Ep 101: Top Ways To Love Yourself & Dealing With Puffy Stress

Happy Valentine’s Day! Did you celebrate? Do you normally? Dan is not a fan of this “Hallmark” holiday. Since he’s Mr. Anti-Valentine, I made Zoe my <3 and showed myself some love with enjoying a chocolate chip cookie and having an awesome speed workout. It was marvelous. And that very topic brings us into the podcast […]

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Estes Park, Colorado Christmas Picture Recap

As many of you know, for Christmas, Dan and I escaped to Colorado! The year got away from us and though we wanted to travel a lot, we were so focused on other areas of our lives that before we knew it, the year was almost over and there had been NO big adventures. We […]

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Happy New Year

Quite the hiatus, huh? Sorry about that! I promise I’ll be back on Wednesday. We’ve definitely been busy prepping for this time of year, enjoying the holidays and taking a step back from a few things. Re-evaluating has been super important… evaluating how I spend my time, what I could do better, what I need […]

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New Floors & Off For The Holidays

I know Mondays are normally reserved for hellos and catch-ups, so let’s start there. Starting last Thursday, we began the large project of putting new rubber floors down in our Goose Creek studio. Here’s the before picture. The floor is just painted, there are a few horse mats for lifting, and the treadmills just tossed […]

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That Time I Did 75 Squats With Weight I Didn’t Know I Could Squat

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Ours was great! I’ll share a few snapshot pictures below but first, let’s talk about this whole squatting thing. For years, I’ve stayed away from heavy back squats. With two herniated discs, squatting with a barbell can sometimes be quite a pain… literally. But my back has been strong […]

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