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Tough Love Trainer: You Need A Pep Talk To Workout?

Happy Friday guys! After a few days of rest and light workouts, I finally feel almost back to my normal self. Which is great since Spartan training kicks into full force next week. I was even able to get in a pretty great workout with Alex yesterday! Why, yes, that is a Mean Girls tank. Jealous? […]

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Strong First’s Tactical Strength Challenge Recap

Where do I even start? I should start by thanking you. Thank you for your support. I can’t tell you how much the private messages and texts meant to me this past weekend. I have been talking up this competition for weeks now, and your support made my heart happy. In case you’re new to […]

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9 Ways For Women To Improve Their Deadlift

Have you ever finished a set of deadlifts and wondered, “Am I doing this right? Is there anything I can do to progress faster and lift heavier?” Or maybe you’ve been too nervous to deadlift anything heavier than the bar out of fear of doing it all wrong? Well, let’s tackle these concerns because seriously […]

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How Does Exercise Affect A Woman’s Sex Life?

Two sex posts in two weeks… I sound like such a horn dog. And if I’m being honest, I’m kinda uncomfortable sharing my multiple pieces of my lingerie with you. But all in the name of research and sharing important info to important friends! If this topic isn’t interesting to you, I’m sorry, but not really. And let’s be […]

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Breathing During Workouts: How To Breath Best For Your Workout

“When you control your breathing, you control your heart rate and you control your workout.” – Taylor Ryan-Boyle I am a broken record with this statement. I say it several times per week to my clients and I tell it to myself more times that I would like to admit. ← Especially when I’m filming workouts. […]

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