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11 Fun Exercises With SteelBells (Or Sandbells)

Have you guys ever held/seen/heard of a steelbell before? Better yet, have y’all ever worked out with them? Dan listens to Joe Rogan’s podcast every morning while we make breakfast (I guess that means I do too). Joe Rogan is a partner in so from time to time he’ll talk about the equipment or fun […]

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Fast Shoulder Kettlebell Workout For Women: Get On Up!

This workout almost wasn’t this week. Sometimes things go smoothly, sometimes they don’t. Sometimes I remember to charge the camera, sometimes I don’t. Oops. I was really bummed when Dan turned on the camera only to tell me there wasn’t enough juice in it. And since I was the last to use it, it was […]

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Quick But Not Sweet Push-Up Challenge Workout

I learned a very valuable lesson this week: **Don’t try to film a workout after an hour of bouldering.** Its funny how sometimes you’re on fire and feeling like a beast and the next you want to cry like a little girl because you can’t muster a single rep when you know you should. You […]

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Give A Squat Bodyweight Leg Workout

1 week and 2 days… That’s all that stands between me and my next trail race. Though I can’t wait to see this view again… I wish I had just a little bit longer to prepare. After the 50K and then Spartan, I’ve been in a bit of a running funk. Know what I mean? […]

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The Rivalry 10 Minute Kettlebell Workout

A rivalry exists people. It’s real… the fight between body weight workouts and kettlebell workouts. What? You don’t think it is? You think they can live harmoniously together? Okay, you’re probably right. Yes… you’re absolutely right. They can, and there is always a place for both body weight workouts and weighted workouts. Sometimes even in […]

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