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The Rise Of The Sufferfests

Saturday night, we watched a documentary that got me feeling extremely motivated and excited for the year… Rise Of The Sufferfests. After hearing about it on Wodcast Podcast, I was intrigued and knew it would be a film Dan would be too. It’s not on Netflix but at just $4.99, we had no problem supporting […]

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You Can’t Control Everything So Stop Whining: Podcast

Hey y’all! How’s it hanging? I’m still coughing up my lungs, but other than that feeling better! I’ve been sleeping on the couch the past couple of nights because: A. I actually sleep really well on our couch. B. My cough is 10x worse at night and I feel terrible keeping Dan and the animals […]

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The Time I Ran A Half Marathon With The Flu

Well… to be fair… I thought I had a cold. Sunday was race day. I had trained hard and after a year of subpar racing, I was confident I was going to finally get my PR. Well… long story short… I didn’t get my PR. Because sometimes life throws you curve balls that you can’t […]

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Why This MIGHT Be My Last Half Marathon & Weekly Goal Review

How does a couple handle having zero kids to having 2? I’ll let you know next week! Because that’s what is going on right now. Dan and I are watching our two nieces for the next few days… one is less than 6 months old and the other is 5. We’ll have our hands full […]

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2016 Pennsylvania Spartan Super Recap: AKA Sandbag Hell

Hey guys! Sorry for the long silence… It feels like forever since we last connected. And in blogger years, it has been forever. Dan and I had a great time visiting his parents and we both focused on soaking up the limited time we had with my in-laws instead of spending time on our computers. But […]

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