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Does Pre-Workout Sex Help Or Hurt Your Fitness Performance?

Valentine’s was just yesterday, so let’s drag the romance out one more day, shall we? Where did this topic come from? I can assure you I was not thinking of Valentine’s Day post ideas. This one popped into my head a few weeks ago. During a run. No, I did not stop mid-way through a […]

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DIY Guide To Relieving Sore Muscles

The alarm goes off, you hear it but do everything in your power to ignore the buzz buzz buzzing. Because you know as soon as you roll over to hit the snooze, you’ll feel it. The aftermath of the killer workout you did yesterday. Everything is sore. And as you walk into the bathroom, you immediately think […]

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This Time We Succeeded: Our New Gym & Taking Time Off

Happy Monday! Right now there is a good chance that Dan and I are flying high in the sky. We’re off to Philly to spend Thanksgiving with my in-laws and sister-in-law. We’re thrilled to spend the week with family but also to take a step back from work. We’ve been extremely stressed and busy these […]

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Why I’m The Ronda Rousey Of Fitness & How You Can Be Too

“There are many elite fighters who don’t fight to lay it all on the line. They fight for points… I cannot stand point fighters. Points fighting is cowardly. Point fighting is fighting without honor… Point fighters are there to just compete, even if that means running and hiding the entire match. You should give 100% […]

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