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Are Your Adrenals Fatigued From Too Much Exercise?

Anyone else feel like adrenals are the new guts? For the past few years gut health has been all the rage. The health fad of the season having us all up in arms… Is my gut healthy? Do I eat enough probiotics? Are all of my health concerns related to my poop? Do I need […]

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The Naked Truth: I Kind Of Hate The “Love Your Body” Trend

*This post contains my personal progress pictures and real time workout shots. Not to discourage others or to compare one body to another but to share my experiences, thoughts and personal progress. I thought this post would be more “real” with pictures I keep of my own personal journey. I hope you agree. 2016 kicked off […]

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Lately I’ve Been…

You guys know I love a good survey. Sometimes I just enjoy sitting and chatting with you, getting to know you better. And I hope you do as well. I saw this on Tina’s blog awhile ago and thought it would be a fun way to wrap up the week. Lately, I’ve Been… Making: Everything. I’m […]

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This Or That Quiz

It’s already Friday! Man, oh Man, short weeks are the best. Even though short, our week was still filled with chaos and productivity. I forgot to share this picture earlier this week, but it’s never too late. On Monday, we hosted a Labor Day Workout at the gym. Check out this turnout! It was huge […]

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