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The Time I Ran A Half Marathon With The Flu

Well… to be fair… I thought I had a cold. Sunday was race day. I had trained hard and after a year of subpar racing, I was confident I was going to finally get my PR. Well… long story short… I didn’t get my PR. Because sometimes life throws you curve balls that you can’t […]

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Science Finds Sled Training Drastically Improves Sprinting Speeds

When Dan and I signed up for our last 50K trail race, we were at a loss with our training. We had cancelled our “traditional” gym memberships a few months prior (silly to have when you OWN a gym), and were nervous how we would challenge our legs for 23,000+ elevation change without the help […]

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The Perfect 50K Training Trail Run (Almost)

I know you’re shocked to hear that we spent the weekend running in the mountains. With our 50K less than 1 month away, training has gotten serious. Dan and I headed up on Friday morning to meet a few other trail runners to conquer some of the actual course. Over Saturday and Sunday, I got […]

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10 Rules You Need To Follow If You’re Dating or Married To A Runner

2004(ish)… That was the year my feet hit the ground running. And except for a few setbacks over the years, they haven’t stopped. Of course the time I dedicate to pounding the pavement has fluctuated depending on goals and life. But no matter how busy life got or where my goals were… fitting in a run […]

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Over The Hill: Good News For Aging Runners

Here’s a funny story… Last week I was in the grocery store doing our normal weekly shopping. I stopped by the deli counter to pick up a ½ pound of Boar’s Head turkey. The guy behind the counter was extra peppy and full of life. Trust me, this is was a surprise and not the […]

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