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Fit Friday Recap

This past Monday, I had my “woman’s annual” appointment. Fun times, right? Like my doctor has done for the past 6 years (since I’ve been married), she asked what the plan was for babies? It’s a legit question, she knows we want kids and she wants to make sure I’m taking healthy steps to prepare […]

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5 Ways To Make Sure You Achieve Exercise Burn Out? … Huh??

Congratulations! (That’s me jumping for joy) You’ve pushed yourself to the limits and now you’re the owner of a burnt out body. What’s your prize? Stress fractures, thinning hair, fatigue (but yet you can’t sleep for shit), no period (yay for saving money on tampons), and a bad case of anemia. Okay, so none of […]

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The 240 Burpee Challenge Workout

Can we just chat for a second? Do you ever have those weeks where you question EVERYTHING? Dan and I just finished our first Tony Robbins course and I feel as if this week someone up above was looking down going, “Let’s see what you learned.” Luckily, I learned a lot. I did my best to […]

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