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25 Minute Total Body Sculpt

December is here! December is here! That means 20 days until Dan and I leave for our Colorado Christmas. Yup, we’re jetting off for a much needed holiday vacation and life reset before 2017 kicks off. Everyone keeps asking if we’re doing a race or something since that’s generally the fuel for our travels. But […]

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10 Minute Kettlebell Get-Up Flow Workout

It’s been forever since I shared a workout, much less a kettlebell workout. Thanks to traveling and being sick, my workouts have been all over the place. Now that I’m {almost} 100% and we’re not going anywhere until Christmas, I am back to being focused and really trying to up the intensity. I say almost […]

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Fit Friday Recap

This past Monday, I had my “woman’s annual” appointment. Fun times, right? Like my doctor has done for the past 6 years (since I’ve been married), she asked what the plan was for babies? It’s a legit question, she knows we want kids and she wants to make sure I’m taking healthy steps to prepare […]

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