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20 Minute Vacation Bodyweight Workout

Hello from Philadelphia, city of brotherly love, and the city where my husband was born. We are here visiting my in-laws for a week and having some fitness adventures. Saturday is our Spartan race and aside from that, we’re planning a trip to the local climbing gym and going indoor sky jumping! Wish us luck on […]

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Tough Love From A Personal Trainer: How To Build Mental Grit!

“I hate you.” “You’re mean.” “Are you serious?” “You’ve lost your mind” These are real comments I hear on a weekly basis. Luckily, I have tough skin and I know that these ladies love me and are (kind of) kidding. This week was especially filled with “I hate yous”. If I had been given a dollar […]

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30 Minute Boot Camp Body Burner Workout

Boot camp workouts are my jam! And not just because I’ve been teaching them for close to a decade. I love the variety and the freedom of boot camp design. Those that attend boot camp never know what they’re in for except a great sweat producing, muscle burning experience. With the holiday weekend quickly approaching, […]

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The Ultimate 23.5 Minute Fat Burning, Ab Sculpting Sprint Workout

Few types of workouts deliver the punch of sprinting. It’s a powerhouse training method that… 1). Sprints can help when trying to “tone up” (increase muscle) to decrease body fat, allowing those muscles to really show themselves off. They can also help increase insulin sensitivity to allow dropping fat to become easier. Unlike other forms […]

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