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20 Minute Vacation Bodyweight Workout

Hello from Philadelphia, city of brotherly love, and the city where my husband was born. We are here visiting my in-laws for a week and having some fitness adventures. Saturday is our Spartan race and aside from that, we’re planning a trip to the local climbing gym and going indoor sky jumping! Wish us luck on […]

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Tough Love From A Personal Trainer: How To Build Mental Grit!

“I hate you.” “You’re mean.” “Are you serious?” “You’ve lost your mind” These are real comments I hear on a weekly basis. Luckily, I have tough skin and I know that these ladies love me and are (kind of) kidding. This week was especially filled with “I hate yous”. If I had been given a dollar […]

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30 Minute Boot Camp Body Burner Workout

Boot camp workouts are my jam! And not just because I’ve been teaching them for close to a decade. I love the variety and the freedom of boot camp design. Those that attend boot camp never know what they’re in for except a great sweat producing, muscle burning experience. With the holiday weekend quickly approaching, […]

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