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3 Very Different Workouts To Strengthen Legs And Butt

One week. ONE WEEK! That’s how much longer Dan and I have until we are in the car headed back to Burnsville, NC to race in the Quest For The Crest 50K. This year is going too fast and I felt like this race popped up out of nowhere. Maybe it feels that way because I’ve been […]

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Weekend Warrior Butt Workout: Another 1000 Calorie Burning Workout

Did this week fly by for anyone else? Wasn’t I just sitting on my couch planning my week out? Just like that the days have passed and we’re moving into another awesome weekend. A weekend that can be even more awesome if you do the workout I’m sharing with you. Now that the Tactical Strength Challenge over, […]

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Crazy Fun 3 Exercise Partner Barbell Workout For Women

It’s Friday! Which means there is a really good chance that Dan and I are in the car heading up to our favorite mountain… Mount Mitchell here we come! If you are thinking, “weren’t you just in the mountains?” You would be right! But this time we’re hitting up a few of our favorite (hardest) […]

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5 Tips To Lose Weight Fast (They Aren’t What You Think)

Sounds so “magazine cover”, right? But it’s an important topic and one that I get asked ALL the time. Okay, so it’s not as if women come up to me and ask “Taylor, what are your 5 tips to lose weight fast?” But on a daily basis, I do get questions like: “Taylor, I’ve tried […]

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