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Some Badass Workouts From The Week

I get asked a ton… “How do you design so many workouts each week?” The truth is, I love program design. I really do. I love picturing people doing my workouts and trying to determine how long they will take most ladies to complete. I also play the “guess the hardness factor”. You know, where […]

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50K Race Weekend Is Here & Workouts Of The Week

The time has come! Time to pull the laces tight on my LA Sportivas Make a few peanut butter everything bagel thin sandwiches Toss a few dates in some snack bags and… Conquer the Quest For The Crest 50K. Well, hopefully conquer. The race is Sunday but Dan, my mom and I are loading up […]

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Working To Make The Ugliest Of Bar Muscle Ups Into The Prettiest

I’m glad you all are as excited as I am about the direction of the blog! It definitely helps give me some extra accountability, motivation and passion to hit some big goals! Speaking of goals, I guess I should announce my fitness goal for the next few weeks? Get a bar muscle up! I’ve been […]

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3 Very Different Workouts To Strengthen Legs And Butt

One week. ONE WEEK! That’s how much longer Dan and I have until we are in the car headed back to Burnsville, NC to race in the Quest For The Crest 50K. This year is going too fast and I felt like this race popped up out of nowhere. Maybe it feels that way because I’ve been […]

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Weekend Warrior Butt Workout: Another 1000 Calorie Burning Workout

Did this week fly by for anyone else? Wasn’t I just sitting on my couch planning my week out? Just like that the days have passed and we’re moving into another awesome weekend. A weekend that can be even more awesome if you do the workout I’m sharing with you. Now that the Tactical Strength Challenge over, […]

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