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Weekly Workout Recap: Onnit Kettlebell Workout Challenge

How were your workouts this week? I am definitely experiencing the old woman wobble walk. My butt is sore and loving it! Thankfully, today is a rest day. After a week that included close to 300 lunge jumps,  lots of kettlebell swings, deadlifts step-ups and sprints… let’s just say my legs and ass deserve a […]

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Weekly Workout Recap

I am so glad you guys liked the podcast with Lindsay and our confessions! I’ll have to do more of those in the future. I also want to say thanks to those of you who sent me sweet messages in regards to my stresses right now. I’m sure it seems as if I am leaving […]

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Dark Chocolate Dusted Almonds + 25 Minute Partner Workout

I don’t know about you, but I love snacking. For years, I thought snacking was a sign of weakness and tried to avoid it at all cost. God forbid if I snacked… I might gain 10 lbs over night! Those were some sad years. Now, I know my body and I know that healthy people […]

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The Toughest 30 Minute Speed Workout Ever

Yes. EVER. Last week I got my butt back into speed workouts! I am so happy too, because I LOVE treadmill interval workouts. Not only does my speed improve during longer runs, but my body responds well too. And since I may have enjoyed a few too many sweets over the holidays, bring on the […]

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Weekly Workout Recap: January 9th

(This won major wife points… I stopped and bought the paper for Dan to frame for his office) TGIF! How was your week? Did you find yourself full of vigor and drive this week? I won’t lie… our house was moving a bit. After Clemson’s victory over Alabama on Monday, we’ve been trying to catch […]

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