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5 Ways To Make Sure You Achieve Exercise Burn Out? … Huh??

Congratulations! (That’s me jumping for joy) You’ve pushed yourself to the limits and now you’re the owner of a burnt out body. What’s your prize? Stress fractures, thinning hair, fatigue (but yet you can’t sleep for shit), no period (yay for saving money on tampons), and a bad case of anemia. Okay, so none of […]

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The 240 Burpee Challenge Workout

Can we just chat for a second? Do you ever have those weeks where you question EVERYTHING? Dan and I just finished our first Tony Robbins course and I feel as if this week someone up above was looking down going, “Let’s see what you learned.” Luckily, I learned a lot. I did my best to […]

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30 Variations Of Burpees You Can’t Wait To Try

This post was originally published a few years ago. It was one of my favorite exercise variation lists at the time, yet recently I realized it was in desperate need of some updating. Over the past years, I’ve discovered even more burpee fun. Yes, burpees are fun. In fact, my husband just challenged me to […]

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