Charleston: Sexiest City In The Country

Time Magazine just released an awesome article on the sexiest city in the entire country…. you’d probably think it would be someplace like Miami, LA, or New York, right?

But you’d be wrong because it is Charleston, SC! This just happens to be the city that I was born and raised and where I currently live. Pretty proud, and feeling pretty sexy!

Sullivan's Island... My Favorite Charleston Beach

We were also ranked #1 for the friendliest city!

I never knew that all those times I waved to complete strangers in the car, or when I said “Yes Ma’am” and “Yes Sir” that I was in a competition with the country but heck, I will take it! I did offer some tourist directions last weekend… go southern hospitality.

Here is the actual report published at Time Magazine’s Website: Where Do America’s Most Attractive People Live?


  • I’m a little confused: You’re saying Charleston, SC compared to its “beachiest counterparts”? Have you ever visited Charleston? Literally, the entire coastal region is on the beach, with five major recreational areas facing the Atlantic Ocean, from the natural, Top 10-rated Beachwalker Park at Kiawah to the eclectic Folly Beach.

    Unfortunately, there’s the ‘picture-postcard’ image of the Historic District, which tourists visit, and assume is the entire Charleston metro area. Like Bill Maher’s laughable comment (April 26, HBO ‘Real Time’) on Charleston (“country folk”; the Charleston MSA has taken in more college-educated grads than any other region in the US over the last decade, and has a major port, tech and aerospace industries), the stereotypes are getting old.

    • You are right there is so much more than downtown. Yes, I live in Charleston. Born and raised. I grew up on the beaches and feel blessed each time I head to Sullivans.

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