Urban Remedy Cleanse Day 1: Bottoms Up

Last we left off on Friday, I mentioned that I was going to partake in a 3 day juice cleanse from Urban Remedy! So how did it go? Well, let’s start at the beginning… Thursday morning I waited patiently for my juice cleanse to arrive. Urban Remedy overnights their juices from California so that they will be there fresh for you to start. You can’t get much fresher than that!

Of course I wake up at the butt crack of dawn and there was no way I would be able to make it from 5 am to 10 am (the ETA) without something in my stomach. I went as bland as possible and chowed down on 1 tbsp of Justin’s Peanut Butter and a big glass of water. It wasn’t much but it allowed that patience I mentioned to continue on until we got the knock on the door..

Luckily my delivery guy showed up at around 9:15 so it wasn’t too long of a wait.  I immediately tore into the box and saw this:

That’s a lot of bottles! I won’t lie… the green ones were a bit intimidating even to me.

The instructions recommend that you start drinking around 8:30am, since it was right at 9:15… I started asap.

Here’s the overview close up of what I would be enjoying over the next three days:

I would go through each drink and explain what’s in it and what it does but to be honest Urban Remedy does a a great and quick job of doing it so check it out:

Drink By Drink

The first as mentioned was the green “Cell-ebration”, also called the Brainiac.. How cute is that name?

Let’s see… the best way to describe the taste would be celery. If you like celery then you’ll love this. Personally, I love crisp celery but not so keene on the liquid form. But I managed to get it down with only one sigh.

2 Hours later… Time for the Time Machine (which of course made me think of the movie Hot Tub Time Machine which rocks… random and off topic?)

At first sip I was a little thrown for a loop, that’s only because it says it has acai in it and I was pumped for some sweet juice. This was not your typical fruit juice. After I figured that out, it grew on me and I really enjoyed it. I sipped this down during my workout. It was also during my workout I began to feel only having 100 calories in my body.

I started to feel a bit light headed, my fault for working out with Amanda while on a juice cleanse! To help, I ate an apple while drinking my 3rd drink to help stabilize my blood sugar.  I went with an apple because it’s all natural and I made the decision that if I was going to not drink just the juice that an apple was a good option. Raw, fresh and delicious!

Then the 3rd drink came along, The Flush… OMG. This was not so good. It included mostly cucumber and while I love cucumbers, I am not a fan of cucumber drinks. I just pounded it back so I wouldn’t get the chills by sipping it. Even though it only had 15 calories and my apple only had 100… I was surprised how great I felt.

From here things got even easier!

Oh #4… After Party, I love you! Carrot and apple time.

The carrot juice was delicious. A bit thicker than the others (which I like) and a great flavor. I felt immediately satisfied and my hunger disappeared, I actually felt full. I was good for a few hours and felt really energized. Not like someone who had only consumed 275 calories all day (and burned more than that at the gym).

After this it was time to get on the road to head to boot camp. I packed up my #5, the Warrior Raspberry juice and got moving.  I had been looking forward to it all day… Chia Seeds with Organic Raspberry! What sounds bad about that?

Nothing! It was amazing, seriously like fresh berries were packed in and more of a smoothie consistency than a juice. To me, this is dessert. I could drink this every day. And it tied me over to teach two classes back to back.

Not Hungry!? 

To be honest I wasn’t really hungy when I got home at around 9pm, but I knew I needed to drink the last juice and again, it sounded too good to pass up. Almond milk with vanilla & cinnamon!

I sat on the couch and enjoyed my milk before heading off to bed. It made it easier that I told Dan to eat before I got home so I wouldn’t have to smell the aromas and watch him enjoy a great hot meal.

I slept great that night and really, can’t say I ever felt famished or low on needed energy. Once I counted up the calories and realized I had only taken in 500 calories (including the apple), that was when I went… uh, seriously?

My first juice day was a success… but what about days 2-3? That’s up tomorrow as a vlog!


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