Confessions of A Personal Trainer: Holiday Edition

*Note: I know that yesterday I did a post on Damaging Admissions of Trainers, so today’s title might sound repetitive however it’s not. This is a part of my monthly “Confessions of A Trainer” series which I hope you enjoy! I do recommend check out yesterdays post too! 

Can you believe that as of yesterday Christmas is just 3 weeks away? Am I the only one feeling rushed?

Any who… last week I had the opportunity to share some holiday trainer confessions on my friend Brittany’s blog. She’s up to her elbows in moving boxes so it was a treat to be able to help her out.

Since I was just visiting I didn’t want to reveal all of my secrets. I didn’t want her readers to think of me completely insane! So, I saved some for this month’s Trainer Confessions.

I love doing these, and it seems you do as well. So I’ve decided that as long as I have something to get off my chest, I’ll keep doing one each month.  If you missed it, here’s last months.

Confessions of a Personal Trainer isn’t to toot my own horn, on the contrary, this is where I reveal that as a fitness professional and health advocate, I’m not always the best. I have slip-ups, I have demons and I am human.

Perfect imperfection, right?

Holiday Confessions Of A Personal Trainer


I’ve never successfully worked out on a holiday, ever. 

I love the idea of waking up on some major holiday and getting a workout in before the chaos of the day, but when it comes down to it I won’t.

The closest I have ever come was when I was in college, I woke up Christmas morning, laced up my new running shoes and decided I would go for a run. I made it to the stop sign before I decided that time with my family and a cup of coffee sounded a lot better.

I support anyone that can do it! Maybe this year I’ll find the motivation to run on Christmas morning while in Philly?

I’m always nervous about fitting into my new Christmas clothes.


Clothes are pretty much a given for me when it comes to presents. I need them desperately! After giving my size info to my mom and my mother-in-law I tend to get very anxious. I’m always worried… “What if I ate too many cookies or drank too many glasses of eggnog to fit into my new clothes.” I know it’s silly to freak out about, but I do. I look forward to new outfits all month long and the thought of having them too small just sends me into a mini-panic.

I don’t know why I freak out, I’ve never had this actually happen. In fact, during the winter I normally lose weight naturally (I think it’s from being cold all the time).

She never has to worry…


I burnt my butt on a heating pad… bad. 

Going off of that being cold comment… I hate being cold, no let me rephrase that, I despise being cold.

So when the temperatures drop, I bring out my trusty heating pad and sit on it in my office chair. Last year around this time, I was sitting on said pad in a pair of shiny UnderArmour capris… these capris aren’t the best for heat and suddenly I jumped up from my seat from pain.

I had a burn mark on my butt for a week. Lesson learned… don’t wear shiny capris while sitting on a heating pad.

My boot campers still make fun of me for this since I walked around for several days with my hand on my butt for comfort.

One time, I ate an entire holiday chocolate orange.

Do you know what I’m talking about? Those chocolate oranges that only come out during Christmas? You knock it and it falls apart into slices?

Well, Dan grew up getting them in his stocking as a kid. So a few years ago, I spotted a Dark Chocolate one (those go SOOO fast in the stores) and picked it up for his stocking.

Later that same day I got stuck in traffic… really bad traffic. And unfortunately, the orange didn’t survive. By time I made it past the hold-up there wasn’t a single slice left.

I kept this my little secret for a long time until one day someone asked if I had ever had one, when I replied “yes”, Dan (who was beside me) asked when? He had known that I had not had one prior to the traffic incident.

Every Christmas he still says that I owe him a dark chocolate orange.

I drink eggnog… every night. 


Yes eggnog! I know that fitness magazines stick a “terrible” sticker on eggnog because of it’s high calorie content, but I love the stuff.

Now a days you’ll find me sipping the coconut milk eggnog, but it’s enough to make me feel like Christmas is in the air.

Yes, there is 90 calories in a 1/2 cup serving but you know what?

Eggnog goes with the Christmas like Cupid goes to Valentine’s day… I’m not giving it up. I do however make sure to stick to a single serving!

Holiday parties = fitness parties.

I wish I was kidding, but sadly I am not. It’s not strange to come to our house for a holiday party (or go to a friends home) and end up doing some sort of fitness challenge.

A few years ago there was a push-up contest among my friends, and believe it or not neither Dan or me was behind it. My friends are great, what can I say!
And yes, I did win 🙂

This weekend we’re having friends over for a holiday wine party, think I can get them to do a burpee contest? Or perhaps who can hold a plank the longest?

For the rest of my confessions check out my post at Barr And Table.

Your turn… do you have anything to confess?


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