Confessions Of A Trainer: The Confessions Most Trainers Don’t Want Me To Confess

It’s the start of a new month, which also means its time for a new round of confessions.

In my effort to get ahead of the game this week, let’s make these short and sweet…

What do you say?

If you’re new to this whole confession thing… this is where I confess my sins.

Or at least where I share my more vulnerable side with you, my friends.

If you missed out on the past confessions, I’ll link them up at the bottom!


The Confessions Most Trainers Don’t Want Me To Confess

1. Time often runs on “Taylor Time” instead of clock time.

When I’m teaching a class or a client and we’re doing timed exercises, I’ll often say something like…

“You only have 30 seconds left!”

That is often a lie… and sometimes it’s more like 45 seconds. But it helps the psyche to think it’s just 30 seconds and they surprise themselves at what they end up accomplishing!

2. I don’t always plan out my workouts.

Pick your jaw up off the floor.

Yes, it’s true…

Sometimes I go in to a boot camp without a complete workout planned. It’s only after warming up with the class and seeing how they’re feeling (after their previous workout) that I put together their routine.

This doesn’t happen all the time. 80% of the time, I know exactly what I am going to do.

There are those days when more or less people show up than planned and I’ll ditch the workout I had planned completely.

Sometimes it’s about rolling with the punches. Luckily, I’ve been doing this for a long enough time now where I can build workouts on the fly (definitely don’t recommend this for new trainers).

3. Sometimes I don’t want to be nice.

Sometimes tough love is necessary.

There are days when trainers don’t want to be your friend and to be honest we want to look at you and tell you to suck it up.

We get frustrated when we see you stop to rest when we know you can do better.

This is a hard thing for a new trainer, it is hard to find a balance between being a coach, a mentor, and a support system while also learning to push clients without coming off as rough.

It takes practice.

Oh, and patience!

4. In my head, I compete with clients.

I am blessed to have such a wonderful group of clients. Our boot campers are amazing and represent all women.

We have ex-collegiate athletes, business women, housewives, women who have never exercised, women who haven’t exercised in months, and women who are addicted to being fit.

I love it.

With this huge group, there are some pretty amazing fit ladies.

And yes, while they are working out… I am competing with them.

Sometimes, I will even write down how they did and then aim to beat their performance on my own.

My personal goal is to always be #1… it’s hard though when you have some amazing athletes!

Have I mentioned, I’m a competitive freak?

Thought so.

5. Sometimes I pretend not to hear you

This sounds a lot worst than it is.

If I have a client that is more than capable of doing a certain move but is asking for a modification…

Or if they are complaining…

Sometimes, I’ll just pretend I don’t hear them.

That is a benefit of teaching group fitness.

Sure a move might be challenging, but if I think you can do it, you can do it!

It’s another example of tough love.

And there you have it.

This month’s Trainer Confessions! Sorry, I only have 5 instead of 10, but that means that next month you can expect some juicy good ones!



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In Case You Missed The Previous Confessions

So tell me…

What’s a confession that you have regarding your job?


  • Love that you pretend not to hear. My biggest group fitness confession? I love when you complain that its too hard or groan when i say 4 more!

  • haha, love this! Especially #1, I was training my dad a few weeks ago and I totally tricked him into doing a 30 second side plank instead of a 20 second one. The best part was he hardly noticed a change in difficulty, it’s crazy!

    • That’s the best when they realize they are much stronger than they believed! The mind is a powerful thing!

  • Sheena

    Oh man, my spin instructor Donna, she’s the best, but she totally tricks us by saying 30 seconds when it’s really 45 :S

    Confession about my job: I get really stubborn about doing certain things even though I know they’re really easy because it’s not my responsibility. I used to think this attitude was kindof childish and did whatever was asked of me but I got overloaded and no recognition because it wasn’t my job.

    • I would do the exact same thing. i am extremely stubborn!

  • I like the time thing. It’s kinda like running and not knowing the distance, you can sometimes go further because we pay too much attention to our watches and rely on that rather than our bodies to push us.

    As far as modifications, I think that’s fine *if* you know your clients and if you genuinely know they are just asking and don’t need the modification. Since you teach the same boot camps, with the same clients, I can see where you do this bc you know them.

    I have tried to let the instructors at Pivotal know that I’m injured and may not be able to do everything- like weighted squats and lunges or clean-and-press, or some of the “Jump” on the spin bike. I’m pretty open about it, but I was later getting to class the other morning and had to just modify… and I worried that the instructor would wonder why this girl had no weight during the squat track of pump (which is supposed to be the heaviest weight of the class), but then lifted heavy on all other tracks. I’m *really* thankful no one asked during class, but still.

    BTW, I always love your confessions. And you’re so right about tough love, we all need it sometimes. Myself included!

    • Exactly, it’s only because I know how great they are and how much they can do that I feel comfortable pushing them more! It’s the best 🙂

  • I love this post! It’s always nice to see into the mind of someone in a field different than mine. In the end, everything you do is to make the client stronger and better, which I think they would appreciate.

    • Exactly! I love seeing my clients proud of their accomplishments!

  • Ha! I’m sure you’re in good company among trainers with these confessions. 🙂

  • Kim

    Oh, these were good ones today!! I’m all about the workout on the fly sometimes – like you said, some days you can just tell that the original plan isn’t going to work!!!
    And, the competitive thing – right there with you. Even little things like ending with a plank hold – I always give a goal time but then tell them after they hit it to see how long they can hold – then I feel the need to hold mine just a few seconds longer!!

  • OH YES.
    especially the planning :-0

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