Continuing To Find The Athlete Within

I’ve always considered myself “athletic”… I might not be able to throw a football with a nice spin to it, I suck at basketball but I have an athletic heart. I’ve always had pride in myself for pushing and giving my all, I see that if I am committed to something that its going to get my full attention. 

Lately I’ve been quite impressed with myself to be honest. I’ve totally switched up my workouts and have learned to push my body in new ways, it’s pretty cool.

For example, instead of doing a traditional lifting workout, Dan and I decided to get to the park nearby and do suicide sprint workouts… if you’ve never done them you should know that suicides suck rock!

We did body weight exercises in the middle like push-ups, Russian twists, leg raises, and squats… but the suicides were the main emphasis.

I gave these suckers everything… and they gave me everything too. I don’t know if it was because of my desire to show Dan I can keep up or if it was to proof to myself that I could, but regardless, I told those suicides exactly where they could go and ended up killing Dan! lol. Priceless!

Then Saturday morning, a friend and I set out for our Bridge Run training, we wanted to work on time and distance, so I set my timer and off we were to tackle 5 miles as quickly as possible. 40 minutes later we were back at the car and if we weren’t so tired from our kick ass run I think we would have danced out of pride!

How did I celebrate?

With this little cocktail last night at dinner:

Red Dragon Martini (I have no idea what was in it, but it rocked)

We went to dinner with my brother and sister-in-law to Wasabi Japanese Restaurant last night (SO GOOD!)

Also on my menu were: Veggie spring rolls, a seaweed brown rice sushi roll, and a raw veggie brown rice roll (carrots, asparagus and cucumbers). Yes… it was a vegan meal and yes I promise to update you on WHY I’m vegan.

The lighting at the table was terrible, otherwise I would have taken a few pictures before I devoured my ENTIRE meal!

I love this restaurant, what I don’t like is to get brown rice instead of white, they add on $2/roll! I got 2 rolls, and Dan got 2 rolls so our bill was upped by $8 just because we are healthy eaters!

I personally think we should get an $8 discount for promoting good eating habits!

On the docket for today: Dinner with my parents (I will be taking my own meal: Curry Veggies over lentils), getting a workout in and making up some new programs for The Art of Weight Lifting!!

Question: Do you consider yourself an athlete?


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