Core And More Fat Burning Workout Presented By Dan

I have a killer workout for you today! But first, let me update you on my knee:
(If your not interested scroll down to the awesome workout video)

Here’s a teaser… I’ve got 4-more weeks of workouts that will look like this:

Oh mighty pull-ups… How I hate to love you and love to hate you!

The knee is on the mend! Or that’s what we think and so that’s what I am going with, so please continue to send good vibes this way.

Those vibes mean the world to me!

I went to the orthopedic yesterday to get his thoughts and get a real recovery plan in action.

He tried to manipulate my knee for it lock up like it’s been doing but of course with an audience, it acted just like a regular knee. There was some “debris” under my knee cap which he said could just be from inflammation and healing (okie-dokie, doc)!

There is NO ligament damage which made my day so he was willing to take a conservative route with me.

Which translates into 4 weeks taking it easy to see if the locking and pulling heal on it’s own. If I still have symptoms after that time… then into the MRI machine I go.

What made me REALLY excited was that he gave me the go ahead to use it as long as there is no pain associated with the action! Basically, I’ve done what I’ve done and can’t make it worst, so it’s best to keep the joint strong!

So as a fitness freak, what was the first thing I did?

Of course, I tried to run with my boot campers. Let’s just say I made it to the end of the parking lot before I was forced to give up on that idea. Damn knee… talk about being frustrated and heart broken. I know it could be worst, but I was really stoked to see if I could do SOMETHING.

Bring On The Core And More

But just because I can’t do total body workouts, doesn’t mean I can’t design awesome ones for you!

My wonderful and handsome husband stepped up to the plate and did this 10 minute fat burner of a workout, just so I could share it with you now, instead of when I can do the moves myself!

Thanks Dan! (Please share some love with him in the comments, he was a bit nervous)

Core & More Workout Breakdown

  • This workout is made of just 5 exercises
  • Perform each for 30 seconds with a 10 second rest before starting the next
  • Complete 3 times total for a time of 10 minutes of fat burning!

Questions Of The Day: 

  • How did Dan do!?
  • What’s your favorite way to get a quick workout in?
  • What’s the worst experience you’ve had at the doctor’s? (Long wait, rude staff, etc)


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