Creating A Healthy, But Amazing Thanksgiving

By now you’ve probably put together your Thanksgiving menu. I love this time of the year and am so excited to spend it with my family!

I am not in charge of the meal this year… that goes to my mom; but I was the host last year and managed to put together not only a great tasting meal but also a healthy Thanksgiving meal that even my southern parents loved.

Waiting to dig in!

So just incase you’re still on edge on what to cook here are some of the things I made last year:


  • Pesto crostinis
  • Bruschetta crostinis
  • Mixed olives and wine

The Big Thanksgiving Dinner

  • Baked turkey (of course)
  • Orange cranberry sauce
  • Short grain, brown rice
  • Green beans with an almond topping
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Stuffing (this was my dad’s contribution and was not clean)

Hummingbird Cake

Putting it all together:

Table set... waiting for food! Menu cards set on each plate!

For the turkey, I found a great recipe from Alton Brown on the Food Network. I had never brined a turkey before but I heard this was the best way to get a juicy baked turkey, so went for it and it turned out amazing! Here’s the recipe.

The cranberry sauce, I love cranberry sauce but I didn’t want to use the gelled canned version, I wanted a 100% homemade. It was really easy and I loved it! But I will say that everyone else thought I could have used less orange. Plus the left overs are awesome over oatmeal!

This recipe is at The Art of Weight Lifting, but I am going to share it here!

The rice, I got from Whole Foods, cooked it up, sauteed garlic and onions and stirred it all together. I topped it off with stirring in some rosemary and thyme.

The sweet potatoes I baked them, cut them all open and drizzled a mix of agave nectar, pecans and cinnamon. A great alternative to the normal casserole we always had in the past.

Hummingbird cake... not too heavy. It proved to be the perfect dessert after a big meal. Great with coffee.

And last… the Hummingbird cake. This was my favorite! It was so clean and light. I enjoyed it for breakfast a few mornings in a row. The recipe is at The Art of Weight Lifting: HummingBird Cake Recipe Here.


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