Is 100 Calories Of Cake The Same As 100 Calories Of Broccoli? {Full Interview}

I’m home! Dan and I had a wonderful time with his family. The trip was far too short but we managed to pack a ton into it. I can’t wait to share everything from my first apple picking experience, the best run of my life, and dancing the night away! We have hundreds of pictures, so to spare you the ones you don’t care about, I will be going through them all today and recapping the rest of our trip tomorrow!

To be honest that was the plan anyway because I can’t put off sharing this with you any longer!

Nutritional Food For Thought

Last weekend, I sat down monitor to monitor with my friend Katie. Katie is an amazing dietician here in Charleston (at MUSC) and I have been wanting to pick at her brain for some time now. We finally found a time that worked for both of us and after yelling at Google Chat (which I don’t recommend) we had an amazing time!

In the interview Katie shares so much valuable knowledge! SERIOUSLY!


  • How to pick out a good multi-vitamin?
  • What is the biggest mistake women make trying to lose weight with their diets?
  • Thinking about going vegan? Consider these facts.
  • Is 100 calories of cake the same as eating 100 calories of broccoli?
  • Plus so much more!

Watch, listen and enjoy! Let me know what you think and if you have any questions for Katie (I bet she’ll visit again if you do!)

Winner of the PunkeeLove Headband… 

Drumroll please!

Mallory, congrats! I will be emailing you today!

Questions Of The Day: 

  • What diet questions do you have for Katie? 
  • What was your favorite thing you did this weekend?


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