Do I Regret Having A Fitness Blog? Pros & Cons

Here’s a confession:

Sometimes I don’t want to sit down at my computer desk and blog. 

Every blogger I know is different in terms of how much of their time they spend typing and editing posts.

Each blogger is different in terms of how often they hit the submit button each week.

And each blogger has a different reason for starting his/her blog in the first place.

I’ve gotten several request to share a bit more about my personal blogging journey. Since Dan was supposed to be away yesterday playing golf (due to weather it was postponed), I thought today would be a great time to indulge a bit into my blogging life since there would be no podcast.

Let’s cover the basics first… 


LR’s 1st header

My Current Blogging Habits

  • Each day I spend roughly 2 (sometimes more) hours writing and editing posts. Each post is written the day before for two reasons:
    • I am terrible at planning
    • I enjoy real time writing. I share what’s going on in my life at that time.

I am in the process of trying to use an editorial calendar to help better plan. After talking with Amanda when she was here for the Palmetto 200, I am convinced this would help me tremendously!

  • I used to post 7 days a week, but I am slowly cutting back. For the past year, I’ve been posting 6 days/week (not on Saturdays), and recently I’ve been cutting back on Sundays as well. Why? Because I love weekends just as much as everyone.

And sometimes it’s better to actually live life that write about living life… you know?

Why Did I Start Lifting Revolution? 

Here’s a second confession:

I used to hate writing… with a passion. Like really, really, really hated it.

When I was a biology student in college, I used to get giddy knowing that I wasn’t having to write extremely long papers like some of my friends. I loved writing lab papers because they didn’t have to sound good. Just the facts! All I had to do was follow an outline and be done with it.

When I became a trainer, I knew I wanted to get more involved with the online world and the best way to do that was to get started with a blog.


Those first 12 months were rough. I hated it. I hated it mostly because I knew I wasn’t a good writer. Dan always encouraged me, telling me that the more I did it, the better and more confident I would become.

Luckily, the blog didn’t take off right away, so there weren’t a ton of people to read my extremely poor posts. Basically, that year was practice.

After that something changed.

I went on vacation and took time off from blogging… it was then that I realized I missed it. Blogging had become a part of my day to day life and without it, it was if something was missing.

I didn’t care if people read the blog or not, it had become something more, a way for my to express myself and my passions.

And that’s what Lifting Revolution is to me now. It’s a part of me, an extension of my spirit and life. On days when I’m feeling down, it’s reflected in the posts (though you guys might not pick up on it). On days when I’m feeling great, the feel of the blog is happy too.

But having a blog that is such a part of your life can also stink at times. There are definitely pros and cons to having a fitness blog, and that’s what I want to share.

For those of you that are bloggers, I am sure you can relate. And to those of you thinking about starting a blog (which I recommend to a lot of people), think about these points before jumping in.

I’m a big fan of the Pro-Con-Pro method… always ending any critique with a positive. So we will start with some pros, put some cons in the middle and finish off with more pros.

Sound like a plan? Great!

The Pros And Cons Of Having A Fitness Blog


Pros List #1

You meet incredible people! 

The blog world is HUGE and the fitness/healthy living blog world is REALLY BIG. Bloggers are extremely supportive of other bloggers. Simply by commenting and following others you build new friendships you never would have thought possible. I have friends I’ve never met face to face, yet I know I can contact them for help anytime.

It’s cathartic. 

For a girl that holds in her emotions, writing a blog helps those emotions to come out in a healthy way. There are times when all I want to do is sit down and type. Sometimes the post will have nothing to do with how I feel, yet when it’s completed I feel 10x better and more at peace.

Gives motivation to experiment. 

I don’t want LiftingRevolution to ever seen stagnant. I want to make it fresh and informational on a daily basis. To be able to do that, I have no problem experimenting with workouts, diets, foods, etc. I love trying out other bloggers’ workouts and tips to see how I can incorporate them into my own life and training programs.

A few experiments? Barr Class, Spinning, Chia Seeds, Athletic Greens, Juice Cleanses…just a few.

cycling class

The ultimate accountability. 

When I share my goals or plans, knowing that so many people are reading them keeps me on track (most of the time). It also helps when Dan reminds me… “Did you put on the blog that you were going to …? Then do it!”

I hate failing, so many times I will purposely share my goals (even if sometimes I don’t want to) to help keep my mind in the game. Staying motivated is hard… having friends (that read the blog) ask on a daily basis how I’m doing with whatever it is I’m doing at the time is pretty cool!

Con List 

Activities are for the blog. 

It’s too easy to make your blog the center of your life. Sometimes, activities that should be enjoyed get a bit stressful because pictures need to be taken, Tweets need to be posted, and Facebook posts need to be updated.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve done something awesome and the first thing to pop into my mind is… This is going to be great for the blog!

It makes living in the present sometimes difficult.


The pressure to look/be fit. 

I’m a personal trainer with a personal training business and a fitness blog… I want to look the part. With a blog where people see me on a regular basis, there is definitely pressure (sometimes just from me) to be in the best shape possible.

From time to time a Youtube comment pops up that isn’t the  nicest and yes, of course those comments hurt.

Coming up with good content. 

I will never be a blogger that shares my day and that’s it. That works for some, but for me, my goal is to provide useful information that you can take with you to improve your own fitness.

That goal is sometimes VERY hard! When you write 5+ days a week, every week for years it can be quite the challenge to come up with some new. It can be very mentally draining and there have been times when I have thought about cutting back to just 3-4 posts/week. But staying on a schedule is important too. People know that I post daily and I don’t want to take that away.

Sharing your vulnerable side.

Basically, having a fitness blog means I let you into my life every. single. day. I think that many of you know me better than some of my closest friends. Why? Because put me in front of a computer and the words/emotions often come out freely. It’s not quite that easy when talking face to face.

And then there is always the question of how much is too much to share? 

Food guilt happens.

Yes, I am a healthy fitness blogger, but that doesn’t mean that I eat healthy all the time. In fact, I cheat sometimes. But from time to time, I find myself hesitant to share those moments out of fear of negative criticism. Just like I feel more free to share here, it’s a lot easier for people to criticize when they’re not talking directly to you.

dark chocolate peanut butter lava cake vegan


By the way, this chocolate mousse was amazing! I need to make it again!

It’s time consuming!

Spending 2-3 hours every day is a big commitment. Those are hours when I could be out doing, I don’t know, workouts! Or training clients.

When you have a job, finding the time to juggle blog time can be hard. And it is! I would love to spend more time working with companies, doing giveaways, and doing more with social media but to tell you the truth with a studio to run and Fit Womens Weekly, I have to pick my priorities.

Pro List #2

You’re my testers. 

I love this about having a blog. I can share a new idea or workout with you all and get immediate feedback. If it’s positive, I might take it back to my boot camp or to Fit Womens Weekly. If the feedback isn’t so great, then I know to move on.

Lifting Revolution is my own little test kitchen!

I love you all.

I truly enjoy reading all the comments, and creating the relationships with my readers. It’s because of you all that I work to provide great content (at least I hope you think so). This little blog would be nothing without you!

I’m a better person for it.


Having a fitness blog keeps the fire burning inside of me. It keeps me motivated for my workouts, for my clean eating and for my exercise education.

To anyone thinking about starting their own blog… I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Even on the nights when I’m up scurrying around to finish a picture, to upload a podcast or arguing with Dan about the newest video. It’s worth it. 

Talk to me… 

If you’re a blogger —> Why did you start blogging? 

If you’re not a blogger —> Have you ever thought of starting one?


  • steph

    Please don’t fear negative criticism…I love that you keep it real. If you wrote about doing things perfectly all the time, I would likely stop reading immediately 🙂

    • Ditto this! I’ve stopped reading many a blog that are just too…perfect. And when a blogger can’t respond to negative criticism in comments with professionalism and respect, then I’m really out. Life isn’t perfect, so I hate when blogs portray it to be.

      • So true Tara! I am the same way. Even with friends on Facebook from time to time. Life isn’t always puppy dogs and roses. And not everyone is going to love you, and that’s okay too. Gotta keep your head up when the negative Nancy rolls into town.

    • Thanks steph! One thing I promise is that I will ALWAYS keep it real! I wouldn’t not how not to be 🙂 Thanks for your support!

  • I started blogging for the accountability. I was just starting to run and was training for my first half. Having a blog kept me motivated!

    • It helped out a lot when I started training for my first 1/2 too!

  • I’m also not the biggest fan of writing either, I found it and sometimes still find it emotionally draining and just plain hard. Consistent blogging has definitely made me enjoy it more and I love the community of bloggers so much it’s worth the days when it’s harder. But I also agree it’s important to have a balance between blogging and life.

    • The blogging community is the best! I am so grateful for all of y’all!

  • You nailed it with the pros and cons list. Well said! I’ve grown so much in so many ways as a health and fitness blogger. I can’t imagine not blogging but I’m much better now at not posting for the sake of posting.

    • I am the same way, if it’s not a post that I would want to read on someone elses site, I don’t post it up on mine! Thanks Jill!

  • I started blogging because I actually do love writing (I was an English major) and wanted a place to explore my writing in a way that wasn’t commissioned or assigned to me. I found my groove with fitness and have found deep passion in writing a fitness blog. I too like the way blogging helps make me a better person. I actively try to find the good in every day and push myself because of it.

    • That is awesome! I wish I had that natural love of writing! It’s amazing the passion that you find once you start writing!

  • I start blogging because I was living alone in a city where I knew very few people. I completely understand your pros and cons. I specifically made my blog “katie looking forward” so I wouldn’t feel tied to one genre. This is my story, and I won’t let others push me into things I don’t want to do.

    • I LOVE the name of your blog, it allows for so much growth and is a great lesson for life. Gotta always be moving and looking ahead!

  • Yes. This list. All of it! 🙂

  • Kim

    When I first started blogging I had no idea how much time it would take – there are days now that I feel like it has taken over my life but I can’t imagine giving it up.
    Fun to read about your pros and cons!!!

    • It is amazing, sometimes it feels like life is the blog! Those are the moments you have to stand back and say… Okay let me actually live a little! 😉

  • I’m a fitness blogger as well and started blogging to share the information I was learning as I worked out with my personal trainer and coach. Folks always asked me questions about my routines so I thought it made sense to start a blog and direct them there for answers. It is time consuming as I do have a full-time job plus a family but I make it work. Thanks for posting this. You should submit to our Workout Wednesday Link Up with some of the other fitness, running, health and wellness bloggers.

    • Thank you Diatta! I will look into it for the Link up! I appreciate it.

  • Sheena

    I love your blog and I’m glad you post so regularly, I look forward to seeing what news you’ve posted and I like the mix of content between workouts, food stuff, books you’ve found and challenges, and just everything! I also love that you answer all our comments 🙂

    • Thank you Sheena, and right back at you! I look forward to your comments each day. It’s like texting with friends!

  • Great post and I agree with it all! I originally started blogging to document things as my soon grew but it quickly went from that to a health and fitness blog. It is def easy to get burned out on being so connected and thus I have to take a break from time to time. I also have to have self imposed limits so that I live more than I blog. 🙂

    • Its funny how things naturally transform as you find your passion. I couldn’t imagine writing about anything else… well, maybe cooking! Haha. Definitely have to lay down rules. I’ve just made the rule in our house no computers after dinner!

  • Clicking over from Day with KT… your post title just intrigued me! I occasionally write about fitness but really I touch on all kinds of topics that I enjoy and am interested in — my kids, healthy eating, books, etc. I completely agree with the pros and cons of your list! It’s so funny the picture that people take away from what I share on the blog, I’ve actually had people ask if I *ever* buy non-organic food. Ummm… yeah. Of course I do, I’m not made of money! Just because once I wrote about going to a farmer’s market or making something from scratch. Oh blogging… I love it but it’s so weird.

    • Thanks for coming over! I wish I was made of money and could buy all the freshest and most organic foods around!

  • I totally thought when I started my blog that it was going to be a food blog. I was excited to try new recipes, restaurants, etc. but then I realized it wasn’t so realistic for me. I was freaking tired and didn’t always feel like whipping up a new recipe. And ingredients can be freaking expensive! So I decided to move into more of a healthy lifestyle blog where I can share whatever I feel like!

    • I would love to have a food blog too but like you, I just couldn’t do it! Too expensive and the stress of awesome pictures is tough!

  • I love your blog! And I’m totally fine with 6 posts a week, heck I can’t even keep up with reading them all. I have definitely taken a step back with mine because I just don’t feel like dealing with it sometimes. I felt heavily critiqued and vulnerable, and some days… or weeks… or months… it is just not fun.

    I started my blog to write personally because I have a job that requires writing, but manuals are a lot different than blog posts. If I have a lot going on with work I don’t write as much anyway, I actually love writing but I don’t want to do it after hours sometimes.

    BTW, your method of pros… cons… ending with a pro… is actually a legit term in professional writing. “Bad news burger”- sandwiching the negative in between 2 positives. As a PW major, it was how we were taught to deliver bad news.

    • Thanks lady! It’s suppose to be fun and when it’s not it’s okay to step back and re-evaluate your commitment. Nothing wrong with that! Bad news burger… love it!

  • I just started a blog in January mainly to keep myself motivated with healthy living and to connect to family and friends around the world. I can relate with a lot of the things you are saying. As I work full time, I try not to put too much pressure on myself to write posts and engage in social media every day. I just don’t have the time. So I write on the blog when I can, because I want it to be pleasurable. There is already enough pressure in life !

    • You are so right! There is so much pressure, and its’ suppose to be for fun. Keep it that way. I need to plan a trip to France! haha, it’s my husbands #1 European dream escape.

  • Absolutely yes to all of your pros and all of your cons.

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