Do You Have The 4 D’s It Takes To Hit Your Goals?

Good morning! Happy Hump Day! We’ve had almost a week straight of clouds, rain and overall dreariness so I am welcoming today as sun is in the forecast. I am so over this wetness! I thought I lived in Charleston, not Seattle? 

I guess there is a bright side to the rain, it makes for great reading weather. I recently picked up Gary Mack’s Mind Gym: An Athletes Guide To Inner Excellence and I am loving it.

As a runner, entrepreneur, and someone always wanting to be better than I was yesterday, this book is just what I needed. It shares the secrets of some of the best athletes in the world on how they mentally prepare for success and competition.

What I love most is that while it discusses lessons from athletes, those lessons are perfect for all aspects of life. Whether you’re trying to PR a race, drop 15 pounds or get a promotion at work, the words and stories of some of our great athletes can help.

I am a strong believer that physical skill will only get you so far, you have to be mentally strong and present in order to achieve anything. We really are our worst enemies. One bad thought or moment of panic and we’re screwed. I tell people all the time that running is 50% body and 50% mind.

What makes one person mentally stronger than another? What makes one person more likely to succeed and hit milestones that they thought may not have been possible?

4 ds for success

According to Mack, it’s owning these 4-D’s. And I have to be 100% in agreeance with him.

The 4 D’s To Be Successful 



You have to want it! How badly do you want to see those 15 pounds fall off? If you aren’t ready to make changes in your diet and life then your desire is lacking. Don’t be disappointed if you don’t see results… because you haven’t made the changes necessary. Taste it, see it and go for it!



Once you have the desire, the fire burning in your heart, it’s time to take that and turn it into action. That action takes dedicating yourself to doing what it takes to move forward in live. Are you dedicated to training for a 5K? Weight training? Clean eating?

I love this quote from Lou Holtz:

“If you don’t make a total commitment to whatever you are doing, then you start looking to bail out the first time the boat starts leaking.”

Don’t give up before results start to show! Dedicate yourself and you’ll see amazing things happen!



Everyone wants to be successful, but few are. In fact, over 60% of American are overweight or obese… do they want to be? I think it’s save to say no. But they aren’t bound and determined to change… if they were the numbers would be going down and not up.

Determination takes motivation. And while you can get motivated from others, the long lasting kind is self-motivation. Here’s a fun story I read out lout to Dan last night:

Muhammad Ali worked as a grocery store bagger as a kid. He saved up  his money and eventually was able to buy a bike. One summer, his bike was stolen and he walked throughout the town looking for it. He never found it. Each time he went into the ring, he would think to himself, “That guy stole my bike”, talking about his competitor. I pity the fool who tries to steal from Ali!



Doing what you need to do when you need to do it.

It’s raining right now as I type this and I am suppose to go to the gym in the next hour to workout. It would be really easy to say: “Nah, I don’t feel like messing with this weather.” But I won’t. I’ll toss on my workout clothes, lace up my shoes and go get my workout in.

On the same level, when it comes to eating it can be easy to give up on eating “healthy” and just grab the box of girl scout cookies… but it takes dedication and determination to say no.

It takes discipline to take consistent action. Consistent is the key word here.

 My Personal Motivators To Make The 4 D’s Happen

Here’s a secret… what motivates me the most with my training. These are the thoughts that go through my head when my brain tries to make me slow down or give up.

-My training is going to help me achieve my PR 10K for the Bridge Run. If I don’t do these sprint/hill intervals, I am only hurting my chances.

-My clients and blog readers. Every day I design workouts and motivate others to work out at their maximum limits… If they can do it, then I can as well.

-My team… the Palmetto70 race is right around the corner. I have to keep up with my long runs or not only will my performance suffer on race day but I’ll also be letting down Team Taylorsswifts

-My husband. I love Dan for many reasons of course but one that sticks out is always wanting to push me out of my comfort zone. When ever I set a new PR goal or weight training record he always encourages it to be better. For example, with the 10K Bridge Race, I had a goal to beat his personal PR which is 50.30… because my running has gotten stronger over the past year he laughed and recommended a 45 minute race time… uummm okay. That’s all the motivation I need.

-Personal: I want to be the best. I want to see Taylor Ryan on televisions and books. I want to be bigger than Jillian M and I want to prove to my family that I can make it happen.


Do you have the 4 D’s? What goal are you wanting to achieve and what’s one motivation that keeps you going?


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