Do You Suffer From Gravitophobia?

Nope it’s not a fear of falling, which is what I first thought when I saw “gravity” in there.

It’s a fear of the bathroom scale. 

Is This What You're Afraid Of?

Makes sense that weight is nothing more than the force at which gravity pulls you down… of Weight= Mass x Gravity (see I told you I was a science major).

Yea, I got off track for a second, couldn’t help but to use that college degree for a second… ok back to Gravitophobia.

I’ll admit I have a slight case of fear when I weigh in…. which is why I don’t do it often. I judge the success of my nutrition and workouts  more off of how do I feel, how are my clothes fitting and how do I look in the mirror.

But for those that do weigh in, this fear is most common in women (and men) who believe that weight management should be about S-T-R-I-C-T control! Which also means that they are more likely to have the occassional binge… and that’s when the fear comes into play.

These people know that they overindulged and therefore want absolutely nothing to do with their scale. What’s even more interesting is that before their binge these are the ones that are likely to weight themselves multiple times a day.

How long does these spells of fear last? For some just a day or two, for others it can be months or even years before they feel comfortable just going into the same room as their scale.

If you find yourself looking at the scale and having a panic attack… just remember that scale isn’t your friend or your enemy. It’s simply a tool to show you how you are progressing when trying to lose weight. An to be honest it’s not even that good at that since scales don’t take into consideration muscle mass versus fat on your body.

If you’re going to weigh yourself, I suggest doing it just once a week, first thing in the morning, naked and before breakfast. I prefer Friday mornings but everyone is different.



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