I get asked and even told all the time that healthy food tastes bad. In fact this point of view has been cemented into our subconscious for the last couple decades by who else than the fast food companies and other large food companies.

Yucky Food

Before I tell you why healthy food tastes better than anything you’ve ever had, first thing about this one fact…

If healthy food tastes as bad as you think it does, why would millions of people truly love eating healthy food?

Obviously it doesn’t taste bad at all. But you do have to know a few things about preparing it.

1. Buy Local, Buy Fresh

Fresh Foods

Fresh foods, mainly veggies and fruits are amazing. Most produce you purchase at the grocery stores has traveled hundreds of miles in a huge truck. Not only that but many of these veggies have been altered in color and size to make sure when they arrive, they look fresh.

When you start to eat fresh foods that are local, you will immediately notice a huge difference. The difference is in all aspects like taste, texture, size, and freshness.

2. Think Healthy Sauces

Olive Oils

Most people are addicted to sauces as a way to make their food “taste better.” It’s usually the insane amounts of salt that satisfy the taste buds. However, when it comes down to it, all these high sodium powered sauces are essentially the same.

Using really healthy oils like olive oil, a huge assortment of herbs, and other ingredients, you can make really healthy sauces that taste amazing. You will need to follow a recipe to do this, but they are very easy to learn.

Best of all, these sauces will make you feel good and not burden you with bloat after you’re done.

3. Open Up Your Palette

Your Taste Palette

Most people eat 80% of the same things over and over again. When it comes to lunches and breakfast, that number is more like 98% the same foods.

This repetition has ruined your ability to expand your palette and experience new foods. I see this with my own parents as they are scared to try different foods because it does not fit into the schedule they’ve been following for years and years.

I think that is crazy and it’s no wonder that they think healthy food tastes bad. They are so used to the same taste, it’s essentially a habit.

Learn to expand your palette. Learn to taste new foods and cook with new combinations. Not only does this bring great flavors, but it makes food more fun.

4. Do You Know About Steak Really Tastes Like?

Real Food Or Not

I want to end this on this point. It’s similar to the sauces conversation we just had above, but I want you to really think about this.

As you know I don’t eat red meat but I know it’s really popular. My question to you is…

Do you even know what real steak tastes like?

Most people probably don’t. We are so used to covering things in sauces, marinades, and eating meats and veggies that have been genetically altered… most people don’t know what real food tastes like.

When you start to eat healthy, you will eat unaltered foods that tastes great. You can learn what real chicken tastes like. It’s actually a lot different than hormone induced chickens.

All the difference veggies are much different too. We talked about freshness and that is mainly at play here but so is the GMO affect. GMO is genetically modified organisms. Most commercially produced food is genetically modified.

It has no flavor.

If you are going to eat healthy realize this one thing…

You Have To Eat Healthy For At Last 30 Days

It will take you a little bit of time to get used to the flavors and break the salt habits. But you can easily do that.

Plus, you’ll start to lose weight and feel great. That will just cement this new lifestyle into place.