Do you know what I HATE most about studies?

They far too often contradict themselves on many levels. It’s because the isolation of variables creates scenarios that are impossible to duplicate in the real world. That sounded really geeky so just take my word for it.

However, this morning while sipping on my coffee and looking over new research I found a study from the University of Michigan and the National Council of Science and Technology in Argentina which stated…

Obesity can become your new weight set point making losing weight extremely difficult if not impossible.

Let’s state that another way to make sure there is no confusion…

If you’re obese and have been for some time, your new “normal” weight has been raised to an obese level. Going below that set point will be difficult to do and you’ll always want to return to that weight level.

The researchers claim this is why it’s so hard to keep weight off. Losing it is possible but your body will want to return to that set point which, according to them, has been elevated to that new obese level.

I’m Not So Sure About This Set Point

There was another study which I read two weeks ago… I wrote about it which simply stated that yo-yo dieting does not affect your overall chances to burn fat and lose weight.

They contradict because one states that you’ll forever be in a state of yo-yo dieting and the other says that it does matter if you’ve yo-yo dieted in the past, you can still successfully melt inches.

Say What?What’s Going On Exactly?

Here’s what I think and it’s backed up by research so it’s not just some rant… so stick with this example.

I was reading about fiber yesterday… fun stuff! (Actually it’s really interesting)

A section of my research stated that as you eat more and more, you’re stomach increases in size. People who eat very large portions have a much larger stomach and therefore have to eat more and more to feel full.

The stomach is a muscle and like any muscle you can train it to react the way YOU want it to react. So…

If you eat less food, over a short period of time, you’re stomach will shrink to a smaller size. The stomach with nothing in it typically only hold about one cup and a fourth.

So if you can go with some hunger for a little bit, you can train you stomach to hold less and you’ll feel fuller on much less food and as a result start dropping pounds.

What Does That Have To Do With Obesity And a Weight Set Point?

The fact you can adapt your stomach means you can adapt your body to anything you want. There is no set point, just a temporary normal.

When you’re obese and you lose weight, think about what normally goes on:

  • You typically eat lots of food
  • You drink a lot of calories through sugary drinks
  • You don’t move a lot
  • All sorts of bad habits.

Breaking any habit is hard and you’ll always be pulled to that habits normal. But you can break it and you can set a new normal.

Point being, if you can set a high obese normal weight, then you can lose weight and reset that normal zone to a lower weight.

In the study that have yet to look into this, but they say they will.

What do you think?

Here is the full study: