It’s not exercise. I know I recently did an article about how exercise makes you happier and mentally sharper, but in this case it’s not exercise.

But making sure you eat this magic number of fruits and vegetables will make you significantly happier and mentally sharper as well. This is not very difficult to do and not only will you be smiling more and handling your problems with more ease, but you’ll automatically annihilate stomach fat too.

The Research Setup:

Economists and public health researchers from the University of Warwick studied the eating habits of 80,000 people in Britain.

In the past, the study of mental wellbeing has never been studied as a result of food choices. But these researchers found that the number of daily portions of fruit and vegetables had a direct relation to mental wellbeing to a certain number of portions.

That magic number is 7 portions!

The size of a portion is 80g which is approximately 3/4 of one cup. That is really not that much. You can easily consume two portions per meal except maybe breakfast. We’ll get more into how to do this in just a minute.

The Current Level of Consumption:

Currently in Britain a quarter of the population is eating only one to zero portions of fruits and veggies a day. Only one tenth of the population eats the magic seven portions. I am sure the number in America is about the same.

There really aren’t too many more details about the study. They didn’t mention the type of fruits of veggies eaten. They also don’t mention or have a scale of happiness for the people that were eating the veggies compared to those that don’t.

I think there will be a lot more studies like this to come. If we can find out which specific types of food affect mood in a really positive way, that would be something helpful for sure.

Mix Fruits, Vegetables, and Exercise For A Cocktail of Pure Joy!

How can you get that many servings into your diet and mix it with exercise so you become really happy?

The key will be getting the 3/4 of a cup of veggies in for your lunch. You should be able to easily get two portions for lunch and three for dinner. They just some fruits like apples throughout the day and even at breakfast should polish off your seven.

If you are consistently working out, fruit can be a great pre-workout snack. It will increase your blood sugar levels and give you the carbs you need for better energy.

Once you start to experiment with this, you’ll notice it’s really not that hard to fit in. It will just take some experimenting and learning what you can and can’t do with your current schedule.

Why Should You Do This?

Doing this is a lifestyle change and if you’re struggling with exercise at this point, why would you want to go through this? After all it will probably be pretty tough to fully implement into your day to day life.

Think about the health and feeling aspect. If you’re like a lot of people, you’re tired and stressed out daily. Imagine having those feelings completely gone. It’s not a pie in the sky dream… it can and does happen to women that exercise and eat better. It’s really amazing.

The feelings of health and internal strength are the most underrated reasons for getting into great shape.

This study proves that you can increase happiness and feel amazing. It’s right there within your grasp.