Don’t Look Like A Greyhound

Greyhounds are great animals, don’t get me wrong… but if someone were to ask me what kind of animal I would want to be for a day it wouldn’t be a greyhound. I promise there is a reason to my dog chat today.

I was sitting at a coffee shop today (the best coffee ever) and a lady walked by with her greyhound on their daily walk.

It hit me… people who rely on running for their workouts are greyhounds. I know I have been preaching forever that steady state cardio isn’t the way to go and I still preach this. The greyhounds finally gave me a perfect example to show what I’ve been talking about.

Think about it… what were greyhounds bred to do? RUN RACES! Their bodies are skinny (bony), they lack any

toned definition (compared to let’s say a boxer), and all the other dogs think they’re crazy.

Running all the time will turn you into a greyhound too. Look at marathon runners, most don’t have a dream tight, toned body. Sure they are thin, but who wants to be skinny? I would much rather be a size 4 with curves, toned legs, arms and stomach than to be a size 0-2 and and have no body at all.

No More Long Sessions

Got my comparison here? So seriously, if you’re goals for 2010 included dropping a few pounds and getting toned you’re going to have to get on a fitness program that is designed with those goals in mind. It’s going to include strength training, and yes it will have some cardio too… but not this kind of cardio.

The cardio that I am talking about takes no more than 20 minutes, makes your heart rate go up and down and works with strength training to boost your metabolism and lose body fat fast… intervals.

Interval Workout

This is a great interval workout, and it can be done anywhere. All you need is a jump rope.

  • Jump rope 1 minute
  • Walk in place 1 minute
  • Jump rope 1 minute
  • Walk in place 1 minute
  • Squat jumps 1 minute (do as many as you can in this time)
  • Walk in place 1 minute
  • Squat jumps 1 minute
  • Jump rope 1 minute
  • Walk in place 1 minute


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