Don’t Toss Your Cookies During Workouts

Not the most feminine in topics but it’s something that I have seen happen time and time again and I am ready to tackle the issue straight on!

Have you ever worked out and felt that panic arise… no literally, you begin to feel as if your last meal is going to rise right on up.

As a boot camp trainer I see clients get slightly tired close to exhaustion and get a bit picked in color more often then I would like to admit and I’ve seen my fair share of girls suddenly make a run for the bathroom. This isn’t something that I brag about because I feel awful.

Especially with new clients, I always tell them to take their time and not compete with anyone but themselves. So when they voluntarily push to this limit…

I am:

  1. Impressed with their motivation and
  2. Feel a little bad for their embarrassment and realization of being out of shape. 

So why does exercise cause nausea at all? 

It can be a number of reasons. The most common I see is that people come to my morning workouts without having any food in their bodies. They think that it’s best to eat breakfast after the workout.

This issue with this is that you haven’t eaten anything in close to 10 hours so your blood sugar is low to begin with. Add intense exercise and your sugar falls even more and even faster until the room starts to spin and you feel like you were suddenly hit by a stomach bug until you get some quality food in that belly.

A second more scientific sounding reason for exercise vomiting is because your body is working hard to pump blood to all your muscles, organs and lungs but holds off on your GI tract. This decrease in blood flow can cause nausea, vomiting and diarrhea… fun times.

And just as suddenly as those terrible feelings can arise they can decrease, just back off on the intensity a bit to allow your body to get a better grip on the stress that is taking place, because after all intense exercise is stressful on the body.

And my last piece of advice, take small sips of water, don’t just down your water bottle in one quick chug, just take my word for it.. it’s not fun


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