Dressed By PV Body {Review & 20% Off}

Happy Tuesday!

Now that the year is in full swing and you have the motivation to kick butt with your workouts, I thought this was the best time to talk about my new love of PV Body.

I am a HUGE believer that if you look good while you’re working out, you will have more confidence and push yourself harder from start to finish.


And since dressing like a fitness professional is part of my job, it’s important for me to have high quality and matching fitness clothes. Out are the days of cotton Soffes and sorority t-shirts.



Old thoughts: “Oh yay, a new running shirt”

Now it’s all about tights, compressions, and cute tops to match.

So when PV Body reached out to me and asked if I wanted to give them a try, I of course said something along the lines of “hell yea!”.

It’s a really cool concept… for $49.95/month (see below for 20% off), they send you an entire fitness outfit (top and bottoms) to match your lifestyle. The clothes are brand names and high quality (at least that is what I was told).

pv body workout clothes

So I went to pvbody.com filled out their questionaire (so they know what kind of lifestyle you need clothes for) and waited a few days for my clothes to arrive.

Here’s what I got:

pv body outfitPost workout… no make-up… dirty hair = the PERFECT time to model an outfit? 


I have to say, I was 100% satisfied with what came. It definitely lived up to my expectations that I had built up from reviewing the site.

I even taped one of my Fit Women’s Weekly workouts sporting the outfit!

fit womens weekly pv body

However it was also during this taping that I learned, while the outfit is SUPER cute, I am not a woman that can wear built in cups while she works out. I may have had a Janet Jackson episode during filming. Oops. But it hasn’t deterred me from wearing the outfit and the quality is awesome. I am just not a cup kind of girl. I like my “girls” to be smushed and secured.

And what I like even more? 

If you like what you get one month, but don’t feel like paying the next month. No biggie. You don’t have to get anything. You are not contracted into PV Body like a membership. Choose the months you want, and bypass the months you don’t.

For a fitness lover or for someone trying to become a fitness lover with the New Year, I think this is a great idea. After all, my Under Armour leggings (which I LOVE) cost most than $50! So to have an entire outfit for just $49.95 is a pretty sweet deal… freaking awesome!

Because I love the concept so much and honestly believe that their deliveries rock, I became an ambassador. And if you’ve been reading for a while, you know I DO NOT chat about something that I don’t love (I have a closet full of stuff that I will never talk about).

So for me to be a part of their team means, this really is something cool.

With that, PV Body is offering 20% off to you! Again, if you are looking to update your fitness wardrobe then head over and see what you think.

Just click this image:

pv body 20% off

Or click here.

What’s your favorite piece of fitness attire? 

I LOVE my new UnderArmour leggings that Dan got me for Christmas. I am also in love with my Gap tanks from my mother-in-law… this actually surprised me big time! Their leggings aren’t so great, but their fitness tanks rock.

*As a note, as an ambassador and this is an affiliate link for me. If you however, do not want to use it, you can go to their site at PVbody.com.


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