Drinking Milk After A Workout Helps Tone And Burn Fat

A recent report was just published that I thought I had to share. It is beneficial to you and to me because I personally tend to stay away from milk (I am lactose intolerant). But here is what the researchers found…

Drinking Two Glasses Of Milk Increases Muscle Toning And Fat Burning

Finish Your Workout And Grab The Milk Carton

So here’s what went down… women that had two glasses of milk after their weight training workouts saw better toned muscles and more fat loss that those that had an energy drink (these are often also loaded with sugar). The ultimate results were surprising because plenty of research have been done on men and weight training but not with women because we tend to still be afraid of the idea of weights.

Any-who… here’s the surprise of the research!

Over twelve weeks a group of young women were studied. These ladies had not done strength training before, so this was all new to them. They weren’t allowed to drink anything but water 2 hours before and then afterward, the group was divided into two: half drank fat free skim milk and the other half drank a sugar energy drink.

The results showed that the women who drank the milk not only lost more body fat but gained more lean muscle mass. So even though the number on the scale wasn’t much different, their body composition changed quite a bit over the 12 week period. It surprised the researchers because the results were so much better than they had expected.

If this is the case, what happens if your post workout drink is skim milk and whey protein?

I can handle small doses of skim milk (not two classes) but I do use half milk half water sometimes to make my shakes. The other issue with women and milk is that fear that we have that milk is “fattening” even though the calcium and dairy has been linked to fat burning together for years.

What Makes Milk So Great?

Go for skim milk!

It’s packed with protein, and healthy carbohydrates… the perfect ration you need when your workout is over to help replenish your muscles and your energy. When it comes down to the protein in milk, it contains both whey and casein proteins. The whey is quickly digested to help immediate muscle recovery while the casein is a bonus because it is slower to be digested and will slowly help replenish your sexy muscle to give better results. Both proteins are important to have!

  • 1 cup of skim milk has 8 grams of protein and just 80 calories… post workout aim for a 2 cup serving.
  • 1 cup has 12 grams of sugar

So next time you lift weight walk in the door and grab a glass of milk. You’ll feel better and look better! Drinking Chocolate Milk is more than Ok too!!!


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