Weeelllll… not exactly drinking red wine.

But resveratrol, a compound found in red wine and nuts has been show to mimic the affects of exercise and even induce a more vigorous and better exercise session. This is really interesting to me because it sounds a lot like the affects of taking creatine, but without the drawbacks.

Resveratrol in Wine

Resveratrol is a compound found in the skin of dark red grapes and nuts and I am sure a bunch of other fruits. However, you can’t really get the doses needed by just eating the food… you have to take it in concentrated form… better called a pill.

The study I am talking about here was done by Jason Dyck from the University of Alberta. He is a faculty member in the school of Medicine and Dentistry and a researcher in the school of pediatrics.

They are very unclear about the specifics of the study and only refer to the testing group as lab models. That could mean they were human or animals… maybe something completely different.

What Did They Find?

They found that concentrated and high doses of resveratrol improved exercise function, heart strength, and physical performance, and even muscular strength. That’s pretty incredible!

According to Dyck, “we found ‘improved exercise performance in a pill’.”

What Does This Mean For You?

It doesn’t mean a lot at the moment because clearly not enough studies or information has been released. And whenever you take high doses of anything, it has to unsettle the balance of something in your body.

They plan on using and testing it with older adults who are physically unfit. They want to see if it can give them the boost needed to start exercising again… which you know exercise is the miracle cure (along with nutrition) for just about anything in the body.

What This Could Mean For You?

This could be really great though. Improved exercise performance means more intensity which means an increased response by your body. Response means more fat burned and more lean muscle built. Essentially… a much better and faster route to the body you want and the health you deserve.

This reminds me a lot of creatine. Creatine is a natural substance that is actually produced in your body to help create an approximately 10 second bust of energy. It’s the natural energy system used for anaerobic work.

Ingesting creatine in water is supposed to help your body create more energy molecules so you won’t be depleted as quickly. Therefore… you can get one or two more reps in during your work and improve your overall performance.

Creatine Is Not All Good

Despite what you may read or hear about creatine, it’s not dangerous. It’s definitely not a steroid as it’s not a hormone.

But it does tend to make your body retain water and feel bloated. Plus it does not respond the same in each person. So you may not even benefit from taking it.

I don’t suggest you do because you really don’t need to try it now. I used to take it and it did help me but I did not like the feeling it gave me.

Resveratrol On The Other Hand Could Be Great!?!

But if resveratrol turns out to be safe then it could be a great thing.

I’ll try to keep my eyes peeled for more studies relating to this and we’ll see what happens.