Eating Eggs Is Great… But What About 24 Dozen Eggs?

As often as I put down many magazines and their poor fitness advice I am a big fan of Oxygen magazine. If you haven’t heard of it, Oxygen is a women’s strength training monthly magazine that actually gives some pretty good tips, statistics, recipes, and most of the time decent advice (at least better than most).

This month’s issue, Nov ’09, threw a curve ball at me though. One of the most popular columnist Tosca Reno (The Eat Clean Author) was talking about two of her fitness friends coming for a week to visit… of course she planned on having a house full of clean eating foods and their must haves… eggs being number one.

Guess how many freaking eggs these three chicks went through! Give up?

24 DOZEN… in 5 days!

That’s 288 eggs total… or 96 eggs per person. Now I am hoping that each lady had their husband visiting too so if that’s the case it’s still 48 eggs each!

The Incredible Edible Eggs

Of course eggs are great for you! They’re loaded with tons of vitamins, minerals (especially the yolks) and protein. But like anything, eggs in surplus can have their downfalls!

First off, the idea of eating that many eggs in less than a week makes me want to throw up! I can only eat so many omelets, so many scrambled eggs, eggs benedict, well you get the picture. After a while they are not so eggilicious and you start chirping like a chicken.

I have not been one to shun the yolk, sure it has some cholesterol but the other benefits outweighs this. In fact, egg yolks have 17 different vitamins and minerals, including omega-3 fatty acids, folate and vitamin E… however the cholesterol in 48 eggs is hard to ignore.

So I did my research, (I can’t get rid of the biologist in me) 1 egg has around 215 mg of cholesterol… not bad. But I figured that the ladies (using the 48 eggs) ate an average of 9.6 eggs a day which means they took in 2,064 mg of cholesterol PER DAY!

Now I have to say… not a big fan of this idea. I did some more research (don’t you love my research) and found: According to the American Heart Association and also the USDA’s 2005 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, we should limit dietary cholesterol to 300 mg per day.

I still love Oxygen but just like with all magazines:  I don’t take the info as fact or direct advice. Because let me tell you, you won’t see me loading my grocery buggy with nothing but egg cartons any time soon, or ever!

I want to hear from you… What’s your take on this?

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